The Allied Pilots Association has announced that it will boycott full body scanners at airports, citing health risks.

The world’s largest association of pilots has gone to war following the suspension of an American pilot for refusing to be scanned, as well as fears that that scanners could emit twenty times more radiation than that of which was previously announced by authorities who introduced them. It now has called on its members to demand a “pat down” search rather than expose themselves to the increased radiation from scanners. The moves have been backed by privacy organisation Big Brother Watch, which warned that scanners were a danger.

Alex Deane, director of the civil liberties campaign group said: “Scanners are dangerous. There’s a reason that the nurse stands behind a screen when you get an x-ray at hospital. Radiation is potentially harmful, even in small doses, and the regularity with which frequent flyers are exposed to potentially cancer-causing radiation.

“If pilots aren’t going to be scanned, why should members of the public? This stance from a professional group, the world’s leading association of pilots, must shake the government out of its absurd position on scanners.

He also warns that in the UK alone you “cannot opt for a pat-down search instead of a scan” The Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, which includes the European Commission, International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Agency and the World Health OrganiSation has written a report that states that Air passengers should be made aware of the health risks of airport body screenings.

It also says governments must explain any decision to expose the public to higher levels of cancer-causing radiation as well as noting that pregnant women and children should not be subject to scanning.

My prediction is they will exempt pilots from this, but not the rest of the herd.

  1. Jopie says:

    Slightly on-topic…

    I heard somewhere(cant remember where exactly) that pedophiles are taking jobs with the TSA en masse. They really like getting paid to view or grope naked children.

  2. Jopie says:

    More on-topic.

    I really hope that these naked people viewers will finally stop all the planes being hijacked and/or falling out of the sky after being bombed. I’m really tired of that.

  3. Cursor_ says:

    Ask Emmett Till how good 1955 was.
    Go ahead, ask.×191.jpg


  4. ECA says:

    Let me say it like this….

    Pilot: THATS where my SCUM SUCKING EX WIFE LIVES. Lets go visit her, from 10,000 feet. Lets see IF THIS will change her mind about Child visitation..

  5. Bahahah, have you heard of KassemG? The guy’s a complete nut, he recently got fired for drinking on this’s his take on it:


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