Before there was WikiLeaks, there was Cryptome. (And it’s probably a safe bet that after WikiLeaks is long gone, there will still be a Cryptome.) Via Spencer Ackerman at Wired’s Danger Room, here’s a pair of memos, posted to the intelligence-secrets website, that show the CIA was all up in that Inception-type business in the Cold War: using deep hypnosis to create unwitting double agents and implant secret communications in their brains, where they can’t be intercepted! Cue evil laugh! “I assure you, it will work,” the agency’s mesmerism cheerleader writes. Full docs are here.

No surprises here to those who are well-acquainted both with science fiction and the CIA’s fondness for far-out mind experiments. Ackerman reminds us about Project MKULTRA and the crazy acid tests that comprised America’s war on commies until the ’70s, when Congress’ Church Commission put the kibosh on all that cloak-and-doctor intrigue. Even so, these two docs, dated from 1954 and 1955, are worth a good read. And they remind us that digital leak sites can do more than publicize the lifestyles of the Kazakhstani leadership.

That was the ’50s. Imagine what they’re able to do now. Or not. If these tactics really worked well to get people to do what you want, why would we need waterboarding, etc. to torture confessions and info from the Gitmotized?

  1. ECA says:

    witches brew and cauldrons bubble.

    Silly things from the past..
    Serious things happening now,
    Terrible things to come.

  2. ECA says:

    I find it humorousness when we hear BAD news from other countries..Maybe its because we STUCK our big fingers into them..

    and others that NEEDED HELP..we didnt do anything..

    Search this..using food as a weapon, IT WORKS.

  3. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo? says:

    ECA–we have helped both countries. Not much, but not nothing. What do you think we should have done? Land war against China? In starving Africa?

  4. ECA says:

    Can I suggest (to those that understand something) that JAPAN attacked Hawaii for a REASON. BESIDES to piss us off, then Run away.

    The USA condemns Britain for Expansionism, BUT we have been doing it JUST AS LONG.

  5. ECA says:

    #3, Bo..
    WE GAVE food, and under cut the farmers in Africa. After <1 generation, there was NO ONE farming. THEN we started charging for the Food.

    WE didnt go into Africa and RE build the farms. All those out lying areas..RAN to the cities to find jobs, so they COULD EAT.

  6. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo? says:

    ECA–I recall Ethiopia had problems with several historic droughts in a row? You can’t build a farm during a drought. I wonder if you are “blaming” USA for god’s handywork.

    As Sam Kinnson so famously said/yelled: “You are living in a DESERT!!!!!!!”

    Hah, hah. One of the best jokes ever.

  7. Sigma says:

    The reason we need waterboarding, et. all, is that if the gummint told us what it was really doing to the Gitmo Tourists, then we’d be up in arms. All that other shit is “tame” in comparison.

  8. foobar says:

    Palin was brainwashed years ago. It stands to reason, she can see Russia from her house. Why else would McCain, who spent years in a communist prison of war camp, pick her for VP?

    Flawless logic.

  9. TooManyPuppies says:

    “That was the ’50s. Imagine what they’re able to do now.”

    No need to imagine, just look at the above comments.

    Aside from that, look at how they were able to get the retarded public sheeple to willingly join a double-branded cult. Then look at how they control that cult with lamestream media “programing” their partially melted brain matter into always being at each others throats. It’s a marvelous success when you think about it. So many sheeple out there actually believing that their cult is different than the other cult.

  10. Greg Allen says:

    I had a friend in college who was mentally ill and claimed it was induced through mind experiments during his time in the military.

    At the time, I did not believe him. It seemed like a fantasy from his own mental problems.

    But his stories about the mind control experiments had a clarity and specificity that gave them the ring of truth.

    It’s nagged me all these years, making me read articles about the very kind of things my friend claimed. There are more than a few!

    I now think his claims are possible and feel bad that I didn’t take him more seriously.

  11. ECA says:

    Look up the history of S. Idaho. IT was all Desert. It took 40 years to get any constant growing.

    We could have walked into Ethiopia and gathered all the Organic waste from the cities and Poured it into Fields.. Then setup new irrigation. Grow Crops to fertilize the soil for 1-2 years, and LET it happen.
    But NO! we sent food, and under cut the farmers. IN THE USA, when crops fail or are in limited supply…WE RAISE THE PRICES.
    In other nations, we SUPPLY FOOD to undercut the economy, we DONT go help the farmers.

  12. me says:

    If you don’t believe that psychological test can create a Manchurian Candidate, look up the history of Ted Kaczynski.

