Documents seen by the Guardian reveal for the first time the full details of the allegations of rape and sexual assault that have led to extradition hearings against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.
Assange, who was released on bail on Thursday, denies the Swedish allegations and has not formally been charged with any offence. The two Swedish women behind the charges have been accused by his supporters of making malicious complaints or being “honeytraps” in a wider conspiracy to discredit him.

Assange’s UK lawyer, Mark Stephens, attributed the allegations to “dark forces”, saying: “The honeytrap has been sprung … After what we’ve seen so far you can reasonably conclude this is part of a greater plan.” The journalist John Pilger dismissed the case as a “political stunt” and in an interview with ABC news, Assange said Swedish prosecutors were withholding evidence which suggested he had been “set up.”

However, unredacted statements held by prosecutors in Stockholm, along with interviews with some of the central characters, shed fresh light on the hotly disputed sequence of events that has become the centre of a global storm.

Read the article to find out what the charges are.

  1. diane says:

    he looks like he is guilty of bad sex. But, big deal. He looks like an asshole. But, so what?
    I’m sure the chick bitching is an airhead. When do women have a RIGHT to not take responsibility for what goes into their vagina? If she was that afraid of the guy’s semen — double bag him, don’t let him in, make him engage in safer sex! I think it’s called “just say NO”.
    And for this, thinly veiled harassment suit, because there aren’t really any laws against what he did, we should ALL BE CONCERNED about our civil liberties.

  2. bobbo, LIEberTARDS have killed libertarianism says:

    Say die and: how does what happens to an Australian in Sweden affect our civil rights here in the USA where such rights and our first Amendment have so far prevented even a complaint from being filed?

    ….and just why do you hate women and men as well?…..

    Ha, ha. Its a good thing not too many women post here. Helps me continue to have unrealistic positive attitudes.

  3. Mextli says:

    #27 BlowBoy

    “If Assange “causes” less disclosure and more security shouldn’t he be seen begrudgingly as a hero (sic) of some kind if only an early warning for the Jack Boots who want their government to more effectively lie to the world?”

    Following your (lack of) logic we should applaud Admiral Yamamoto’s actions because they stimulated our aircraft industry.

    I can augur your posts will be as pedestrian, monotonous, and insulting as always.

  4. foobar says:

    Mextli, with WikiLeaks (OpenLeaks, etc) government, companies, NGO’s, institutions, new organizations, etc are all going to learn to live in glass houses.

    WikiLeaks is not about news, it’s about information.

  5. bobbo, LIEberTARDS have killed libertarianism says:

    Nextlie==heh, heh, you do crack me up. Thats the thing about lies and dogma, can’t keep a story line straight. Your Masters only require, and you can only provide, a kneejerk response to the stimulus. A logical coherent long range policy/moral philosophy is beyond your keen.

    My response was only the logical extension of what YOU said. In essence you are calling out yourself, and with such self referential imagery too.

    Don’t worry Nextlie, even if you don’t get it, the rest of us are laughing at you. Better to go crypto fascist like Pedro.

  6. President Amabo says:

    ASSange is guilty of secretly being the father of Neil Patrick Harris. Batthat doesn’t leak though.

  7. bobo the momo says:

    This blog is much better now that John isn’t distracted with cranky geeks.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    The morons at the banks are too inexperienced at shaking down a bunch of hackers to know that even killing Assange, never mind playing tag with rape charges for a few months, is not going to stop WikiLeaks.

    They’re very few of these oligarchs and they just aren’t used to dealing with an organization whose sole aim is to screw up their game.

    Organizations are usually run by a person (Asssange is the CEO of WikiLeaks, right? Buy him off. If he wont play ball, ruin his credibility [We don’t like making martyrs anymore. The last this we need is another towel-headed nut founding a religion on our dime.])

    Assange is the figure head, but he’s not a necessary part of the organization.

    They’re organized like Al Queda.

    If somebody lobbed a cruise missile at ’em, it wouldn’t matter in the least to their release schedule.

    The mirrors are seeded and the key to open up the can of whoop-ass is set to be sent automatically in a simple open channel transmission.

