“I’ll give up my Silly String when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”

  1. PMitchell says:

    What if they name it something else ?

  2. Awake says:

    Have you ever tried to clean the stuff up after it dried for a couple of days? It’s worse than paint.

  3. admfubar says:

    it would be funnier if there were bullet holes in this sign! 😛

  4. Nobodyspecial says:

    Silly String(tm) – I think I see a lawsuit heading somebodies way

  5. FumbleHead says:

    I think the Dept. of Signage needs some grammar lessons. The double quotes used would lead one to believe that they don’t really mean it. In other words the sign is “ILLEGAL”.

  6. Zybch says:

    #2 Damn right.
    I had some little bastards spray a can of the stuff onto my new fence a couple of years ago and you can still see where it adhered.
    I’d have dearly liked to douche them with a couple of cans of it as payback, see how they liked it…

  7. mustang lover says:

    The status quo sucks.

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  8. Faxon says:

    That’s ok. It is still perfectly legal to possess, and openly carry, any California approved firearm in Los Angeles, as long as the magazine or ammunition is separately carried. This, I can assure, has numerous panties in tight knots.
    This Halloween, I will be carrying my Glock 26. And two mags about one foot away from it, loadable in about four seconds.
    Ha ha ha ha ha.

  9. Buzz Mega says:

    The terrorists win.

  10. TruthBeTold says:

    Silly string not legal


  11. Cursor_ says:

    Who the hell has silly string?

    I thought all of it, like most ammo and tampons were being used in the war?


  12. akallio says:

    I believe the use of double quotes is supposed to suggest italics or boldface type, like a roadside stand advertising ‘Try “OUR” hotdogs’ or ‘”TRY” our hotdogs’. It doesn’t occur to them to actually use italics or boldface (easily done with their Magic Marker)

  13. Mextli says:

    10 “California
    Silly string not legal”

    Yo Dude,
    Every see pot stick to a car?

  14. Rob Leather says:

    I hope the cover the place in 30ft of silly string at 12:01 on the 1st November.

  15. chuck says:

    Ok, fine – I’ll stick with crystal meth.

  16. john says:

    And I hope a cop mistakes Faxon for an armed criminal and blows his fool head off!

  17. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    Silly String is highly flammable. There are videos of Silly String striking birthday candles, etc. and it becoming a flamethrower. That must have been what the problem was or the Silly String hardening over time as mentioned above.

  18. eric says:

    It’s only “illegal” for a day and a half?

  19. Counterweight says:

    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

    And there’s no excusing ignorant laws.

  20. Greg Allen says:

    Silly String is not illegal, it’s “illegal” so I wouldn’t worry about the “fine.”

    (Who makes these “signs”?)

    I wondered if this was a fake sign put up by a business, so I Googled “LAMC 56.02)” and found this on Wikipedia:

    >> In 2004, Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn signed a council-backed ordinance (LAMC Section 56.02) to ban Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween night. The ordinance calls for a maximum $1000 fine and/or six months in jail for use, possession, sale or distribution of Silly String in Hollywood from 12:00 a.m. on October 31 to 12:00 a.m. on November 1

    So, I guess this sign is legit, weird quotations marks and all.

  21. Maricopa says:

    What time is 12 AM? There’s 12 midnight and 12 noon and 12:01 am and 12:01 pm. Half full or half empty?

    Can it be legal to forbid possession of a legal substance? Use, I can understand but possession?

    What if I go to the Dollar Store and buy a Chinese rip off called Stupid Strings. Would that then be illegal for that 24 hour period?

    Besides the dumb quotated marks, at the bottom they have not capitalized or added copy/trademark symbols thereby stealing Wham-O’s intellectual property.

    Damn pirates.

  22. spsffan says:

    #22…right on about the 12 AM and 12 PM thing. It has been a pet peeve of mine for years.

    Note that the sign in the picture shows that it is on Hollywood Blvd. where they had 2 shootings last night. That’s real shootings, with guns and bullets, not Silly String.

    Priorities, priorities, priorities….

  23. d says:

    The quotes says it all, it’s “illegal” but not illegal.


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