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Think you’re up on everything? Check out this article on Wikipedia. You might be surprised.

Found by Misanthropic Scott.

  1. Dickmnixon says:

    How about a link to the Wiki article.
    Just a thought.

  2. nicktherat says:

    #1 i agree, im sure he just posted it fastidiously and missed it

  3. hhopper says:

    Yeah, I was putting the link in when you guys commented. Refresh the page and it will be there.

  4. bobbo, words have a meaning and a context says:

    “Eratosthenes made a very good estimate of the Earth’s diameter in the third century BC” /// I’ve always wondered how many people in 15th Century Spain had access to the work of Eratosthenes? Am I misconceiving to think zero?

  5. nicktherat says:

    my friends comment “common misconception: wikipedia is all truth”

  6. bobbo, words have a meaning and a context says:

    #6–Nick==nice demonstration of the difference between misconception and made up BS. The accuracy (rate?) of wiki is well document.

    Any misconception listed you take exception to, or is your comment mindless, part of the tennis ball of the shrinking brain?

  7. knowitsmall says:

    I think most of us on this blog already knew 90 percent of these.

    They forgot the popular thumbs up/down in the roman Flavian Ampatheter (colosseum). They chose to ignore it in the movie Gladiator.

    Also , for the rivers flowing south. I always heard ‘towards the equator’.

  8. eaze says:

    So much purposeful misinformation in this article its insane. Ministry of Truth or what?

  9. Awake says:

    And the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution does not guarantee the right to bear arms for individuals. If you look at the evolution of the amendment, it was only meant to guarantee the States to bear arms by forming their own militias. We know those militias today as the National Guard. It also meant to guarantee that you could not be forced to bear arms if you opposed doing so for religious reasons.

    The wording was weakened in the final writing because there was a fear that it could be interpreted to prohibit the right by individuals to bear arms, since it applied only to state militias. As written, the 2nd Amendment neither grants nor denies the right by individuals to bear arms. It is neither constitutional nor unconstitutional to regulate armament held by civilians.

    History can be so interesting. The bible reads so differently when you also apply a historical perspective.

  10. bobbo, the law is what happens whether you like it or not says:

    #10–Awake==do you have a wiki-link for that conception? I thought that was exactly what our Sup Ct did recently rule? You know, read the Second just as if “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” was not even there. They didn’t even address that language (as I heard it reported.) Very odd “interpretation” to totally ignore applicable language.

    but, once you put “any” restriction on the right to bear, that exception can swallow the rule when the times are right. And the rule even now has more exceptions than application.

    All we need now is a sane society. Its a fantasy position/interpretation the court makes. Fantasy for the gun nuts while the rights the guns protect are steadily taken away. How does that happen?

    How does THAT happen?

    Yea veerily.

  11. Bob says:

    Take what you like and leave the rest. Just more evidence that people believe what they WANT to believe. No, I don’t have the room nor the inclination to elaborate.

  12. Kari Hansen says:

    I was expecting a lengthy article about “Climate Change”…

  13. Sparky_One says:

    Climate Disruption is the “PC term” now in use. They changed the name to protect the innocent.

  14. spsffan says:

    #11, Bobbo,

    “All we need now is a sane society”

    Well, that’s all we ever needed. Wouldn’t need government at all if we had that. I’m decidedly NOT holding my breath!

  15. Deadpan411 says:

    How about a link to, where this comic came from to give credit where credit is due?

  16. Deadpan411 says:

    NVM, I saw it after my post, very small though…

    […and if you click on the image, you will go to XKCD as well. – ed.]

  17. Deadpan411 says:

    NVM on the NVM, I now clicked on the link and all it does is take you to the pic, not the site. It’s not nice to deep link to another site. Also you miss the mouse-over event which finalizes the comic writers humor.

    [I used the URL they requested to be used for deep linking. – ed.]

  18. What? says:

    Earth can be seen to be not flat by writing a letter to your friend in Norway, asking him to please measure the elevation angle to the Sun on December 1st at high noon (local noon, not by the watch). You do the same at some point significantly further south than your friend. Compare
    measurements, and write other friends if in doubt Bobo.

    There is probably a simpler way to prove it.

  19. foobar says:

    “Evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics.”

    One of my all time favs.

  20. What?,

    There is a simpler way. You stand on the shore. I stand on a hill. We watch a sailboat sail away and watch as the body of the ship vanishes before the mast(s) and note how much longer I can see the boat than you. I believe such measurements and basic knowledge of geometry were the technique used by the ancient Greeks. I’m not positive about that.

    (google break)

    Oops!! You win. What? got it exactly right, except for the places he used. Impressive.

  21. So what says:

    “Evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics.”

    My first wife violated both. Of course she was also a black hole that tried to suck all the life from me.

  22. foobar says:

    Ah, yes, divorce… from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.

    Robin Williams

  23. bobbo, the law is what happens whether you like it or not says:

    #15–spsffan==you say: ““All we need now is a sane society” Well, that’s all we ever needed. Wouldn’t need government at all if we had that.” //// No. You need government ((“the Law”)) to decide issues upon which reasonable people can disagree. For instance–should the USA have time zones or not? And people have differing desires on that question “but” sane people all agree to be bound by majority vote. Thats why I so often declare my “preference” but then go on to say I could live with the opposite result. I’m sane.

    Too many people, are “partisan.” Holding to their preferences regardless of what the majority would have otherwise. They are not sane.

    Too many Republican Leaders demonstrate they are partisans and not sane. They are also corrupt meaning their beliefs are irrelevant other than their love of money or power. I don’t know which is worse but they have the same effect.

    FREEEDOM: other people doing what you don’t like.

  24. foobar says:

    Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. A very common misconception.

  25. Rich says:

    hhopper and I might be making the same assumption here- that Wikipedia is the infallible Gospel of Jesus Christ, and not in fact a publicly accessible site of “knowledge” which anyone can access and alter who has a computer at his disposal.

    Faith like this makes life easier and gives me more time to watch bad movies on DVD.

  26. foobar,

    def: Abort: to correct a misconception.

    From the Godling’s Glossary.

  27. Dallas says:

    I like it and proves me right that Republicans are not so much like Lemmings but rather like Sheeple.

    Lemmings do not engage in mass suicidal dives off cliffs when migrating. They will, however, occasionally, and unintentionally fall off cliffs when venturing into unknown territory, with no knowledge of the boundaries of the environment.


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