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  1. Buzz Mega says:

    I didn’t ask.

  2. diane says:

    I won’t tell.

  3. TTHor says:

    I won’t yell

  4. Butter Butt says:

    What?!? I didn’t listen…

  5. Heinrich Moltke says:

    Dvorak’s deconstruction of the ABC News article’s slanted language — top-notch. I’d love to see instructional videos on just this topic — how you too can write slanted news pieces.

    Also, Dvorak in Vegas in front of a live audience doing the show would be a killer draw, even if Curry pouts about it.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    The US military only had the DADT policy because recruitment was a risk. I once heard that the US Navy was ripe with Gays. Or at least, had more than any other service. That was before DADT came along. So if straights were likely to join any service, back then. It would have been the Army or Air Force. Who wants to be stuck on some boat with any number of grab-asses, checking out your ever move, and nowhere to go to escape them.

    Now that the DADT thing MAY be relaxed. It’s probably due to recruitment hurting so much, that the military is desperate to keep anyone, even gays. If recruitment weren’t a problem (or stops being one in the future). Then DADT would remain. Or another form of it will one day emerge. And no act of Congress will have any effect on it. They’re just along for the ride, by approving things the military already decides it will do.

    Besides, if DADT went away completely. How would the US Navy explain fatal accidents, without suicidal gays to pin it on?

  7. Sea Lawyer says:

    The only thing interesting about the DADT repeal bill is that in their haste to push through this bill, Congress failed to strike the punitive article of the UCMJ making sodomy a crime. The UCMJ is a part of Title 10, and requires an act of Congress to change.

    It’s okay to be homosexual but it is still unlawful to engage in homosexual activity.

  8. B. Dog says:

    I think the comparison of the TSA to the brownshirts is the first time I’ve heard that. Of course, everyone has made the connection between 9/11 and the Reichstag fire, eh?

    Checkpoints? Check.

    Propaganda Ministry — Ministry of Truth

    Homeland — Fatherland

    Hey, what’s next in the Nazi playbook — blaming international bankers for ruining the country?


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