    If I was one of the 50 or so big investors/CEOs/board members of these banks, I’d try on my grave marker for size.

    They can figure out who finally felt ashamed enough to let a hard drive full of emails go to WikiLeaks in the week or so they’ll have running loose.

    I hope they were real stupid and sent lots of emails.

  9. Somebody says:

    Bobbo, the Don Jaun of partner-less loving said:

    “You imply that this is a bad piece of propaganda? Seems the very opposite to me.”

    Yes, in fact, it is a very good piece of propaganda and well worth the time it takes to view it.

    You were probably expecting me to heap scorn and derision on it. Based on personal experience, I suppose. But I only do that to you when you deserve it. Which is when you go on the rag against Libertarians.

  10. foobar says:

    Somebody, I personally don’t buy the entire Libertarian approach. However they are the only consistent bastards out there, so I respect that.

  11. Publius says:

    Answer: Julian Assange, Bill Clinton, and Eliot Spitzer’s bimbos.

    Question: How do you kill someone’s political career in the USA? (Hint: It’s not by using something they did in the course of their duties to the public.)

  12. Publius says:

    All revealed by the WikiLeaks disclosures:

    (1) the U.S. military formally adopted a policy of turning a blind eye to systematic, pervasive torture and other abuses by Iraqi forces;

    (2) the State Department threatened Germany not to criminally investigate the CIA’s kidnapping of one of its citizens who turned out to be completely innocent;

    (3) the State Department under Bush and Obama applied continuous pressure on the Spanish Government to suppress investigations of the CIA’s torture of its citizens and the 2003 killing of a Spanish photojournalist when the U.S. military fired on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad (see The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch today about this: “The day Barack Obama Lied to me”);

    (4) the British Government privately promised to shield Bush officials from embarrassment as part of its Iraq War “investigation”;

    (5) there were at least 15,000 people killed in Iraq that were previously uncounted;

    (6) “American leaders lied, knowingly, to the American public, to American troops, and to the world” about the Iraq war as it was prosecuted, a conclusion the Post’s own former Baghdad Bureau Chief wrote was proven by the WikiLeaks documents;

    (7) the U.S.’s own Ambassador concluded that the July, 2009 removal of the Honduran President was illegal — a coup — but the State Department did not want to conclude that and thus ignored it until it was too late to matter;

    (8) U.S. and British officials colluded to allow the U.S. to keep cluster bombs on British soil even though Britain had signed the treaty banning such weapons, and,

    (9) Hillary Clinton’s State Department ordered diplomats to collect passwords, emails, and biometric data on U.N. and other foreign officials, almost certainly in violation of the Vienna Treaty of 1961.

    That’s just a sampling.

    — Glenn Greenwald

  13. KMFIX says:

    Julian Assange is the Robin Hood of this century.

  14. bobbo, the truth sets you free, real slaves hate that as it makes them think says:

    #45–Dexton==in the wordy way that is your want, you ask: “What does everyone else here think about all this?” /// Hydra.

  15. Mextli says:

    Publius #43
    “All revealed by the WikiLeaks disclosures:”

    You wouldn’t have a link to one of these would you and not from a loon propaganda factory?

    If true, how did the release of this information benefit us?

    Assange reminds me of the “Red Rascal” in the Doonesbury comic strip.

  16. bdgbill says:

    If the government wanted to set this guy up, they surely could have done a better job. I read the whole article regarding the allegations and this is a bunch of women’s studies bullshit.

    Two women put their heads together at a party and discover they have been having sex with the same guy. They then decide together that some of the sex they had with the guy weeks or days before was rape. Not rape as in “forced sex” but rape as in “what do you mean you’re not wearing a condom”?

    BTW, the party these two dingbats met at was thrown in Assange’s honor by one of the “victims” about a week after the terrible crime.

  17. jbenson2 says:

    It is so wonderfully ironic to see Assange crying foul when the police leak information about his sordid past.

    Watch this hypocrite squirm. Even his supporters are backing away. It just gets better and better.

  18. bobbo, the truth sets you free, real slaves hate that as it makes them think says:

    Say JB–I skimmed it real fast and didn’t catch Assange crying foul about any leak. He is crying foul about a lot of other things but not that.

