Click pic for more manly accentuating 70’s fashion

  1. madtruckman says:

    ahhh the 70’s– where every REAL man was a pimp or a porn star….

  2. Floyd says:

    The 70s were a weird era.
    One word: polyester.
    I hate to admit wearing that stuff back then.

    Disco still sucks.

  3. Butter Butt says:

    I remember seeing Dvorak at a trade show dressed like the guy with the hat…

    But that was last week, not the 70’s!!!

    OK, that was a joke, I’ve never seen John at a trade show. But he probably did wear that outfit…

  4. Mojo Yugen says:

    I think the half-tucked shirt look there in the middle should make a comeback. Let’s make this happen for 2011 people!

  5. McCullough says:

    Yes, quite embarrassing. Food for thought kids.

  6. Animby says:

    I was too poor in the 70s to dress “fashionably.” I could even grow a properly cheesy mustache.

    Yet, even I had a belted sweater…

  7. Grandpa says:

    What 70’s were you in? Flair pants yes, but the gay look wasn’t fashionable.

    I was young and working my a$$ off to help pay for the Vietnam War. On an overtime day I made $9 after taxes for the day. I worked though, because I needed the money.

  8. lynn says:

    Those of us who were young women in the 70s had a lot more to look at than the poor girls today. Even if the guys aren’t into the “pants on the ground” look, they’re wearing baggy jeans and hoodies.

  9. lynn says:

    Looking at the rest of the pictures, actually, Bob, Paul and Steve still look pretty good to me. I always liked the geeky ones.

  10. Animal Mother says:

    Disco Stu says, “All Riiiiight.”

  11. Still_Walking_Point says:

    G#8 Grandpa,
    Some of us were at that war and thankfully missed seeing a lot of what was going on stateside, including this “fashion”.

  12. Yankinwaoz says:

    We loved making fun of my dad in the early 90’s during grunge. We would tell him “Hey dad. Guess what? You are actually in fashion for a change.” He would just grunt.

  13. hhopper says:

    You outdid yourself on this one Uncle Dave… I had to retrieve my emergency vomit bag.

  14. sargasso_c says:

    Looking for my brown polyester bell bottoms.

  15. Uncle Dave says:

    #5: If you look closely, the guy in the middle doesn’t have only one side of his shirt tucked in. That’s some sort of tied thing on the end of his shirt. To draw the ladies’ attention to what’s below, undoubtedly.

  16. RSweeney says:

    The 70’s was a frighteningly ugly period.

    Only large…errr… haired, yes, that’s it, large haired women with really short skirts made it bearable.

  17. Greg Allen says:

    In my Washington State high school we had a handful of kids who tried to dress “disco” but hardly any of us could afford that stuff.

    I was already dressing “grunge” although we thought we were dressing like loggers.

  18. Improbus says:

    OMG, it’s the MOD Squad!

  19. Animal Mother says:

    In any case, 99.9% of Americans are too damn fat to wear these clothes.

  20. elwood pleebus says:

    My high school yearbooks (late 70’s) are hidden away. No way my kids are going to see those. The prom tuxes, the feathered hair (guys and girls). yikes.

  21. The0ne says:

    You guys are talking as if the 70’s was the only bad period. Let me remind everyone here of the recent post on DU where the underwear strap was introduced to some of us and left us wondering WTF. And the 80’s with their Aquanet stinky hairspray.

    You pretty colors or pants exposing buttocks roaming the streets. Tough call I say.

  22. podman says:

    The only good thing about the seventies, Joe Cocker’s version of “Cry Me a River”. Or maybe that was the late sixties, if so then there was nothing good about the seventies.

  23. FRAGaLOT says:

    Pimp look will make a comeback before 2030, which is about 50 years since the 1970s. Won’t be many of us left with memories of the 70s by then, so the kids will no doubt repeat it.

  24. Rick Cain says:

    Back when we were skinny too apparently.

    Gotta admit those are some cool duds. The black guy of course pulls the look off best.

  25. UncDon says:


  26. Rabble Rouser says:

    That picture, and the rest of ’80s fashion is the main reason that I shopped in the Army/Navy store for my clothing during that period!

  27. JimD says:

    Yeah, the finest shiny POLYESTER !!!

  28. Floyd says:

    Nobody has mentioned Steve Dahl’s “Disco Sucks” movement in the late 70s. Steve was a Chicago DJ that got real tired of disco, John Travolta and polyester.

    Dahl set up an anti-disco rally in Chicago at one of the ballparks. Polyester disappeared from bars and discos shortly thereafter, and suddenly everyone wore normal clothing again.


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