Everyone buys 1 ounce of Silver. This is an idea being promoted by Max Keiser, I have no idea whether it would work or not, but I guess anything is better than just sitting on your ass and complaining.

  1. pcsmith says:

    Since the price of silver has almost doubled in the past year, look for some good buys on sterling silver, 92% silver.

  2. ECA says:

    the point is, HOW MANY people in the USA HAVE GUNS..less then 10%.
    I would LOVE for 90% of the USA to OWN GUNS.
    but this list does NOT consider gun collectors, NOR those that have more then 1 gun..(I know a few collectors that have Hundreds of guns.)
    All it says is that there are 270,000,000 guns in the USA.

    Now figure that out for China at 3.5% of 3-4 BILLION people.
    In Switzerland, ALL persons are TRAINED to use weapons, as part of a Citizen militia.

  3. Cursor_ says:

    So where do these pinheads keep their silver?

    In their home. Well that sounds like a reason to do a little stake out and then hit them when no one is home. Heck with 1000 ounces of silver maybe just a two guys and some semi-automatics and smoke bombs would do at 3am.

    In security deposit boxes? Well wait there slick if you hate the banks and financial centers, why would you use one to store your silver?

    Idiots. Coming on on the net claiming I have 300, 500 or 1000 ounces of physical silver. Many of these boobs saying it in their own neighbourhood. Yeah like we couldn’t get people to find out where you are? If we can do it with a someone torturing a cat or being a camwhore on stickam; then what prevents someone from finding you from that video and probably others you made in your ego trip to “educate” others about “physical silver”.

    They are all screaming examples that a fool and their money will soon be parted.


  4. ArianeB says:


    The commodities market is a zero sum game. Every time someone makes money, someone else loses money.

    To simplify the market, lets limit it to two people. Investor A, who believes the price of silver will fall, and investor B, who believes the price of silver will rise. Investor A signs a contract to deliver 10,000 bars of silver to investor B by a certain delivery date, say 5 years from now, at a certain price, say $1000 a bar. Now investor A doesn’t actually own 10,000 bars, and investor B has no use for 10,000 bars. What happens is that in 5 years, investor B sells the 10,000 bars back to investor A at the current market value. The two delivery contracts cancel each other out, but if the price has dropped to $900 a bar, investor B owes investor A a million dollars, if the price rose to $1100 a bar, investor A owes investor B a million dollars.

    Now there are not just two investors, there are thousands. So if A has a contract to sell 10,000 bars to B by 2016, investor A does not need to buy back the contract from B, he can buy instead from investor C, at any time during that 5 year window, hopefully when the price is lower, thus it is now C who owed B 10,000 bars. But B can sell that contract for 10,000 bars to investor D when the price is higher. Now C owes D 10,000 bars, while A and B are both richer. But then C and D can sell their contracts to others etc. as long as when 2016 rolls around everyone has bought enough contracts, to cancel out all the sell contracts.

    The only people in the market that can sell without buying back are the mining companies that mine and refine new silver bars. The only people in the market who can buy without selling off are the industries that use silver. The contract buying and selling determines what the fair price is between the actual buyers and sellers.

    J.P. Morgan has sold lots and lots of silver contracts betting that the price is going to go down. The term “naked short” does not really apply in commodities as it does in stocks BTW. They will be required to buy silver contracts to match their sells before the contracts are due. If the price goes down at any point during the life of those contracts, J.P. Morgan wins. If the price never goes down, J.P. Morgan will be forced to buy back contracts at much higher prices, losing big. Most likely they are hedging their bets in other markets.

  5. SimonSezz says:

    #23, I NEVER mentioned anything about crime rate. Learn to read and don’t come to hasty conclusions on your own, we can see that you are incapable of doing that properly.

    But now that you brought it up, the USA has the second highest suicide rate by guns (Switzerland #1), and the eighth highest murder rate by guns in the world. It is the #1 developed nation to have murders committed by guns.

    I’m not against guns, I own one myself. The point of my original post was that many people own guns so buying up guns to survive would be a risky investment unless you plan on getting shot. Also I don’t know where someone got his 10% figure from, the BATF recognizes that at least 25% of adults in the USA own at least one gun, and that’s not including guns that are not reported or registered.

  6. chuck says:

    Let’s see now, imagine 300,000,000 Americans all buy 1oz of silver. Maybe the price gets driven up to $60/oz during the buying frenzy.

    That’s $18 billion total.
    Roughly the amount spent in a week of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Banks probably do that much in foreign exchange in about 5 minutes. (probably less)

    And how will this bankrupt the banks exactly?

  7. ECA says:

    The count I use is based on the WHOLE population.
    I cant find the lists anymore as they are buried in the net..
    but lets use abit of logic..
    1 REAL hunter is going to have at LEAST 3 weapons. Shot gun, Heavy rifle, short range rifle/pistol. That alone breaks your numbers (90) down to (30).
    Now if we limit collectors to 10+ weapons, but there are only 100 of those.(wont count the hunters) the math alone would make it into the 9% range.

    That 25%..only includes ADULT, and is probably based on abit of exaggeration from Fish and Game records..Count all the fish and game licenses, and dont understand that 2/3 are for FISHING.

  8. Rob Leather says:

    Hilariously two of these guys are English. In the UK Gold Coins are NOT taxed at VAT. So you can purchase Gold Sovereigns are near base mint value and not have to declare it, pay VAT on it. Nothing.

    But instead, they are going for SILVER, which IS.

    Errrr. Nice one guys.

  9. What? says:

    Four stages of a bubble:
    1. It is perceived that doing X would be more reasonable than doing Y.
    2. It is perceived that other people are doing X, so so should I.
    3. It is perceived that doing X can’t fail, and I should borrow money so that I can multiply my returns by doing X.  Also, only a crazy person would do Y given the returns from X are so good.
    4. It is perceived that it is time to PANIC because X is collapsing, and I can’t dump X fast enough.  I need to do Y.  Why did I do X again?

    With perfect knowledge on the spending of everyone, bubbles could be predicted, and front-run to maximize profits.

  10. dadeo says:

    Seems to me a little like fighting fire w/fire..someone (bankers all, I’m sure) will rake in all the proceeds from the rush on silver . . You take down one, feed/create even more bankers.

  11. ECA says:

    and buying silver NOW, is a prayer.
    There are corps that will DROP silver on the market to lower the prices, and gain GOOD MONEY.
    They will WAIT, for the Drop and buy again…wait for it to Gain, and SELL again.
    These are MASSIVE quantities.. That some corps have. MOSTLY to make Circuit boards and electronics.

  12. soundwash says:

    and don’t forget, you can make some
    killer medicine with .9999 silver.

    -that’s where the real value is.



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