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If you Google ‘lightsaber’, you’ll discover there’s a huge market in building and selling them. I’m waiting for the ‘real’ ones that can kill so that I can read about those on one side arguing that they should be regulated or banned since they’re obviously not protected by the 2nd Amendment and those on the other side using the phrase, “Lightsabers don’t kill people, people kill people!”

  1. lionsfan54 says:

    Wonder how much his customer paid for the final product? That’s a real work of art

  2. KD Martin says:

    Get out the mill and lathe, and hope you’ve got enough Al and plastic “drops” and time for this one. Nice, but labor intensive for a “one off.”

  3. msbpodcast says:

    I’ve got nothing against gun ownership.

    In fact I think everybody in the US should be given one as a birth right; but it should be the flintlocks in use when the founders of the country wrote that amendment.

    I’d add a codicil, as long as you’re using the flintlock, everybody’s allowed to own and use it.

    If you suggest we use something else, then you’ve got to go and collect all the existing weapons yourself. Good luck with that. 🙂

    That would accomplish the intent of the constitution, teach every US citizen about responsibility and the proper handling of fire arms and we’d be like the Swiss, with every last one of us armed to the f*cking teeth and able to shoot.

    I’d ban everything else.

    If you’ve got any complaints, take it up with the 300,000,000 millions other US citizens.

    As for light-sabers, sure why not? Just realize that they’re not real and that you’ll be going up against a tough bitch to disarm.

  4. bobbo, there is no "society" when private gun ownership is viewed as a safety issue says:

    Unc Dave: good issue. The Const protect GUN ownership.

    But what is a sabre, light/laser or otherwise? Not a gun. More like a sabre wouldn’t you say?==ie sword, knife? No constitutional right to those.

    Or is there?

    Ha, ha.

  5. Yankinwaoz says:

    #4 – answer. Light Saber – A toy consisting of a fluorescent tube glued to a fake hilt. Absolutely harmless.

  6. soundwash says:

    wow, this guy went to the wall and machined an outstanding “toy” kudos for that…however.. what a waste of resources if anyone produced these en-mass..

    -the general problem with the sabre is how to contain the energy beam..

    that aside, i think it would be the perfect personal defense weapon. -no sniping head shots with these.

    the only problem with “common people” owning guns these days, is that by design, our education system make sure we are dumber than a doornail, in all things, let alone our faux science, and do not even have the basic physics knowledge, nor basic disciplinary knowledge of the rules to know how to handle and respect a weapon, any weapon, sight unseen prior, should we come across one for the first time.

    Had respect for weapons and basic handling knowledge been part of normal grade school and high school education, (heck..any *real* knowledge) you would greatly reduce accidents and “grow” a citizenry that has an innate respect and knowledge of weapons (instead of innate fear), and by extension, a core understanding of war and it’s ramifications.

    of course.. this would not serve those governments or politicians who’s aim is to control its citizens by fear, propaganda and manipulation of statistics and the sciences.

    -which explains why the current division about guns and gun control exists. we have become a nation of “politically designed idiots”

    Once we are disarmed as a peoples, then the last iota of being “sovereigns” will be vanquished, and we will exist, much like our old cousins in the U.K. -as merely subjects to be exploited.


  7. The Watcher says:

    Actually, the Second Amendment just says “arms”….

    The 2A says that the people can bear _arms_ without qualification as to what type, or how borne….

    If you take the “militia clause” literally (I don’t), then it further implies that military arms are to be borne – that would include machine guns, cannon, long guns (especially current military “black rifles” – otherwise popularly known as “assault rifles”), and most types of pistol.

    Sure wouldn’t say a word against a light saber….

    Meantime, Bloomie is in hot water over snow removal in New York because he’s busy trying to close gun stores in Ohio….

  8. gquaglia says:

    Work of art. The piece was about a person who put an huge amount of work into a fine replica and some tools here want to turn this into a constitutional circle jerk on the 2nd amendment.

  9. nobody says:

    #7 – if it’s current military arms then it should include nukes.
    That would keep them damn kid sfrom playing on my lawn.

  10. soundwash says:

    -work of art… indeed it is..

    #7 Dept of Traffic supervisors ordered the department of sanitation to effect a work slow down because staff cuts and demotions.. quite “normal” nyc union thuggery, imo.

    the snow removal abilities of our sanitation crews is epic..had they been out plowing during the storm. bloomy had no way to control the issue without prior knowledge. (and local media conveniently “did not notice” the lack of plows on the main roads..they just showed clips of the few that were out, over and over again..)

    it was simply an explanation point on the political fraud that infested all levels of government in 2010.


  11. soundwash says:

    *exclamation point..


  12. Mr Fog says:

    You can have my light saber when you pry it from my dysfunctional biomechanical hand!

  13. What? says:

    I want to hear more about the snow in NYC. For those in The Southland (Cali), think a white mudslide that covers EVERY road.

  14. bobbo, people who vote Republican are not necessarily stupid, but enough stupid people vote Republican to keep the party alive says:

    Watcher–you are right. I just got stuck on what the argument “always” focuses on–guns. Not swords, not cannons, not grenades or tanks.

    Swords and sabers even at our founding were mostly ceremonial, used as an arm only as a last restort as might a rock.

    But you do go too far: “In order to maintain a well regulated militia…..” will someday be read back into what the right to bear arms is all about. Today, the right is read just as you do – as if it wasn’t there.

  15. bobbo, people who vote Republican are not necessarily stupid, but enough stupid people vote Republican to keep the party alive says:

    Hah. Speaking of guns, it sounds like a war zone here right now. I can hear at least one M-16 and one AK-47. Police sirens in the background.

    Saw Mythbusters say bullets were hazardous only when fired in a ballistic curve, ie–the terminal velocity of a bullet shot striaght up was not so great as to cause death. But on 1000 Ways to Die, thats exactly what did happen?

    I call for a redo as I sit here in my kevlar underoo’s and a manhole cover over my head.

  16. Ben-in-the-woods says:

    If I was an American I’d fight for constitutional right to keep and bare lightsabers … in the UK real ones would probably be legal as long you paid huge fees in licensing, have police background checks that would include seeing if you’ve been jailed for violent offenses (but still give you a license even if you have), and could prove that own at least 40 acres of land ….

  17. dadeo says:

    Yeah, there used to be a thriving online, “build your own bong,” business community.. I see where some of their old parts ended up.

  18. Buzz says:

    The hard part is getting the virtual mirror to stabilize at one meter from the emitter, so the beam doesn’t just project out forever cutting the world in half.

  19. Skeptic says:

    Buzz, the other hard part is holding on to something that is at least 10,000° C (temperature required to instantly vaporize flesh and bone in a single swoop) only a few inches from your hand.

    … which brings to mind another question. The effect of vaporizing a 1″ thick slice through the body would be violently explosive, would it not?

  20. JimD says:

    You could put your eye out with a real LightSaber, so don’t expect your Mom to buy you one !!!

  21. Sea Lawyer says:

    Fatty in the video is also a heavy breather. He should go for a walk/run instead of playing with silly toys.


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