    Sure, they didn’t have control of him, but they sure created him.

  13. Glenn E. says:

    Before there was Wikileaks, there were a large number of newspapers. Who thought it was their duty and obligation to report the unvarnished, unedited truth, regardless of whether the government approved of them doing it. That’s how we managed to learn about the Pentagon Papers, and the Watergate Scandal. Now most newspapers are owned by huge media consortiums and cabals. And they don’t want to make waves, reporting anything that might get them into any legal hot water. Or might contradict their billionaire owners’ political views and agendas. So it’s now up to smaller internet upstarts, who aren’t subject to the closed shop environment of the newspaper publishing empire. The real reason newspaper are dying, could be they can’t be counted on to report anything without second guessing its effect on their bottom line. Whereas the internet based news services are so screwed up by their success. But give them time. Success will eventually teach them to shut their mouths. And stick to reporting the party line, sports, the area weather.

  14. Glenn E. says:

    I think all this psychic research nonsense, was just the CIA’s way of covering the act for pulling off things like tunneling up close to Russian embassy’s underground phone cables and tapping in. During WW2, even though they’d cracked Germany’s Enigma cyber. They still planned various cover operations to convince the Germans that the allies had gotten their intel from some means of conventional observation. And not by breaking their secret communications code. They would task a plane to fly over and “observe” a tank convoy they already knew was there.

    The Glomar Explorer was built to recover a sunken russian sub. But a cover story was created to claim its purpose was to mine for mineral in the ocean bottom. Various Hollywood filmmakers also joined in on the deception to make the cover story seem more plausible. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some fields of science bought in on this lie, rather than refute it. “Hey, those manganese nodules could be everywhere, down there.”

    And so the psychic research you’ve heard about them doing, was much more likely to be a cold war cover story. To hide normal spying methods.

  15. msbpodcast says:

    Excuse me, but I lived in Montréal, Québec, Canada when all those LSD and Manchurian Candidate “mind control” experiments were happening, (on OUR ground,) and they were utter failures.

    Typical CIA agitprop.

  16. msbpodcast says:

    ECA #2, “using food as a weapon”.

    The FDA has already targeted … US.

    The rest of the world only has to worry if they buy Monsanto crap.

  17. Cursor_ says:


    What is worse is when our government does something wrong and then gets the people to rally behind the wrong and make it appear correct.

    And foolish people wonder how did the Nazis pull the wool over the German peoples’ eyes?

    Perhaps if more people read Machiavelli, they would understand.


  18. ReadyKilowatt says:

    #11 ECA-

    Don’t forget the plaque that honors the dead at the Hoover Dam that says “They made the desert bloom”

    Most people think that the high dams and aqueducts on the Colorado river are for drinking water and electricity, but in reality they are almost all for crop irrigation and flood control.

    But there’s plenty of blame for the starving people in Africa. Drought for sure, but also the above-mentioned US subsidized grain and most importantly a dictatorship that wanted to starve some ethnic groups out of existence. A large percentage of the Band-aid and Live-aid food sat on the wharf rotting because the Ethiopian government wouldn’t allow it to be delivered to the drought areas.

  19. WmDE says:

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…..

  20. deowll says:

    #4 Sure Japan attacked us for a reason. They were busy building an empire no matter how many people had to die for them to do it and the main military leaders were convinced they could take the Philippines and hold them.

    One of the features of the Japanese high command that many Americans living today completely fail to grasp is just little human life meant to these men.

    They regarded their troops as expendable resources. If you weren’t Japanese you were nothing to them.

    As for hypnoses, this works astoundingly well with some people. One woman spent a couple of days in the woods thinking she was beaver and badly damaged her teeth.

    Hypnoses doesn’t work at all with others. They won’t even go under. Even if they go under getting somebody to violate their core values is dubious. Of course some people don’t have core values…

    Got to go with #13. I want all the news that fit to print not what gets through the progressive’s filters of what little somebody else found out and sent them. Even if I were a progressive most of the lame media would still bleep in my view because they edit the news and lie. There isn’t a chance in Hades they’d have ever broken Acorn.

    I want the facts and if I can’t trust the the lame media to give me the facts and let me make up my mind about what to do about them who needs them?

    #17 I did read him. Caesar and his peers are also good sources of understanding though I think many moderns can play hardball on the same scale.

    Many governments are very corrupt and very poorly run at all levels. Enough of that and any location will go under.

