A new iPhone App with the misleading name ‘PatriotApp’ attempts to draw on the power of the patriot movement, turning smartphone users into a gigantic snitch network.

You might think an app with such a patriotic name might have useful functions like a pocket constitution or quotes from our forefathers. But contrary to the services one might expect, this app allows users to report any ‘suspicious’ behavior directly linking them with top government agencies.

Much like the new DHS program ‘If you see something, say something’ this app is meant to turn average citizens into a network of spies feeding information back to the federal government.

Citizen Concepts, a company formed by insiders from DHS, defines the use of such an app on their homepage:

The goals of Citizen Concepts are to:

* Provide instruction and increase consistency in actions while decreasing variance in human behavior to mitigate risk and error
* Increase the quality, procedure compliance, and efficacy of outcomes
* Provide closed network, high-value content information for collection and action purposes
* To serve civil, government and commercial communities entities
* Provide mechanisms whereby events, processes, and performance can be reviewed retrospectively

Citizen Concepts delivers a superior product.

We leverage your existing Blackberry, Android or iPhone platform and drive compliance directly to your staff’s mobile device. No manuals to find, nor forms to locate, no wasted time.

Oh goody!

  1. ECA says:

    you really have no concept of government and whats going on, do you?

    It takes 2 groups to pass the bill and then to the president..
    Senate then the HOUSE..THEN the president. WHAT GOT PASSED?? that is a bottom RUNG bill that hasnt gotten anywhere. GIVE me the bill number and I will give you a link to it.

    A few more things, since you LIKE to blame people…and NOT the ones that ELECTED THEM.
    As soon as Obama became president..he was PROBABLY taken to a room and TOLD WHAT/HOW TO DO things.
    BOTH groups are TOTALLY BAD. ALSO lets add those that are working AROUND the capital that have been working on the hill for 20+ years. They are ALL corrupt. Look at the picture. NOT the subject. and you will see things happening in the BACKGROUND.
    The medical bill was a great idea, UNTIL the senate and congress got ahold of it. take a 300 page bill and make it 3000.. THEN the corps had a BIG SAY in what was to be in it.
    ASk yourself 1 little question..Why do the corps get ANY SAY, in bills passed? THEY SHOULDNT.

  2. jman says:


    you are completely batshit insane

  3. Benjamin says:

    I need this app to report my neighbor for eating a cupcake. Michelle Obama says that is a national security risk. The Obamas are batsh*t insane.

  4. Brother says:

    This App is doubleplusgood!

  5. President Amabo says:

    #61 – I didn’t catch that initially but you nailed it.


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