I find this woman to be very annoying. Look at her “screw you, I’m bored with you” body language. Who does this bored posture in a Congressional hearing? Now this idiotic claim.

  1. pedro says:

    #60 And here are people that know about the subject and you just decided to ignore them. I guess sheeple be thee.

    Still conFused, I see.

  2. Proud ignorance rules says:

    Seems you are right… I wonder how he deals with adversities in his real life… makes me feel sorry for people around him.
    His name calling is amusing thought, reminds me of primary school.

  3. R.O.P. says:

    Pfft…everyone knows contaminated water is good for you. That is why it is called contaminated.

  4. pedro says:

    #62 Funny. I find smug leftie’s like you that are only driven by what his side said instead of actually using their head highly amusing.

    I guess I’m not an “educated progressive”. And you worry about how I deal with “real life”, ha!

  5. So what says:

    Here is the link to the hearing which is video archived. http://tinyurl.com/45othh8 180 exhilarating minutes of the government at work.

  6. So what says:

    Sorry meant to add, the part in question is about 101 minutes in. But if you have the time watch the entire thing quite fascinating on both sides. Its like watching a city council meeting in slow motion, on acid.

  7. aha says:

    “a child who may not get autism if they’re not exposed to contaminated water,” implicit in that statement is the converse, a child who is exposed to “contaminated” water may get autism. Yet no evidence appears to exists that there is a link between “contaminated” water and autism. That’s not a hypothetical, that’s an idiotic statement.

  8. Mr. Fusion says:


    There is a huge difference between an implication and a statement. Read the headline and the comments and see how many posters aren’t claiming she said something she didn’t.

  9. aha says:

    #68 I did not direct my comment at the headline or any other post. I directed my comment at your post, as well as what she said hence the quotation marks. She said and I quote again, “a child who may not get autism if they’re not exposed to contaminated water,” the logical converse of that statement is that a child may get autism if exposed to contaminated water. What she said is a bullshit statement. If she had simply said a child may not get any-insert any waterborne disease here-she would have made the point with a valid scenario backed with actual science. I expect better from the head of a Federal environmental agency, especially one with a degree in chemical engineering.

  10. pedro says:

    #69 Please pay no attention to #68. He lives in a perpetual state of conFusion. He’s like that uncle that is highly embarrassing but we have to tolerate.

  11. JakeF23 says:

    Republicans have a contempt for anyone outside of the top 1% of wage earners and are hell bent on tearing down anything and everything that benefits anyone below that 1%. This whole theatrical exercise they are conducting is a joke and a perfect example of big government (which they supposedly abhor) not working, since they know that anything they pass in the House will be shelved in the Senate anyway. They are a complete farce and I too would looked bored if I was hauled in to sit and listen to their stupid and disingenuous questioning.

    In regards to her comment, possibly inarticulated in the moment, a true conservative would fault on the safe (conservative) side of things, strictly regulate pollution, and fund the science needed to prove things one way or another. And besides, don’t we all want and deserve to drink clean water? Breathe clean air? Or is it more important that coal, oil, and chemical companies be allowed to pollute at will in order to increase their bottom line. Isn’t it everyone’s water and air? Not Massey’s. The fact that anyone, other than the board of directors of these polluting entities, would agree with the Republican side of this matter is beyond me. Somehow the GOP has figured out a way to get half the population to vote against their own interests. Clever.

    The “fiscally conservative and free market advocate” GOP (complete and utter nonsense) drove us into the ditch during the Bush years and now to right everything they want to punish the middle class and poor but gutting every program they can.

    You guys do realize John Boehner was the one on the floor of the House back in 2008, while Bush was still in office, desperately pleading, with the obligatory tears in his eyes, to get all his fellow Republicans to bail out the banks. He and the rest of the GOP, a sick joke with no shame.

    Rep. Boehner, where are the jobs?

  12. aha says:

    I guess its a good thing I vote for the best option and not party affiliation.

  13. pedro says:

    #71 Keep watching the world true politic eyes rather than reality. You’ll soon get your spot in sheepleland.

    #72 Don’t waste you energies with all the lefty loons here (and the occasional right wingnut). There no amount of reasoning that will make them see things the way they are. It’s borderline trolling what they do here.

  14. JakeF23 says:

    #73. The GOPers are the kings of ad hominem attack. If you can’t dispute the facts, go after the messenger. Ah, forget that. Just go after the messenger regardless.

    Great thing about facts is that they are true whether you believe them or not.

    As for the left loons, I have a ton of criticism for them too. It’s not an a one or the other situation as far as I’m concerned. So your comments are made in ignorance and are without merit. Of course.

    Life is too short, so I’m done here.

  15. pedro says:

    #74 Truth be told, you lost me at the beginning of your #71. But I see you seem to view things much like myself. Repukes & Demagogues are the same thing.

    Sorry I put you in the same basket as our resident lefty loons so hastily. I lost the patient with them long ago.

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