Deana Schupp, a cable company worker from Florida, stared out over the huge crowd on Washington DC’s National Mall and had a sudden but welcome realisation. “When I see this crowd, I feel I am not alone. We are here for sanity and there are a lot of us,” she said. It was, she admitted, her first protest march.

She definitely had company. Tens of thousands of people gathered here in what must surely be the strangest-titled mass protest ever held in America’s capital: The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Hope.
The crowd was enormous – easily a quarter of a million people. As the masses listened to music and comedy routines broadcast from the tiny distant stage over giant screens all the way down the Mall, it was an impressive display of the power of comedy and celebrity. Whether it was a display of the power of American liberalism was much harder to say. Many observers saw the rally as a response to Fox News pundit Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honour” rally, which occupied the same space several months ago. That event, which attracted between 250,000 and 500,000 people, was seen as symbolising the rising power of conservatism.

  1. smartalix says:

    BTW, The Metro set a new record for Saturday trips on Metrorail on Saturday, October 30 — a record that surely belongs to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. By preliminary estimates, Metro recorded 825,437 Metrorail trips on Saturday.

  2. Named says:

    rally comparison image.

    For the crazies that care…

  3. Named says:

    Alright… enough is enough. Who hijacked Alfred’s brain / account?

    Is he trying the sarcastic / sardonic personality now?

  4. Named says:

    86 Alfred E Newman,

    Factual image presented – CHECK.
    Ad hominem attack – CHECK
    Unrelated topic added – CHECK

    Alfred Trolling for Jebus again. Don’t bother responding. You’re insane.

  5. Named says:

    Hmmm… from 84:
    We know the Republicans will follow their failed programs of the past, their smaller government, less taxes nonsense is what sent this country’s economy into a tail spin.

    From 87
    “Vote Republican…”

    So… vote for failure? Sounds like your life, psycho.

    You’re not funny. You’re not sarcastic. You’re certainly not intelligent. You’re insane. Get some help.

  6. bobbo, Pedro's donkey came and shiat! says:

    It is ironic. Everytime I think Alfie has made a valid point, he is being sarcastic.

    And we all have to live together.

  7. Named says:

    91 Alfred E Newman,

    “#89 I don’t know what you are going on about.”

    Of course you don’t. The insane rarely “know” anything. I gave you direct quotes of your own posting. You don’t understand your own posting. Therefore, you’re insane.

  8. The Monster's Lawyer says:


  9. Howard Beal says:

    we all know The Rapture happened on July 5, 1998 and Alfred Persson was Left Behind and no one even wonders why

    Alf get a life, go out and make some real friends put down the mouse and and have a conversation with a real person in person. Just saying yes to fries at the drive-up dosen’t count.

    one hint on how to get along in the real world when the facts don’t match up with your preconceived notions reconsider your ideas.

    BTW this thread is about The Rally To Restore Sanity and what if anything it meant. try to stay on topic.

    I think Stewart’s point was the Press Is Broken. The job of a Free Press in a democracy is to inform it’s citizens so they can make responsible choices rather than acting out of ignorance or misinformation (FOX/MSNBC ect). I agree, when the most trusted news anchor is a actual comedian something is wrong.

    The Economic interests of the major cable news outlets are skewing the real issues and facts no longer need be considered. With corporations (like Fox) being able to spend as much as they want on the election process and the public not even having the right to know where the money is coming from it will only get worse.

  10. Howard Beal says:

    #96 alf

    I’m glad you are open to new ideas although don’t agree with your conclusions and doubt your sincerity. (remember what your god said about false witness) now behave.

    Alf free market capitalisms(best system ever for progress) only downfall is unbridled corrupt greed. If you think Rupert Murdoch has your or even the USAs best interest in mind over profit you don’t understand the system at all.

    Follow the money and let that weight in on how you take your information. And be pissed off when you are told that who is paying for message is “none of your damn business now go and vote for who we told you to”.

  11. beal says:

    you should have your own angry white guy radio talk show

    and then have your own rally

  12. deowll says:

    Hey, I’m for sanity. Everybody is for sanity as long as they don’t have to agree with anybody else as to what sanity is.

  13. foobar says:


    “undocumented Democrats” == people I don’t like and are brown

  14. Last_Thought? says:

    Can’t we all just shut up and walk away from this one?


  15. foobar says:


    This blog is a cunning social psychology experiment run by by a race of hyper-intelligent, pan-dimensional beings who sometimes hang around Magrathea.

  16. smartalix says:

    I was there and had a blast. Too bad the sound system sucked, tho.

  17. Named says:

    Howard Beale

    To Alfred “Alf get a life, go out and make some real friends put down the mouse and and have a conversation with a real person in person. Just saying yes to fries at the drive-up dosen’t count. ”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Who the hell would WANT to talk with him in real life? He’s intollerable on the interwebitube… can you imagine having a wild-eyed, unshaven, unwashed, psychotic person with no shoes and wearing jebus robes walking up to you on the street to “talk”?

  18. chris says:

    To Alfred,

    Watch this:

    Dude, it was a rally to restore sanity. You REALLY should have been there.


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