Courtney Winkels blows bubbles, much to the consternation of Officer Adam Josephs, sunglasses, who threatens to arrest her for assault..

When he first saw a video of a Toronto constable threatening to arrest a G20 protester for blowing bubbles, one YouTube user was so livid, he couldn’t stop writing comments.

In fact, the man, who uses the alias “theforcebewithme,” can’t even remember writing the specific comment that now has him defending a $1.2 million defamation lawsuit launched by Toronto’s now notorious “Officer Bubbles.” Const. Adam Josephs seeks to compel the Google-owned YouTube to reveal the identity of the person who created and posted the videos as well as any information it has on the 24 other users who made allegedly defamatory remarks. Josephs’ lawsuit isn’t targeting the video that sparked his infamy, but a collection of eight cartoons posted to the popular video website that show a police officer resembling Josephs engaging in abusive acts of power.

The animations depict an officer named “A. Josephs” arresting a variety of people — from Santa Claus to U.S. President Barack Obama — as well as punching a news photographer. In his statement of claim, Josephs calls the cartoons and several comments “devastatingly defamatory,” alleging they have brought him “ridicule, scandal and contempt both personally and as a member of the (Toronto Police Service).” He claims the animations have also resulted in threats against him and his family.

No comment. Har!

  1. Canuuuk says:

    I live in Canada.. and this is absolutely NO surprise. The police here are crazy hard!! no messin around. It’s quite a shame actually

  2. gquaglia says:

    I would be embarrassed if I worked with this guy.

  3. YourMoher says:


  4. Special Ed says:

    Bubbles are like Kryptonite to the knee grow.

  5. Rihanna says:

    Ri ripped the beat from Only Girl (In The World) apart with those enthusiastic vocals. I really wish that the remaining songs on Rihanna’s album are as stellar! Rihanna’s musical flavor is great this time around and I totally adore it!


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