1. bobbo, how do you know what you know and how do you change your mind says:

    I disagree with the subset of “Requires very little training.” It may be true that Pros and TSA’s don’t get much training before they get their jobs, but to be any good at their jobs, they do need training. Similar with Docs, sadly while they may have a lot of training in many fields, they too often get into trouble doing things for which they have no training at all: “See one, do one, teach one” is very common/too common.

    Funny chart though.

  2. Sparky_One says:

    Change to “would not bring home to the parents”

  3. Cursor_ says:

    I believe the part on prostitutes should be MAYBE make more money in an hour than you do all day.

    There are many low end hookers that will touch your junk for like 20-30 bucks an hour. Which is considerably less than many make in a day.

    Of course you may not want those ones to touch your junk. But then neither do you want the TSA to do it. At least with low end hoes you have a choice though.


  4. sargasso_c says:

    I touched my junk.

  5. Special Ed says:

    This is another important vin diagram:

  6. foobar says:

    I think prostitutes will see more threats in a day than a TSA agent will ever imagine.

  7. msbpodcast says:

    Holeee sh*t that was funneee.

    I love diagrams like those on This is Indexed.

    But seriously, we should require all TSA agents to acquire the same medical licenses that nurses get.

    What the Hell?

    They’re gonna touch my junk so I want something useful out of it.

    They should give everyone who flies a complete “general’s” physical; right down to a proctological exam.

    The results should be stored in a medical database which would then be accessible by medical professionals (and yourself.)

    Either that of they MUST be sexy and they can just BLOW ME! (I’m not too sure how this would work for women, gays, dykes or TSs.)

  8. Rob says:

    I’m sure that if you ask nicely the hooker will wear blue latex gloves as well.

  9. Publius says:

    Pro tip: TSA don’t change their gloves between patients.

    Itchy and scratchy after that trip?

    you betcha

  10. Glenn E. says:

    Funny that this graph is. It’s not correct, lumping security agents in with Prostitutes and Doctors. The Police and TSA agents’ function are more correctly associated with Tailors. They’re not so much interested in feeling your junk (unless they’re gay too). As they are to fit of what you’re wearing. If too baggie, your suit may need to be “taken in”. Or if too tight then maybe you’re carrying a weapon (and you’ll be “taken in”). I honestly can’t think of a third entity that cares so much about how your clothes fit, as a career.

    The other two charted professions generally want your clothes off, before they engage your junk. I guess I took all the fun out of this.

  11. Mortimer says:

    #5 Venn diagram not vin diagram


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