    I’m looking at CA which used to lead the world and knowing what went wrong. A bunch of self anointed and very corrupt do gooders have taken over the place and they are killing the local economy by taxing the crap out of people, wastrel spending, and making it impossible for people to do jack without their permission in advance which isn’t coming in many cases or will cost both arms and three legs.

  21. bobbo, Adam named the animals, only SATAN uses only numbers says:

    ECA–the desert is one issue, drought is worse. Has the USA CONSCIOUSLY USED FOOD AS A WEAPON to keep the third world down? Well, I hope not. Beyond that, reality says if you are starving to death and you don’t want to take food, that is your right. Heh, heh. A real LIEberTARD argument.

    Fun hypothetical: the Ethiopian government says are people are starving. Yes, we’ll take the food but “demand” that you also send us experts and the capital to allow us to provide our own food. Estimate a 10 year program at a minimum. We have nothing to give you in return, not even our thanks.

    The family of man. I hate both my sisters.

    And thats why shit is coming our way. No reason for anyone else to love us regardless of what we did or didn’t do once long ago.

  22. ECA says:

    My question was WHY they attacked us.

    Japan was waring with China, we had the flying tigers helping out the chinese, AND to curb their expansion, we CUT OFF THEIR OIL.
    Japan and China tend to be ALIKE.

    Japan needed RESOURCES and tried to spread out, gain land. It was already CROWDED on their islands, and they had NO real resources or trade.

    The USA supplies 30% of the worlds food supply. NOT counting FREE food to World charities.

    You should look up links to FOOD as a weapon. I wont send you to any as there are a few. decide for yourself, What the power of food can do.

  23. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    deowll…did you hear those O’keefe videos were A href=”″>thoroughly debunked as highly edited and misleading, right? The “progressive filters” of several prosecutors determined it was all a publicity stunt, a hoax. No related prosecutions of Acorn or their people took place. Didn’t hear that on Fox, did you? Too bad you get your news so heavily filtered, eh? lol

    BTW, there are lots of sources for this, the link is simply a nice compilation of the entire hoax and the fraudsters who committed it.

  24. bobbo, Adam named the animals, SATAN uses only numbers says:

    ECA–I disagree==not a good read. Perhaps I skimmed too fast but there was not a single statement adressing food used as a weapon. The closest came right at the start:

    “Using food as a weapon is as old as the siege but today’s barbarians have upped the anté by several orders of magnitude.” /// I’m sorry but starving people into submission is not “using food as a weapon.”

    Food and any other resource and its distribution has effects. You think we should have supported Ethiopia more by giving them something more than just immediate food relief? Thats debatable. Tax me to provide good to starving people==ok, I’ll probably grit my teeth and go along thinking of the kiddies. Tax me to provide infrastructure or more likely just graft to crooked politicians in a country 7000 miles away? I don’t think so. Thats not using food as a weapon, thats me not wanting to share my toys.

  25. ECA says:

    “The poor countries of the world have been ‘persuaded’ that growing food for export so as to earn foreign currency which they then have to use to buy imported food (guess where from?), is better than growing food in their back yard. And to make sure they live up to their end of the ‘bargain’, under WTO ‘rules’ they get punished if they try to control imports.

    Countries grew their own food which not only fed them but also created employment, now grow food and things like flowers, for export in order to ‘earn’ the precious dollar which obviously they have to spend on importing the food they once grew. Worse, the subsidized food imports wipe out what remains of indigenous agriculture, it simply can’t compete. What an insane setup! It only makes sense when you realize that the managers who setup this ‘deal’ work for BIg Business, they call the shots. If it were a ‘Mafia’ deal it would be called criminal extortion.”

    So, to starving countries we give little. Insted of walking in and redeveloping the farming, we Expect EXPORTS.

    Another point in this, is that we COULD re-teach them about Farming. We have done it in parts of africa, along the edges of the Deserts.
    rebuild the soils, gathering water, Proper irrigation, re-Claiming raw nutrients from the cities that are going to WASTE..Even in the USA we have forgotten much, and now require chemicals.

    For all the BS floating around we could have abundant crops. But, because of politics, greed, envy, and other problems… we instigate MORE problems then needed.

  26. chris says:

    I thought the broad conclusion out of these experiments is that you can destroy people’s minds fairly easily, but putting something in place of the old personality is impossible.

  27. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    The first document that the Mother Jones article mentions misspelled hypnotism. Look at the spelling in the title: “HYPNTISM”.

    The documents describe electrodes placed into childrens’ brains.

    #15 msbpodcast – Dr. Cameron’s experimental work on “psychic driving” was horrible.

    Does this remind anyone of the case of Candy Jones?


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