1. Alfred Persson says:

    #38 The only thing floating like a fart in the wind, is them mind you lost when a butterfly kicked you in head.

    Progressives love control, its what they crave…they know what’s good for us, and they will impose their will whether we like it or not.

    The proof is Obama’s shadow government working to make cap & trade, net neutrality, fairness doctrine, the law of the land, by passing congress.

    Now they over react to terrorism…a rational person would ask why…

    You believe they don’t want to be seen as soft on terrorism…but why insist they be given miranda rights, Civilian Trials that WILL result in their being acquitted?

    Because they do NOT care if they are seen as soft on terror… that won’t happen, they control the establishment press… it will not tarnish them as they do conservatives.

    So the reason must lie elsewhere, the group that supported the Ground Zero mosque, open borders, etc., against the will of 70% of Americans does not care how the public sees them…

    They care what the public becomes as they lose their freedom because of irrational fear…

    They want to be in control when that happens, and the only way to ensure that, is to make it happen while they control the bureaucracy shadow government…

  2. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Shadow government. rofl that gets me every time.

  3. smartalix says:

    (shameless plug)
    In my novel Cyberchild (99 cents on Kindle!) I predict (among other things) that we’ll be sealed into personal cubicles (one- two- or three-seat models) prior to takeoff. Toilet needs are dealt with by using catheters (with placment assistance provided if requested).

  4. Nutjob says:

    #22 – Indeed. It is extremely suspicious. In fact it is even worse than you say.

    Just to remind everybody, this is what HAS happened:
    The crotch bomber was on a terrorist watch list. But his name was not put on the no-fly list, and his USA visa was not revoked.

    He went through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which, at that time, had the body-scanning machines installed. However, he was allegedly escorted by his handler(s) from the checkin counter to the departures gate without passing through security.

    So, this guy on a terrorist watch list managed to board the plane without presenting his passport and without going through security like the plebs. Duh?

    This is the basis for further humiliation of the people who actually go through security. Clearly, however, terrorists needn’t worry.

  5. Nutjob says:


    Oh god, that sounds appalling. DON’T GIVE THEM IDEAS :P (not that they need help, right?)

  6. Faxon says:

    ohhhhhh !
    I’m just so angry I could spit!
    ohhhhhh !

  7. JimD says:

    Yeah, the Titty Squeezing Agency (TSA), not satisfied with GONAD GROPING as well, will MADATE RECTAL REAMIING AS WELL !!! So the “Friendly Skies” will have been turned into the “F##K YOU Skies” !!!

  8. Alfred Persson says:

    #41 Your theory flies in the face of reality…

    A regime that doesn’t care about public opinion when backing the Ground Zero mosque, open borders, health plan, civilian trials for terrorists…

    Doesn’t give a hoot if a few believe it soft on terror, THAT won’t get air time in the establishment media, neither will Uncle Dave care.

    Rush Limbaugh just reported a better reason for these demeaning molestations of women and children.

    It diminishes us in the eyes of the Arab world, where touching women is forbidden.

    We are made to appear cowardly…which explains the goal of their attacks…to kill us by a thousand cuts…

    AND Imam Obama’s complicity.

    NOW we learn the Taliban Leader that was paid a lot of money for peace in Afghanistan, was an importer, he never never had to show his birth certificate!

    Where have we heard that before?

  9. Nutjob says:

    #46 – Remember, it only takes one half-assed terrorist attempt for “increased” security to be forced on the travelling public.

    Perhaps you have some expensive and unproven machines to sell, that your marketing department can claim could conceivably prevent a terrorist attack. No matter how contrived and unrealistic the scenario, the opportunity for your business is clear! Act now to secure your company’s future!

    Or, if you don’t have a machine to sell, here is your opportunity to troll the entire world! Imagine the perverse yet overwhelming sense of satisfaction you could bask in, knowing you were personally responsible for forcing full body cavity searches upon millions of passengers every day! Of course you could never tell anyone, but at least you would know.

    And remember, the contraband shoved up your patsy’s ass doesn’t even have to be explosive or even dangerous, as long as it makes for a scary sounding story on the evening news.

  10. Alfred Persson says:

    Rush Limbaugh just called on President Obama to do the right thing.

    Recall how he swam in the Gulf to prove how safe it was…

    Its time he take his daughters through a TSA groping event, to prove to us its safe..

    Surely even Uncle Dave will see the wisdom of this…they can bring some of fat ass Michele’s box lunches with them.

  11. chuck says:

    Well, it took a few weeks, but good old American ingenuity has developed underwear that can block the full body scanners.


    It’s just a matter of time before a terrorist gets his entire outfit made out of the same material, and demonstrates just how stupid the entire TSA is.

  12. foobar says:

    Limbaugh has a 2 inch pecker. No wonder he’s “shy”.

  13. Alfred Persson says:

    Once the airlines are nationalized, scanners and molesters devastated its business, and SEIU runs them, then the pat downs will cease.

    But fat ass Michele’s menu will your only choice.

  14. Alfred Persson says:

    #51 Your mistaken…that wasn’t Limbaugh you met in the park, he lied to you.

  15. HaHaHa! says:

    Limbaugh’s radio persona would be the most ignorant thing on this planet if Glenn Beck would keep his mouth shut.

    If one of the former presidents advised Obama to go through airport security that would be worth something. But Limbaugh is a nobody and needs to do what he does best, taking drugs.

    I rather listen to nonsense coming from Bush Jr than to listen to the fairy tale queens (Limbaugh, Beck) speak.

    Stop flying…TSA will eventually go away.

  16. Alfred Persson says:

    #54 That’s a record, everything you said is wrong:


    If we don’t lose these progressives, we lose America. They want Venezuela, they should move there. Lets confiscate their money first, what they stole would total billions.

  17. Publius says:

    Hurt and Confused government workers at our airports

    Hurt and Confused citizens at our blogs


  18. foobar says:

    #54 Straight to the gay woodsy angle? Where did that come from?

    Alfred to Rush: “Take me to the woods and I’ll be your cub, and you can be my Mama Grizzly.”

  19. Alfred Persson says:

    #58 Palin on your mind? She kicks 2012 Obama ass, no doubt.

    It will be fun watching your Palin Derangement Syndrome in full outbreak, hilarious indeed. Can’t wait.

  20. foobar says:

    #59 Wow, you actually took my stupid little joke about Limbaugh as a personal attack on you. You really have been imprinted.

    I hope Palin runs in 2012, it’ll finish turning the US election into a reality show. If the US economy is still in the dumper she might even win, which would be hysterical. The Tea Party owners need their Zaphod Beeblebrox – and Palin fits the bill.

    Palin running is an easy predication. Try something hard, like Christine O’Donnell on Dancing with the Stars. And guys like you will suddenly start listening to Broadway musicals for no apparent reason.