1. Yankinwaoz says:

    That is a lot of layers of government to support…

    Let’s say you live in a little village outside of London. You have to pay taxes to support…
    (1) Your local township (in the US, city government)
    (2) Your shire (in the US, your county or parish).
    (3) England (in the US, your state).
    (4) Britain
    (5) UK (in the US, the feds)
    (6) EU

    Two more layers that the US.

  2. dexton7 says:

    That was a well put together video… The empire is alive and well. They forgot to mention that the US and Israel may as well be on this list as well. World power elite drinking clubs can be loosely divided by the Western Empire, the Chinese Empire (economically speaking plus they are trying to settle Africa), and of course the Ruasians. I’m not really sure which one is worse overall. Discuss?

  3. dexton7 says:

    Also add the other EU nations into the Western Empire…

  4. Ben-in-the-woods says:

    Yankinwaoz said: “That is a lot of layers of government to support…”

    Almost right:

    1. Council tax goes to your county (if your are in the countryside or towns) or borough (if you are in cities). Council tax is cross between poll tax and property tax.
    2. Everyone in the UK pays VAT (sales tax, 20%) and income tax (more than you could ask or imagine) which funds British national parliament and services, as well as the Welsh National Assembly and Scottish Parliament. This money also goes to the EU.
    3. Then you pay your TV licence (£145 a year) half of which funds the BBC the other of which goes to an elaborate intelligence network that makes sure everyone pays their TV licence.
    4. Then you pay road tax, which goes to the roads, between £35 and £400 or so, depending on yoru car (which explains why our roads are second only to Bolivia)
    5. Then you pay the fuel tax. Don’t know where that goes.
    6. Then of course, £45million a year goes HRH Elizabeth II (because her £450 million net worth isn’t enough)

  5. ron says:

    Only one problem here, people who do not understand English perfectly will not be able to follow what he was saying without watching a few times. It needs English subtitles (grin) or a written transcript (don’t look at me)…

  6. mark says:

    So a “Brit” can be english, welsh or scottish?


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