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  1. noname says:

    # 20 Publius,

    Excellent, someone who knows some relevant history!

    First they came…

  2. chris says:

    #20 Look dude,

    After 9/11 this was on the news. Many people, edited together in quick bursts; message: we give up to intrusive experiences for a feeling of safety.

    Why do you guys only wake up when a Democrat is in the White House?

    US citizens and European nationals were held for years without charge or trial semi-openly during W’s tenure, but a pat-down crosses the line…

    Excuse me for finding that foolish. If you care about actual stuff that goes past political rhetoric you should be engaged continually.

    The real issue is to define the problem. TSA says a feel up is necessary. There should be somebody independent who can figure out if this claim is true.

    At least we aren’t as bad as Great Britain, they are light years ahead of us in paranoia.

  3. JimD says:

    The Agents of the Titty Squeezing Agency (TSA) have also become GONAD GROPERS (TSA/GG)!!! And soon, they will also become RECTUM REAMERS (TSA/GG/RR)!!! Well, maybe they could combine that with a COLONOSCOPY, so Americans would have the lowest rates of COLON CANCER in the World !!!

  4. Number 24 says:

    #6 Did they touch your junk?

  5. Counterweight says:

    #24 – Pay no attention to Greg Allan. He’s confusing being frisked with the new enhanced feel ups … err … pat downs.

  6. Mr Fog says:

    I read somewhere today that since the terrorists took out the Oklahoma Federal building with a vehicle full of explosives and prior to 9-11 they tried to take out the WTC with a van full of explosives, that Napolitano has told TSA to draw up plans to perform random ID checks and enhanced gropings or naked modeling on all interstate highways. It’s for our own safety! (Pass it on… it COULD be true if I hadn’t made it up!)

  7. Goodsound says:

    The TSA is just selling it wrong.
    They need to have signs that say
    “Free CT Scan This line”
    or “Enter here for FREE Full Body Massage”

  8. JimD says:

    #27 Unfortunately, TSA “Full Body Massages” don’t come with a “Happy Ending” !!! Maybe you need to off a $50 Tip ?

  9. The0ne says:

    hahgaha, great sign! Made my day :D

  10. captain jack says:

    TSA = Tit Sqeezing Allowed

  11. Glenn E. says:

    Oh I love the creative signage. You know you have to wonder what sort of people sign up for this work? And if they really screened for perverts, like groping strangers. Would the TSA be left with anyone to do the job? I mean these people aren’t doctors, giving you a prostate exam. Nor are the prison guards or police, searching violent suspects or prisoners for drugs or weapons. In the name of Airline profits, NOT safety, we’ve accepted the excuse to be body searched by strangers, just for using commercial transportation. That’s a bit more expensive than bus and train.

    They’re not searching for weapons to protect the other passengers. They doing this to protect the Airline Industry’s bottom line. Because without all this security theater, the public will loss faith in air travel safety. And use other means or stay home. But hearing about thousands of people getting groped at airports, just to visit Disneyland. Causes me to believe the terrorists have already won. They’ve caused us to destroyed another part of our personal freedoms. Or at least, allowed big business to do it to us. Does the 4th Amendment of the US Bill of Rights, end at the front door of every major airport?

  12. chris says:

    #32 I would suspect that the average TSA screener is just trying to earn a wage to support a decent life.

    The system is foolish and often ridiculous, but I wouldn’t blame the cogs in that system. For every jack-booted-thug you encounter there are 100 ordinary folks.

    Now, as you move toward jobs that are allowed to exercise force I think the proportion of weirdos increases rapidly.

  13. Ben says:

    The airlines are losing money hand over fist and I suspect a big part of that is all of the BS that the TSA puts customers through. If the TSA were done away with an a free (as free as the gov lets them get in this country) market were allowed to operate I am sure the airlines would have no problem groping passengers that wanted that sort of “safety” on their flights. Or for people like me that don’t want to have to put our guns into checked baggage and walk right onto the plane; there would be flights with less “security”.