When people who did not celebrate Christmas or who did not identify themselves as Christian filled out surveys about their moods while in the same room as a small Christmas tree, they reported less self-assurance and fewer positive feelings than if they hadn’t been reminded of the holiday, according to a new study.

The university students didn’t know the study was about Christmas, said study researcher Michael Schmitt, a social psychologist at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Nonetheless, he said, the presence of the tree caused non-celebrators and non-Christians to feel subtly excluded.

Who says there is no war on Christmas? Apparently there is a war on decorations and symbols. Displaying one might not make someone feel included. Tell the NFL to stop selling jerseys too. This is ridiculous.

  1. Nelson says:

    Non-participation in what is perhaps the most widely observed holiday on the planet leaves some feeling a little less self-assured? Really? No kidding. Let me write that down. Of course if one doesn’t like Christmas they’re free to choose one of the alternative holidays like Kwanzaa; a holiday invented in 1966. Or, such a person could choose to ignore the celebrations altogether. That’s what I do every October 31st. With all the imagery of death I don’t quite understand what’s so Happy about Halloween. Nevertheless, I certainly wouldn’t demand that someone take down their Halloween decorations. There’s this beautiful thing in the United States of America that some folks still love to observe. It’s called freedom.


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