    Its fun in stories like this to do a plot line of how the story develops, and if you use “facts” to form your opinion, how that opinion should change?

    Starts with women claiming rape, then its broken condoms, then its Assange wouldn’t take an HIV test all in a CIA trap wrapping.

    Have the “equities” gone back and forth for you or have you just been against Assange for boot licking purposes?

  19. dexton7 says:


    Are you calling me a ancient nameless serpent-like chthonic water beast or the commenters? =]


  20. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Now Dexton, there you go again. I called you nothing. I characterized what I thought of all “this” which is what you posted about Assange. You aren’t Julian Assange are you? If so, which Babe did you prefer?

    If not, name the logical fallacy you just committed since you don’t like my characterizations? ((ha, ha. Really Dexton–I have to amuse myself or there would be no pleasure at all. Reference Somebody on that one.))

  21. fred says:

    #46 bobbo
    “in the wordy way that is your want”

    Two things:

    1. The prospect of bobbo actually accusing someone else of being wordy was just too much – the best laugh that I have had all day. Certain words come to mind, such as pots, kettles and, of course, Disraeli 🙂

    2. You won’t want to be told that it is “your wont” and not “your want”. Who is it who always insists that words have meanings?

  22. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Fred–so as to prolixity, we both agree I have expertise in that area? I know it when I see it?

    Actually, I meant to compliment Dexton on the additional info he provides. Just trying to make the package a little tighter.

    If you can’t find 3 typo’s in every post I make, you ain’t looking hard enough. Too often, I even have a hard time understanding what my point was meant to be. Bothers me when totally different words are typed, but what ya gonna do?==Let it sit overnight and proof it?

    I welcome all negative comments.

  23. foobar says:


    (1) Well duh.

    (2) Been there, done that.

    (3) No really, wow I never knew that.

    (4) No really?

    (5) 15,000? Try 120,000.

    (6) “American leaders lied, knowingly, to the American public…” – seriously just stop right there.

    (7) It’s Honduras, who’ll notice. It’s one of those tiny banana places.

    (8) The Brits promised. Really, they promised after Fallujah.

    (9) Hillary hates the UN? Wow, I thought only Ned Flanders, er, John Bolton, hated the UN.

    Seriously, Dude. Americans don’t care about this shit as long as Coke packs stay the same price at Walmart.

  24. ECA says:

    wHAT IS AMAZING IS in the past the few nations that SCREAMED about the USA, being a power monger, and This THAT and soforth, is TRUE..

    The USA uses FOOD, as a weapon.
    THE USA uses MONEY as a weapon.
    THE USA instigates Gov take overs..
    If another nation is Self sufficient, WE WILL MAKE IT NO SO.(look up the American islands, pacific, after WWII)
    THE USA kills incumbents of other nations that do not favor the USA and INSTALLS their OWN puppet ruler.(yep, we did it a few times.)

  25. fred says:

    #55 bobbo

    “but what ya gonna do?==Let it sit overnight and proof it?”

    Yes indeed – that might not be too bad an idea, in the interests of intelligent discourse in the Internet. This assumes, of course, that the two concepts “Internet” and “intelligent discourse” are not somehow mutually exclusive.

  26. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Caught Joe “I never lie” Biden on the tube last night: “Assange is a Terrorist.”

    Yea–America/world is lied into an invasion of Iraq killing 100K’s and bankrupting the USA, but telling the truth that has not killed anyone is Terrorism.

    Welcome to Opposite Bizarro World of Dumbnut Politics in the GOUSA circa Now.

  27. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Michael Moore on Racheal Maddow last night: we are in SIX military conflicts right now: Iraq, Afghan, Paki, Yemen, Columbia, and some other place.


    WikiLeaks is one of the few NEWS REPORTING SOURCES that reports on what is bleeding the USA dry.

  28. dexton7 says:


    Well thanks for the compliment.. I’m glad that you don’t think I’m a Hydra.

    I prefer either Blasian or Scandinavian women.. Brazilian women are pretty hot as well. Oh hell, who am I kidding… I like all women that aren’t trolls. =]


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