I’d like to see who does not support this Bill. They should be targets to be voted out of office.

  1. chuck says:

    How can I contribute to Ron Paul?

    I love his idea that all members of Congress should be required to go through the full-body-scanner and look at the results.

    Is there any kind of oversight for the TSA? (Other than congress?) The police have internal affairs depts that go after bad cops. And the FBI will investigate the police if internal affairs won’t.

    There should be a TSA “internal affairs” with at least one officer at every airport. And his/her only job is to make sure the TSA guards do not abuse the public. He would have the authority to fire a TSA guard if necessary, and also be required to video all disputes between the TSA and the public.

    Right now the only TSA “internal affairs” seem to be in charge of defending every TSA idiot who decides to “pat-down” a 3-year-old. Or prosecute a passenger who doesn’t want his junk touched.

    Mr President, have you ever gone through a full-body scanner?

    Mr President, how would you feel about your kids going through a full-body scanner?

  2. Pmitchell says:

    If people want to stop all the stupid ACLU law suits call your representatives and tell them to change the law that pays the ACLU to sue the govt whether they win or lose and these frivolous ACLU law suits will disappear.

    Yes people the govt pays all the lawyer fees for any suit filed by the ACLU against a govt entity (can any one say cash cow for for lawyers )

    If the suit is good private individuals would help pay for it, and if it is won in court the lawyer can then ask for his fees as part of the settlement. But that is not how it works now Joe Schmuck lawyer files on the govt then tells the govt to pay him for filing suit and all his supposed hours spent on the suit.( can any one see a possible scam here )

    Now you know why all the dumbass law suits are brought by the ACLU its about the money not the law

  3. MrMiGu says:

    So you suggest that they ask everyone if they are muslim and if they say yes then you interrogate them? Or do you think that your assumption that they’re all going to be ‘noticeably musim’ is sound.

  4. Counterweight says:

    The ‘American Traveller Dignity Act’ is a great start, Two things I’d like to see, though:
    1) it should not specify airports. Americans should have the right to travel anywhere by any means without these losses of rights. What if Arizona set up body scanners and groping stations at border crossings with California?
    2) I would love to see some language that makes it nearly impossible to add amendments to bills. Any necessary changes should be made prior to voting on it. So many amendments are riders designed to accomplish something completely unrelated to the original intent of the bill. I’d hate to see this bill passed with an amendment authorizing full funding of ObamaCare!

    #7 egp : there may very well have been almost nobody listening to Paul. Special times are set aside for members to make short speeches that will then be entered into the Congressional Record. I believe there is some sort of rule that states these things have to be spoken in the House or they will not be published in the Record. He can’t just submit a prepared text for inclusion. When (if) the bill comes up for a vote, he will make another speech, as will other members of the House pro and con.

  5. chuck says:

    #29, #34 – there’s a simpler form of profiling. Law enforcement do it all the time — try looking for someone who matches the description and actions of the previous attackers.

    If you get mugged, the police ask you what the person looks like – and they ask the public to look out for a “short, white male, approx 20-24, scar on left hand.” There’s nothing in this description which is illegal or wrong. It was the crime that was wrong.

    This is not racial profiling. It’s just sensible. Otherwise all police reports would simply be “be on the look out for someone who has recently committed a crime.”

    At airports, the TSA should check any male, aged 20-30, who has paid cash for their ticket, or is booked one-way, or bought their ticket in the last 3-days, and has little or no checked luggage. Recent international travelers (male 20-30) should also be checked.

    That’s it.

    None of that is illegal or wrong. But we can simply ask that person to go through secondary screening and answer a few questions. Without unnecessary delay or threatening them in any way.

  6. George says:

    The solution is to stop focusing on the “tools” of the terrorist’s trade. Stop groping everyone in hopes of finding a bomb, or gun or knife. Instead, interview them and ask them what the hell they are doing on the flight. Where are they going? What are they doing there? When are they coming back? Why don’t they have luggage?

    Catch the bastards while they are doing their “dry runs”. The 9/11 hijackers did dry runs all over the country before their attack. Nobody took notice of what the hell they were up to, but they sure got through all the security screening in place up until that point.

    Don’t let a terrorist on the plane whether he has a weapon or not. Right now, they can fly all they want to look for weakness in the system, and nobody seems care, as long as they pass this stupid security screening.

    Secondly, leave the damn pilot alone. Whether he is groped or not, he can still fly the plane into the ground. If you want to protect the passengers, ask the pilot how he’s doing today. Did he get enough sleep? Hows the marriage? Had any drinks today? Gone to Mecca lately? Its ludicrous.

