When most of us think of Tesla Motors, we think of the US$100,000 all-electric Roadster. The fact is, though, the first time that most of us ever see a Tesla in real life, it will probably be the less expensive, five door Model S sedan. While the company has sold over 1,300 Roadsters worldwide, the Model S has yet to start production. When it does, however, it will be in the new Tesla Factory, unveiled this Wednesday in Fremont, California. It is the state’s only auto assembly plant and the world’s first facility dedicated exclusively to the mass production of electric vehicles.

  1. RSweeney says:

    Ah yes, the $50,000 economy car for the masses.

    Can we get government subsidies for caviar too?
    I mean the cheap kind, the $200 stuff and not the $600.

    And diamonds, anyone priced multi-carat diamond necklaces lately… surely the taxpayers can help out.

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    I hope they succeed. Even if it is on the upper end of the car market.

  3. laxdude says:

    Who is the designer? The last one was essentially a Lotus, this one looks like a Ford era Jaguar 2 door coupe with four doors slapped on it.

    Looking at the length of those doors, I can’t see there being much leg room up front and nothing behind with almost no headroom.

  4. News has leaked out about their next car. Pic here.

  5. dusanmal says:

    @#1 It is not car for the masses. It is exactly how free market should work to bring forth electric car. Luxury car, aimed for very rich who can spend money on novelty. This in turn provides initial base for mass market, if product can reach that level of cost/features (if not, they fail and it is OK). That is how gasoline cars have started. First owners were not masses. Nor did Govt. give money to those manufacturers or customers. So it should be now. Stop wasting our tax money on subsidies for idiots who are willing to pay 41000$ for a car (minus our money) that is actually worth only 17000$ on the market.

  6. Rich says:

    It would be immensely encouraging if an American car company could produce electric cars in America at a profit. We shall see. Are they certain there’s a large enough market for electric vehicles?

  7. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #4 JCD – The Tucker is a nice looking car.

  8. Faxon says:

    Think of the wonderful pollution caused by the manufacture and disposal of about 7000 AA sized lithium batteries, which is, I believe, what powers this stupid thing.

  9. Howard Beal says:

    if you want to win big you have to bet big

    i hope they win big but my money is on extended range gas/diesel electrics unless some instant charging battery gets developed.

    never been a GM fan but the over hyped volt seems like a good way to go

  10. Mextli says:

    #4 I like that center headlight. I think it turns with the steering.

  11. Bob says:

    If they want to produce this, more power to them. Now when it fails, if they come crying to the government to bail them out, I will have a problem with it.

  12. tcc3 says:

    With all the complaining about subsidies for automotive innovation and green power initiatives, you’d think you’d hear more people argue against subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies too.

    This is the future of the US auto industry. I’m glad not everyone has given up on US innovation and manufacturing.

  13. Dallas says:

    Sweet looking car. As usual, California leads the way in American next generation ingenuity. As in any new technology, mass production will drive costs down.

    The key is to ensure mass production of electric vehicles remain on American soil and battery technology innovations get created here.

  14. Dallas says:

    Pedro prefers a big black one instead of this slender white one. Hopefully Dell will get into this business.

  15. RSweeney says:

    #5, Are you unaware that Tesla received in loan guarantees half a billion US bux from the taxpayer for this car?

    Not to mention that $49K sale price already takes into account another $7500 stolen from us per car.

    So, let’s start again, why will my children be forced to pay back the Chinese money they won’t have so that some hipsters can produce luxury cars for the elite? Is THIS the way that capitalism is supposed to work?

    I mean outside of Chicago.

  16. Howard Beal says:

    are you aware that Toyota( tho #1 auto company in the world) has partnered with them to build all electric RAV4s and cut them a deal on the NUMMI plant also Daimler and Panasonic and in on the Tesla action.

    I think the tax payers have enough collateral in Tesla patents to not lose their shirts and it’s worth the risk to have another car company building in the States

    your milage may vary

  17. RSweeney says:

    Howard, I don’t care if Telsa has partnered with the Vatican.

    I don’t see ANY reason to take taxpayer money to subsidize luxury products.


    I also suspect that if those patents are such a good deal, that banks, investors, and the market would stand in line to provide funding.

    But somehow I don’t think that having high performance / high price toys which don’t go very far is a huge profitable market with the American economy in the crapper.

    And the electric technology (for the foreseeable future) allows for NOTHING other than high priced cars.

  18. deowll says:

    The fact they stuck the plant in in CA, One of the states listed as among the most hostile to business, suggests these people don’t know jack and will go under.

  19. Publius says:

    My Mazda RX8 it looks like.

    Yes. But doubly expensive, it.

  20. Howard Beal says:

    The Oil companies have a long history of U.S. subsidies I’m sure you would have been/are against those too.

    We will see if this was a good investment or not in the years to come

    almost related
    It’s looking like the taxpayers might just make a tidy profit on the GM bailout or at least brake even and save a major US manufacturing base.

    Even if we lost a billion or to I’d say that was a good buy.

  21. Lou Minatti says:

    “I don’t see ANY reason to take taxpayer money to subsidize luxury products.


    We do that with the mortgage deduction. Taxpayers in flyover country are subsidizing stupid people in California and New York who pay $500k for a tract house.

  22. John says:

    I’ve purchased a Leaf. Thank you all for subsidizing my $7,500 federal tax credit and my $5,000 California rebate.

  23. GF says:

    It’s a start, and it’s not snake oil like the damn Government Motors Volt.

  24. Thomas says:

    Unlikely. Either the Telsa will not reach critical mass and die as a company (or be consumed) or it will and find less expensive places to produce the vehicle to maintain low prices. Want car companies to do all manufacturing here? Make it less expensive than moving their operations overseas.

  25. Timbx says:

    Telsa is a waste!Realy nice ideal but for the price heck no.Yuppy crapola now wants Gov money to stay in the game.Someone has to buy them out!

  26. Kawi gurl says:

    The status quo sucks.

    Sent from my iPhone 4G

  27. smartalix says:

    If we do not create the technology it will only guarantee that we will be buying it from others.


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