This Episode’s Executive Producer: Steven Pelsmaekers
Associate Executive Producers: Jarred Forrester, Edgar Rothermich, Jeremey Ash, Paul Sankowski
Art By: Michael Birch

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  1. jealousmonk says:

    Most of the links in the show notes are not links. Is it me?

  2. B, Dog says:

    Albedo is a word commonly used in astronomy. Our planet’s albedo has implications in the field of climatology as well. Those interested in such things seized the opportunity to study temperature change across the the days following 9/11. Aircraft contrails change the planet’s albedo. There were no civilian flights producing contrails (with the sole exception of the plane taking bin-Laden’s relatives out of the country, which was disregarded).

  3. Fred Ziffel says:

    John, if you’re looking for more info on the Paris Peace Talks 1919, this is a very good source (from the same institute Tom Woods works for):

    [Don’t know why the spam filter kept catching your link posts but let the others through. It can be weird that way sometimes. Anyway, here’s your video. — ed.]

  4. hhopper says:

    Match: albedo and others.
    al·be·do (ăl-bē’dō) pronunciation
    n., pl., -dos.

    1. The fraction of incident electromagnetic radiation reflected by a surface, especially of a celestial body.

  5. Heinrich Moltke says:

    This show was excellent. Missing that half-way point was no problem at all. When the show is on a roll, let it roll.

  6. I found the 1919 talk to be intriguing and would like some more information on it as well…

  7. FYI, part 1 of Paris 1919 is on the Military Channel again tonight at 12:00 followed by the conclusion at 1:00AM. For anyone in my neck of the woods the Military Channel is 274. John made it sound pretty interesting so I am taping it tonight…

  8. ECA says:

    Would suggest lever action rifles..OR the .223’s
    223 has a Flat trajectory upto 300 yards, Little recoil/if any, always look for standardized ammo in the MOST BULK. Funny calibers can be hard to get/find.
    And if you want POWER you still cant beat the BAR. Browning automatic rifle.

  9. MrXstacey says:

    link to paris 1919 for those interested human resourses


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