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  1. Alex says:

    The bottled water is taped water only 5 times more expensive.

  2. interglacial says:

    I can never find any fluoride to add to bottled water. Who on earth would want to end up fluoride deficient!? The municipal supply here also contains a good quantity of drugs (various antidepressants, hormones etc). People paid good money for those meds and I get them for free, yay!

  3. BigBoyBC says:

    I remember Penn & Teller one showing on their show “bulllshit” that people can’t tell the difference between tap water (from a garden hose) and bottled water. They also demonstrated people are conditioned to believe that “organic” is better than non-organic.

  4. Mac Guy says:

    Now I know…

    …and knowing is half the battle!

  5. So what says:

    Leave it to alfie to miss the entire point of the post. Did you ever read those books I recommended? I thought not. By the way, funny I think I will use it in class on Tuesday. The water treatment operators I teach should find it amusing as well.

  6. the haunted sheep says:

    the funny thing about this is it’s lampooning religion and thereby social conservatives (republican, though they are really liberals but that is different discussion) when every single time I have heard somebody bitching about bottled water it’s been some california pansy from san francisco bitching about it being the same and that bottling water ruins the environment. Think green!

  7. Floyd says:

    I’ve lived in a few towns where there was sulfur in the water, and part of the city I now live in has some arsenic in it. That’s all cured by a Brita pitcher (or other similar brand) that removes the bad tastes.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    Yo #2, ReadyKilowatt, its “pallet” (aka “wooden skid“) not “palate” (aka the roof of your mouth), but apart from that one opportunity for me to be a grammar Nazi, I completely agree.

    That’s why I use a Brita™ filter to take the crud out of my water.

    I live in Joyzee, across from Manhattan, so you know there’s all kindza stuff floatin’ in the water, like mobster tails, effluent from GE transformer factories, three eyed fish from the Indian Point nuclear reactor et cetera.

  9. tap_is_for_saps says:

    It really infuriates me to hear these nitwits fighting against bottled water. Bottled water from a good, pure spring source (you may have to investigate) is worth every penny and more. It’s not a matter of “taste”. It’s about NOT ingesting additives to most town & city tap waters such as fluoride and chlorine – two very serious, major toxins that are making America far sicker than they realize. Until I can afford a filter system that will rid my tap water of these toxins, I will continue to drink my bottled spring water (that I KNOW is NOT recycled tap water) and be assured that I am not contributing to my own state-sponsored poisoning. I am not saying that fluoride and chlorine are part of a deliberate, nefarious plot – but simply that their advocates are grossly mistaken in supporting their “benefits”. I don’t need or want ANY medications in my water, and tap water can now be purified with healthier alternatives than clorine.

    Your body is mainly composed of water – try to make sure it’s the best you can get.

  10. So what says:

    #11 Google the hydrological cycle its all recycled water. As far as bottled vs tap. I avoid tap on private wells, spring or otherwise is not “pure” no water is pure, other than that tap all the way. I know how its made. As far as filtration there are a number of studies that have shown that house hold filter systems which remove “contaminants” such as chlorine, are prime breeding grounds for bacteria, including coliforms.

  11. Buzz Mega says:

    Oh yeah?!? Then where does “Holy Shit” come from?

  12. denacron says:

    The tap water where I live is nasty.

  13. only pure water for me says:

    I make my own water the old fashion way. I smash Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms together.

  14. nobody says:

    #2 you forgot the bit where Dansani add carcinogens from their filter system to the tap water.

  15. The_Tick says:

    All I know is that life without drinking the tears of fetus-murderers, is a life not worth living.

  16. hhopper says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Uncle Dave.

  17. GenePool says:

    Tears of the damned? I thought I tasted some Sarah Palin in there.

  18. Worried about my water says:

    # 13 said: no water is pure. I thought hydrogen powered cars produced pure water?

  19. skeptic says:

    If you put your mouth right under the faucet, you can drink pure tap water.

  20. deowll says:

    Okay the person that created/posted that needs a good mental exam.

    Uncle Dave may need his humor chip run through a wash cycle as well. It seems to have gotten some crud on it. ?8^)

  21. God, also known as Allah says:

    Silly people! I don’t own a bucket.

  22. guzel sozler says:

    put your mouth right under the faucet, you can drink pure tap water.

  23. fred says:

    If you put your mouth right under the tap, you can drink pure faucet water.

    If you get tap water from it, why not call it a tap?

  24. Benjamin says:

    That picture is ridicules. Here is a better diagram: .

    I use bottled water. It cost we about 7 bucks for a 5 gallon bottle. It is worth it.

    #3 Fluoride is a poison. You don’t want it in your water. “Fluoride has been shown to be mutagenic, cause chromosome damage and interfere with the enzymes involved with DNA repair in a variety of cell and tissue studies (Tsutsui 1984; Caspary 1987; Kishi 1993 and Mihashi 1996). Recent studies have also found a correlation between fluoride exposure and chromosome damage in humans” (Sheth 1994; Wu 1995; Meng 1997 and Joseph 2000).

  25. KD Martin says:

    I listened to W.C. Fields,

    “I don’t drink water because fish f*ck in it.”

    There are towns in Texas where people must buy water because the tap water isn’t good for anything except washing clothes and bathing. Midland-Odessa comes to mind. There are no lakes or rivers nearby, just oil. A lot of it.


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