  7. Alex says:

    Go forward Americans, hate your government, make it smaller, or much better: destroy it, come back to the good wild-west times … this is what the terrorists have been looking for in the first place …

  8. tcc3 says:

    #33 PMitchell:

    Citation please

  9. SimonSezz says:

    Profiling works sometimes but it still allows for a terrorist to get through. The terrorist that attempted the Christmas day bombing on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit was Nigerian. The fact of the matter is that Islam is a rapidly growing religion, and a few who spread the religion also spread hate for other countries. There are whites and latinos joining Islam right now in the USA. Any one of them could be brainwashed into attempting a terrorist act. I have a coworker who is Latino and he has become a full-fledged muslim and even has a full beard now.

    Not only that, but 94% of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were done by non-Muslims. http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/terrorism-2002-2005/terror02_05#terror_05sum

    According to the FBI list, the most terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were by Latinos, 42% of all attacks. 6% by Islamic extremists, 7% by Jewish extremists, 24% by extreme left wing groups, 5% by communists, and 16% that were unaffiliated.

  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    In just last year, 2009, more Americans died from choking than in the past 20 years from terrorists attacks.

    The government needs FEAR installed in its citizens so they might continue their actions.

  11. roastedpeanuts says:

    This man gives me hope for the world.

  12. rabidmonkey says:

    “While we are all occupied with TSA molestation, the Senate is voting on Codex Alimentarius. S.510. Go check it out and contact your senators!”

    In reading from that bill I see under Title I, sec. 2 a an exclusion of inspection in parenthesis for specifically: “farms and restaurants.”

    Did I miss something else?

  13. rabidmonkey says:

    oops! I meant Title I, Sec. 101, paragraph 2.

  14. Jerry Smith says:

    This is how we SHOULD be doing it…

    The ‘Israelification’ of airports: High security, little bother ( original Article )

  15. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Need to travel in two weeks, my local airport doesn’t have the naked peeking machine. 🙂

    The airport at the other end, does. 🙁

  16. Due to economic crisis and soaring debt and the deficit, the United States has already lost its status as the superpower of the global financial system. To add more bad news, the soaring cost of health, social security nearing bankruptcy, high unemployment add more bad news to current economic woes of the American society. Bad decisions, bad policy combined with flawed decision-making process have practically killed/destroyed the foundations of Capitalism in America. But even considering all of the economic data & factors, we’re somehow still addicted to spending and some political “heavyweights” advocate even more borrowing & spending by the government. We’ve got to stop and realize that at some point we need to pay the debt, the younger generation of Americans will need to pay the debt, probably next generations as well… So what we are really doing now is taking liability and spreading slowly over next generations, so that they can deal at a later time? How about actually cutting/freezing all spending, conducting audits of all government spending & programs and start slowly and painstakingly cutting to save and to be a bit more fiscally realistic (and responsible?).

  17. tcc3 says:

    That’s what I thought. Easy to talk shit about the ACLU when you don’t have to back it up.

  18. aslightlycrankygeek says:

    #48 tcc3,

    You know it is possible that the original poster has other things to do besides pour over every comment following his to see if anyone challenges his statement. Are you not capable of a simple Google search?


    [I have no idea if this is legit, but I get tired of seeing whiners on hear demand that people respond to their posts with some sort of proof or rebuttal.]

  19. tcc3 says:

    Its too bad he also didn’t have better things to do than make unsupported BS comments on a blog.

    And I did google it. I found it to be at least a specious misunderstanding and total crap at most. But he made the claim, its up to him to defend it.

  20. oscord says:

    A best of American.

  21. Glenn E. says:

    Sarah Palin recently chimed in on the subject of “profiling” at airports. She thinks it’s great. Of course, once she gets enough negative press from that remark. She’ll do her usual take back, that politicians (mainly Republicans) are infamous for doing. It’ll be… “What I mean to say…” and be pretty much the opposite of what she said before. Or totally unintelligible.

    Here’s typical Palin logic. “A Police State? I love our police. They keep us safe from murderers and thieves. Hell yes, let’s have a Police State.” Then a week later. “What I meant to say was….”. Great Presidential candidate, eh?

  22. Glenn E. says:

    Ron Paul will never be allowed to run for a higher office. He’s way too smart for the job. That’s why there’s all this talk of running Sarah Palin. She’ll probably get Neil Bush as VP running mate. And if she wins, she’ll quit soon afterward. And the Bush clan can finally get the black sheep of their family into the White House. I doubt Jeb Bush will ever run. Who would vote for a President named “Jeb”? Bubba maybe. But never a Jeb. He couldn’t shake the Beverly Hillbillies taunts. “Jeeeeeeeeeb!”


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