Given how screwed up our economy is, combined with rampant political corruption via political contributions and so on, I wonder if we can get a do-over?

Germany’s success in 2010 has surprised most United States analysts, who tend to start every sentence about Europe with “sclerotic”. However, it is by no means the only country that is recovering from the great recession in a remarkably healthy fashion. China, Chile and Singapore are also stand-outs in this respect, while the United States, Ireland and southern Europe have done poorly. This year’s economic events can teach us again about which models of capitalism can be successful.
The German economic model works very well for a country with perpetually high labor costs. Education and training are of great importance, as are engineering skills – engineers have a much higher social position in German societies than in Anglo-American ones – while housing finance is given a low priority, since it is correctly regarded as unproductive.

Finance plays little role in the system – it was notable during the 2008 debacle to what extent the German banks were helpless victims of Anglo-American shenanigans, with little creative role of their own. The typical successful German company is both smaller and longer-established than its US counterpart, with powerful shareholders who prevent management from engaging in self-dealing and mindless empire-building.

Read the rest of the article for comparisons of other countries and ours.

  1. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Paraphrased from The Jerk:
    “I got my dogma and that’s all I need”

  2. Alfred Persson says:

    #31 We aren’t Germany, they exist in a common market where all members are alike.

    We exist unprotected from freer markets…and we are losing the race.

    Unfortunately for us, loons like you control the country…like Obama, no real world experience is allowed to affect policy.

    Everything must be according to progressive doctrine.

    Until that ignorance is diminished, we will continue to suffer the rule of idiots.

    Its elementary, the harder something is to do, the fewer are those willing to do it.

    That’s a fact, not theory.

    If we can liberate this country from progressive fools, roll back the layers of regulation and taxation that drives production overseas…we can reclaim our economic primacy.

    We have everything necessary to be #1.

  3. The0ne says:

    I’ll keep saying it, I’m in the fcking wrong career. I should screwed my Engineer profession and go be a politician or business or lawyer and screw others instead.

  4. smartalix says:


    So you are saying that because America is multicultural we can’t have a benefit and entitlement system like Germany? Are you implying that America is so racist that people like you cannot handle people not like you getting benefits?

    In your second statment, are you saying that Germany is how they are because of trade tariffs? Do you think they march in cultural lockstep and only buy what is on a special list somewhere?

    What the hell do you mean exactly? It is a common ploy of the asshat Right to couch their arguments in code words their ilk can understand, but it makes for poor discussion.

    You are the loon, you make no sense at all with your idiotic statements.

  5. So what says:

    OK you responded, but you didn’t answer the question.

  6. Lou Minatti says:

    “what extent the German banks were helpless”

    (snort) HAHAHA!

    German banksters are shoulder-deep in the fiascoes in Greece, Spain, Ireland and all of eastern Europe. And US taxpayers are bailing these jackwads out via the IMF.

    “China, Chile and Singapore are also stand-outs”

    China is the biggest bubble in world history and when it blows it will be VERY bad. Chile is doing well because it feeds commodities to China, Singapore acts as a broker.

    When the “our sh** doesn’t stink” stories appear you can bet the sh** is about to hit the fan. Remember, it wasn’t so long ago that California had a new economic paradigm going, consisting of houses that always increased in value. With 60 million+ new vacant overpriced housing units in China and more vacant new cities in the pipeline, what do you think will happen to the commodity producers like Chile and Australia when it all blows up?

  7. chris says:

    #27 & #28

    You talk of people actively interfering with your business via regulation. Those are, by and large, going to be LOCAL government people. Clipboard having, ticket giving, ass-kissing required people.

    If you actually own a small business then, like most everyone else, you are not a victim of overactive FEDERAL government regulation. You aren’t even on the radar. Effects to you are going to mostly come from an anemic fed response to regulating national\international firms.

    Unlike you, the stereotypical small business operator, the top tier corps are connected. Not only do they benefit from economies of scale in operations, but they help craft regulatory structures to disadvantage new competitors. Pushing some of this business out to the Statehouses doesn’t solve the problem, either. The state level jobs are filled with people who hope, one day, to be dirty national level pols. They just get bought more cheaply. My issue that some special areas of the economy have NO effective regulation and\or IMPLICIT government backstops. Not by coincidence, these happen to be the big money areas.

    You, the much vaunted American small business owner, are quite screwed: the Dems are going to assume you vote GOP, and the GOP is on another tit entirely.

    You are looking in the wrong direction.

  8. chris says:


    A more apt comparison than US-Germany would be California-Germany or US-EU. Germany has already ceded some of its sovereign rights to the EU. California exists under a much more tightly integrated national economy than Germany does, in a sense, within the EU.

    Smartalix is right in #31 about the problem of you or Cursor_,#1, using Germany as a model. They have too many good and practical aspects to really jibe with US conservatives.

  9. MikeN says:

    It seems only the first poster read the article. They credit small government for the successes of these countries.

  10. foobar says:

    MikeN, nothing wrong with smaller government. Small and effective that is.

    What I dislike about the hypocritical right (as opposed to the hypocritical left) is that they want to be bad at government. What is wrong with having a small and effective government? What is the problem with wanting, or even expecting, government to be good at governing?

  11. smartalix says:


    Germany has small government?

  12. JimD says:

    Of course, every other “Advanced Industrial Nation” had NATIONAL HEALTH CARED !!! They are not victims of a RAPACIOUS MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT !!! No one goes bankrupt when they get sick !!! So, yes, Germany is way ahead of the US of A !!!

  13. smartalix says:


    I lived in Germany for 15 years over a 17-year period, 2 as a soldier and 13 as a civilian from ’80 to ’97 (’84 to ’86 in NYC). you obviously know dick about Germany (You may be right about Canada, but they aren’t the country in the spotlight here.

    There is a tree-hugging green element there, a very strong one. That’s where the homeopathic issue stems from, not dissatisfaction with the German system. I’ve had treatment in US, VA, and German systems and I can tell you straight that not only is there nothing wrong with German medicine, they make our systems look like crap.

  14. bobbo, how do you know what you know and how do you change your mind says:

    #46–Pedro==HOLY CRAP!! An entire longest post ever and not a loon-bomb anywhere. And I always thought you were a janitor in San Diego? ((Ha, ha.))

    good for you. I guess travelling doesn’t always make someone smarter. OMG!!!!!! How dumb were you??

    What a mismash of conflated and conflicted arguments you use. You agree/admit there is a strong tree hugging enthusiasm in Germany, then blithely ignore it. How Pedro.

    You agree/admit the US system needs an overhaul but then blithely ignore the other systems doing a better job at half the cost. How Pedro.

    I hope your donkey never dies Pedro. Dying alone is a sad, sad, thing.

  15. bobbo, how do you know what you know and how do you change your mind says:

    Pedro, you’re so silly. Like an idiot savant without the savant.

    Hee, hee. Don’t ever change.

  16. smartalix says:


    I apologize for saying you know dick about the German system. I will, however, maintain that you are either sadly misinformed or being disingenuous.

  17. smartalix says:

    Not so rosy, but better infant mortality, longer life expectancy, better social systems for the poor, better worker treatment, better unemployment insurance, better educational system, and a menmtality that does not treat non-human entities as better than humans.

    I will hasten to say that I am not am America-basher, but I do think we have real issues in this country that cannot be solved by simply giving corporations their head and ignoring the role of regulation and government in society.

    For example, I believe the country should emulate social policies similar to that of NY and Massachusetts, states that manage to perform in today’s marketplace with high taxation, lots of social services, high cost of living, and high regulation.


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