Everyone buys 1 ounce of Silver. This is an idea being promoted by Max Keiser, I have no idea whether it would work or not, but I guess anything is better than just sitting on your ass and complaining.

  1. Improbus says:

    Anyone know a good place to buy 1 oz fine silver coins? I am talking about real minted coins like the Maple Leaf or Silver Eagle. I hear they are approximately $30/coin.

  2. t0llyb0ng says:

    I am so glad you did not say “What have you got to loose”

  3. spsffan says:

    Okay, so you might be able to crash JP Morgan. But why pick on them? I’m much rather crash Goldman Sachs.

    Oh, and in a country where only 1/3 of the registered voters (not to mention eligible voters) turn out for elections, you expect some greater than 5 figure number of them to buy silver coins? At $30 plus a pop? During the Great Depression? Three weeks before Christmas?

    Droll, Alice, very droll…

  4. tcc3 says:

    Sounds like a great way to further inflate precious metal prices.

    This is the modern equivalent to “When your cab driver tells you how great a stock is, its time to sell.”

    This bubbles fit for popping.

  5. Lakota Sue says:

    #3. OK, so just sit on your ass and bitch. I recently bought 1300 ounces of physical silver. So I have you and #4. covered.

    You can thank me later.

  6. moondawg says:

    Might as well short JP Morgan stock while you’re at it… make money on both ends of the deal.

  7. CanIBuyABridgeToo says:

    I don’t think you’ll find many sane folks (at least not ones that aren’t bankers or bankers’ b**tches) to state that the banks have been good corporate citizens. Watching the downfall and/or convictions of the folks who designed the crapolla that took the feet out from under our economy would be very, very enjoyable.


    What kind of conspiratorial, paranoid, GlenBeck-Goldline scam is this guy trying to pull?!?

    My guess is this Keiser fool has a few million invested in silver right now, waiting for a few thousand rats to follow his Pied Piper piping (pimping?) of silver, and when it hits a certain level he’ll cash in….

    He’ll have additional millions, while all the rats will have are moronic catch phrases like “Take that Mr. J.P. Morgan.”

    I have to admit – the beginning of the video had some great revisionist history. The Hunt brothers were not simply trying to “protect” their money in silver. Maybe that was their initial plan, but that changed once they saw the effect of their buying on the price of silver. No – the Hunts were trying to corner the market, manipulating the price for their own profit. And, as happens too few times when those with power attempt to illegally manipulate things in their favor, they got CAUGHT.

    Do you think it is any coincidence that Keiser is having his rats declare themselves as the new Hunts? Keiser has to be laughing his ass off as the rats follow his tune, strolling to their too soon drowning in the sea.

  8. fulanoche says:

    Somebody is going to make few bucks.

  9. crazierthanYoU says:

    I bought silver really cheap last week.

    My wife got a Morgan silver dollar in change at Rite Aide. She immediately asked if there were any more in the register and managed to exchange paper for 4 more Morgan Silver dollars.

    Whoot, PROFIT!!! $5 invested.

    Actually we’ll hold on to them for a while with the rest of our silver.

  10. Ah_Yea says:

    “Somebody is going to make few bucks.”

    yea, the guy who organized this movement. Like CanIBuyABridgeToo said.

    Try Palladium. It’s a much better with less downside. Platinum too.

  11. moss says:

    Return on my equity investments last 2 months = 14.8%.

    Wish I knew as much as you guys.

  12. Grandpa says:

    I’m going to hold my high priced Goldline Gold until I break even. ( might be a while since it cost me 34% more )

  13. Improbus says:

    Yes, but the return on your equity investments could be -20% in the next 2 months. I am of the opinion that the stock market maintains share prices with wishful thinking. All the banking system needs is a little push and it will fold like the house of cards it is … taking the stock market with it.

  14. SimonSezz says:

    Here’s an interesting article about silver.

    In 1980 the price of silver was over $130 in today’s dollars.

  15. chuck says:

    Here’s a tip: buy guns and ammo.
    When the economy collapses and money is worthless, you can rob the people with gold and silver and take their food and water too.

    Guns+Ammo > Gold > Money.

