They want to see everyone naked. So strip at the airport. The Germans have begun this protest against the naked body scanners.

  1. chris says:

    The people that spontaneously get naked in public are almost never people you’d like to see naked.

  2. ± says:

    #30 et al —- you would look like an ass beyond words to describe if some plane was brought down tomorrow or the next day etc. because some Muslim¹ successfully exploded a bomb in flight.

    ¹with apologies to #25 and other tree hugging, volvo driving, hand wringing, weenies NOT

  3. Banphotoradar says:

    Commie Obamie and Nazi Napolitano are taking this country down. Just like I know would. Napolitano put photo radar cameras with live streaming video all over Arizona. Call your congressional representatives and senators. Hold a protest.

  4. Number 34 says:

    Pilots do not need to invest money and time into making a bomb…

  5. CJ says:

    This is just another attempt by scaremongers to have a legal basis for bypassing the constitution. And to the person that said the privacy amendment to the constitution doesn’t guarantee our own bodies, what does “secure in their persons” mean? Yes it does cover our bodies against illegal searches without court order. 😛

    And those that allow it are playing right into the Government agenda. We need to protest this three ways – long, hard, and often. Best way to protest: Get Rosie O’Donnell to walk through the scanner. THAT’LL teach them!


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