Best I’ve heard.

  1. Dallas says:

    #30 I said I support cartoons to train the sheeple but this one is done poorly and lopsided. Sheeple are unlikely to comprehend that there is not such thing as magical math when it comes to a balanced budget.

    For instance, tax cuts equate to deficits w/o corresponding spending cuts. Sheeple just think ‘tax cuts’ , yay! Pretty sad, IMHO.

    Do sheeple realize that we spend more in military than the next 28 countries – COMBINED? Never mind that 27 of those are allies. No, but the sheeple are scared.

    Do sheeple realize that Medicare and Medicaid entitlements need to also be cut to balance the budget? lalalalalalalala. Don’t want to hear that because the sheeple are also sick and old!

  2. pedro says:

    #31 You wouldn’t know reality if it hit you in the face. You’re a hoot!

  3. pedro says:

    #31 It’s also funny how you keep referring to yourself in third person, sheeple!

  4. Benjamin says:

    I agree with the video. If the FED keeps printing money we will be carrying our money in wheelbarrows to buy bread.

  5. cgp says:

    Fools, money in fact will be scarce. They are printing money in the form of bonds purchased on behalf of our kids. This stuff will never reach us in the form of loans and jobs.

    The dollar will not drop to 10 cents, the market manipulators will not allow that to happen.

    When the QEn theft finally crashes the system’s belief mechanism all hell will break loose in that all money flow will stop. This is a complete credit/liquidity shutdown.

    Did you note the panic of the near-credit crunch that almost happened when that major bank crashed. That will happen to the complete system.


  6. bart1452 says:

    Credit is the quick and easy artificial leavening of the economy. Too much of it creates explosive bubbles that burst. Not enough leaves the economy flat. Maybe it’s time to mostly wean ourselves from credit. Some companies operate without debt and have huge cash reserves with which they can expand, innovate, and weather downturns. That’s the old fashioned, slower acting, and natural leavening. It’s time for it to come back into style and save credit for start-ups and emergencies.


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