• Blekko tops the news with odd reviews.
  • Android makes hay in market share.
  • XboX Kinect suppose to kill the competition?
  • Apple suing Motorola over patents to multi-touch. This should be rich.
  • Violent video games protected by First Amendment? Yes? No?
  • Viewsonic rolls out a tablet that does dual boot.
  • Google sues over bad bidding practices.
  • Nissan electric cars are weird looking.
  • Hotmail supports all email addresses. So what?

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  1. KMFIX says:

    I despise MS…but google.. get over it… two different line of products…

  2. foobar says:

    Android isn’t a “Google phone”. It’s a platform for manufacturers and carriers to build on. Superior selection and numbers.

    Completely different from RIM and Apple (and I guess HP Palm). This model works too since there is superior net revenue.

    Windows Phone 7 is in no man’s land.

  3. dusanmal says:

    Hotmail is actually a perfect address for “lightning rod” usage (e-mail you have exposed to the Internet for registrations, purchases,…):
    a) It is not Google (who can track all my family-only communications over Gmail as much as they want, no scrapable info there)
    b) There is a kind of poetic justice of all the spam being dumped on MS service. (Tracked by Bing? – who cares).

  4. Tom says:

    Actually, I find the Nissan Leaf quite different and cute looking, and I have one on order for December delivery. It also drives very nicely.



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