1. RexOfRome says:

    Fred Flintstone would be proud.

  2. eighthnote says:

    Gotta give the guy credit for thinking on his feet.

  3. digital says:

    Have done this before with a ATV while hunting and the trailers wheel went out. It worked.

    Gotta say this is pretty stupid to do on the highway doing 60mph.

  4. EdZepp says:

    He’s got wood!

  5. O'Really says:


    What says he’s “doing 60mph”? He’s got his flashers on, and is trying to stay to the right shoulder.

    I say good job!

  6. deowll says:

    What everybody did before somebody invented the wheel.

    It gets two thumbs up and a big toe.

    Not sure how far he could go before it wore down. I’m kind of surprised it isn’t smoking hot. Looks like its holding up okay and he is taking it slow.

  7. RSweeney says:

    Now this is a guy I’d like to drink with.

  8. The DON says:

    There was a scene in the film “Worlds fastest Indian” where this was done.

    Damn shame I cant find a clip on youtube 🙁

  9. Sea Lawyer says:

    This idiot is actually working to help create jobs by contributing excessive wear on the highway. Good job champ!

  10. garage equipment says:

    Very clever(sarcasm). Why he uses the pickup though he has no load in it.


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