  16. goldbug says:

    I bought silver at $16, and am still happy to buy it at $28. That Keiser guy is probably looking to front-run and make a few bucks, but long term I am bullish on silver and commodities in general. I’d say wait out this “crash JPMC” nonsense and buy on the dip.

  17. Lakota Sue says:

    #11. moss – gosh, that’s great. Return on metals purchased in Aug. over 35%, I just wish I was as smart as you.

  18. SimonSezz says:

    #15, Americans have more guns and ammo than the citizens of any other country so I think that would be the riskiest “investment” strategy of all.

  19. ECA says:

    #18 WRONG..

    #15 thats thinking that you have a “FOREVER” GUN.. Suggest you also add RELOADING your brass, and add into it, LEAD..

    As an investment, Silver is one of the most solid. Its also used in MORE products around the world than ANY OTHER.
    The problem with Silver, tends to be the AMOUNT available. And those in control of it. If they saw that it was being Purchased the Prices would ROCKET. This would be like buying GOLD at current prices(NOT worth it).

  20. skeptic says:

    Departing on his white horse Silver, the Lone Ranger shouts “Buy-yo Silver, today!” as the horse gallops toward the setting sun. Then someone asks, “Who was that masked man, anyway?” A faint but distinct voice can be heard echoing off the hills as the lone ranger has all but disappeared into the distant haze. “Suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.”

  21. TrailerParkInvestmentAdvisor says:

    Does anyone here think that this administration will let JPM go bankrupt? JPM is making this huge bet because they know they are playing with the house’s money. There is no downside for them. If their derivative bet fails, either the government or the Fed will give them more cash. I hope their short works out for them. Then we do not have to give them any money.

  22. ubet426 says:

    Simon, Your an idiot. The link to back up your “argument” disproves your “argument” right in it. If more American’s carried weapons our crime rate would go down substantially. It amazes me how when a state passes a conceal carry law everyone screams that the crime is going to skyrocket and then 1,2,5,7 years later no one will comment on the constant decrease in crime.

    On the other hand in countries such as Australia when they take the guns away from all the law abiding citizens and only the criminals are left with weapons the violent crime rate goes up.

    How do so many people still think that guns are the root of all crime?

  23. pcsmith says:

    What are the current industrial demands for silver? Since the adoption of digital photography, the demand for film has dropped drastically.

    And what is the current amount of silver being mined annually? I would be surprised if the tonnage produced has dropped.

  24. The DON says:

    I do not fully understand how market investments work, but….

    What is to stop JP Morgan from ‘cashing out’ their short on silver (make a loss) while at the same time going long (buying) silver stocks.
    If the buy silver campaign is big enough for the price to be affected, then surely JPM will just switch their strategy with regards to silver.

  25. bobbo, "its a shitty deal, but its the only deal you got!" says:

    Since when can you eat silver?

    Ha, ha.

    The market spooked one way and then the other, the weaker members of the herd (ie, those without a computer directly connected to the Exchange) culled as the need/desire arises.

  26. jack says:

    Spot price found at kitco.com

    1/4/2010 $17.17
    12/2/2010 $28.50
    Return on investment: 70.6%

    1/4/2010 $421
    12/2/2010 $741
    Return on investment: 76.0%

    1/4/2010 $1121.50
    12/2/2010 $1389.00
    Return on investment: 23.8%

    1/4/2010 $1500
    12/2/2010 $1700
    Return on investment: 13.3%

  27. Mainstay says:

    It seems like a mainstay of mankind from the dawn of time is simple greed
    Even the wealthy never have enough
    You would of thought that with all the stimulus whatever they would be satisfied
    Woody Allen’s joke about stock broker being a professional who invested your money till it is all gone rings true today
    Only the names , faces and titles are different
    Greed remains a mainstay of human beings

  28. ramuno says:

    “If more American’s carried weapons our crime rate would go down substantially…years later no one will comment on the constant decrease in crime.”

    And no one notices the high rate of accidental shooting deaths.

  29. soundwash says:

    Welcome to the party..

    -About time DU picked this up.

    Max has only been pushing this for almost a month.

    although.. we would have to also boycott food stamps and unemployment too, to really hurt them.

    -because it is jpmorgan/chase bank that is contracted to handle all the transactions for both wherever plastic is used to dole out these two programs.



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