The best part is the retro way you store phone numbers in the phone. Well, perhaps ‘in’ is the wrong word. Check it out here.

  1. ? says:

    Ah, another leaked Nexus phone, the 0xA (ten for those that don’t read hexadecimal).

  2. Zybch says:

    €80 is damn expensive for what it does (doesn’t) do, and sure, the retro look is kind of cool but it still doesn’t justify the high price.

  3. tdkyo says:

    3 weeks on standby…..

  4. Lou Minatti says:

    This has great utility as a phone for grandma. Most 70+ people literally don’t “get” smartphones and are intimidated so much they don’t even want to try.

  5. chuck says:

    Wow – it can receive and make phone calls?
    That’s 2 features the iPhone doesn’t have!

  6. nick the rat says:

    not even a clock on that bad boy

  7. Faxon says:

    This is just perfect for the market that also wants to go back to 35mm film point and click cameras.
    Nothing wrong here. AAA magazine has been advertising a similar simple cellphone for years, I believe.
    The address book is dumb, however. It does have ten speed dial numbers. That’s plenty.

  8. hhopper says:

    They should call it the Amish Phone.

  9. ECA says:

    This is what a cellphone IS..

    Iv read about this thing,
    and the reception and signal are great.
    THIS is the phone you want out ON THE ROAD..
    1 charge and its ready for 2-3 WEEKS.. NOT 4 days, NOT 8 hours.
    Need to find the Call/in use time. It should be around 10-12 hours. THINK about that when you are in an emergency.

  10. Orion314 says:

    Beside the fact the color looks like it was dropped in split pea soup and then shit out, the cost is insane. $20 US maybe, but $130????
    Forget it…..

  11. msbpodcast says:

    Now I could have uses that yesterday.

    I had to get a cell phone for our building’s janitor so delivery people could contact when he’s on the floors, doing his job.

    Instead, the cheapest phone I could find still had all kinds of time wasting “services” and a camera.

    Crap… Now the schmuck has a red Kyocera m1400 with unlimited text, voice, data, web, none of which he needs.

  12. The new LPhone.

    “L” for Loser.

  13. jim says:

    I agree with Lou, this would be a perfect phone for my 92 year old grandmother.

  14. bobbo, not a tech guy says:

    Also the perfect phone for car emergency use. Maybe add emergency flashers to it. And a gps locator would be handy in such emergencies–along with a homing signal for the rescuers? And to be really useful it should have a water distillation function as well.

    Yes, a niche device for every need and priced x10 (for those on the decimal system) when there is no competition. I’ll buy one when the price is right.

  15. deowll says:

    I guess I’m a Luddite but I don’t want to be called when I’m driving or away from the locations with land lines that people can use to contact me so my tracphone gets great time between charges because I keep it turned off.

  16. ECA says:

    THIS phone works on ALL major systems..around the world.
    Its not designed to FAIL.
    Its NOT designed to be in iphone v6.
    Its MAIN features are SIGNAL ONLY.. not for games, NOT for the news, NOT for movies..
    THIS is THE phone that will reach out and TOUCH someone, when the other phone is DIEING in a waste land.

    WHO here has had an OLD ANALOG, car/bag phone? at a FULL 3watts of power? NOT 0.3 watts.
    When you travel down the freeways, AROUND MOUNTAINS, around VALLEYS…this phone has a BETTER chance of giving you a signal, then 90% of ANY of the others.. TRY getting a signal out of sun valley idaho..NOT.

  17. ECA,

    You seem to be high on meth.

  18. zzzzzz says:

    Address book is not dumb.

    How many phone number from your addressbook you have memorized?

  19. Riker17 says:

    I would like to see this sold at Target and/or WalMart for around $10. Being made in China, that price-point shouldn’t be a problem.


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