Here’s his inspiration.

  1. 1873 Colt says:

    OK. Let’s just sum this up.
    I saw this Escher print forty years ago.
    This idiot makes some kind of illusional construction, places a camera in just the right spot, and …… what?


    Why bother us with this DISTRACTION?

    I would expect more of a website what is associated with No Agenda.

  2. tcc3 says:

    A post so irrelevant and a waste of time that 1873 Colt felt compelled to comment.

    As timely and relevant as his namesake.

    Cool videos are welcome anytime. Even Esher or squirrel vids.

  3. Otter says:

    Thanks Colt, I thought this was REAL before you posted.

  4. Pwuk says:

    Curry will have a hard on for this, ill wager

  5. Doug says:

    What – It isn’t real.

    Nooooo – And I thought that this fellow solved the energy crisis!

  6. ± says:

    #5 —– snark; LOL :^)

  7. bobbo, a lover of slow culture living in fast times says:

    I can almost buy the water going uphill in the trough as a trick of the camera angle but I don’t get the vertical posts==well maybe if they are actually slanted in the perpendicular to the camera’s focal point? But then how does the top come back to the start?

    Ha, ha. Excellent job. The illusion the the year was that four balls rolling uphill and then the camera moves 90 degrees and its obvious how its done. But that trick doesn’t explain this trick, nor how matter expands as it approaches the speed of light.

    There are many things the bible does not teach us.

  8. stonebarger says:

    Made me want to pee, about all.

  9. duh365 says:

    double waterfalls all the way man!!!

  10. Dallas says:

    Only fools would fall for this.

  11. bobbo, a lover of slow culture living in fast times says:

    Optical illusion of the year for 2010:

    Only a fool would not enjoy being fooled by these clever divertisements.

  12. DonnO says:

    So does anybody know how the water falls back onto the water wheel?

    To me, it appears the run just goes into the distance where the wheel is at the highest point.

    The posts appear to either be cut perfect for the perspective or maybe even digitally added.

    However, none of this explains how the water falls back down.

  13. Doug says:

    Very good fake.
    His only mistake is not controlling his shadows well enough.
    Watch his shadow in relation to the shadow of the structure.
    Interesting video though.

  14. dcphill says:

    Marvelous, gotta know more. I love Escher art.

  15. Mikiev says:

    “Very good fake.
    His only mistake is not controlling his shadows well enough.”

    And the waterwheel does an early start, before the water should have reached it… and then starts spinning like the motor-driven fake it is.

    No way that small of a stream of water would cause the wheel to spin at 100 rpm.

  16. admfubar says:

    here is an illusion that mr esher would be astounded by

  17. deowll says:

    He did a good job. I know it has to be a fake but the reflection of the upper levels is still there to see. The shadows could be explained by having more than one light source.

    I suspect the wheel is actually being driven by falling water. A very light wheel on a freely turning axes doesn’t require much of a push and why bother with a motor when you actually have a stream of water? I don’t see any evidence of a drive for the wheel.

    I would enjoy walking around that masterpiece in order to see how he faked it. I’m satisfied the front three posts are touching nothing on their tops. I’m think the last segment is angled up and not on the floor but I’m not able to completely visualize it based on what I’m seeing. I simply can not tell how he’s doing it from this angle.

  18. deowll says:

    I’m thinking maybe the floor slopes is part of it? Blah!

  19. The_Tick says:

    He’s a witch. Burn him.

  20. two to the head says:

    Escher’s Waterfall 3D Explanation

  21. Animal Mother says:

    We see the Virgin Mary in that Escher thingy! Who do we make the checks out to?

  22. soundwash says:

    -believe none of what you see and only half of what you hear..


  23. dadeo says:

    Banacek would need only one angle to debunk this fraud.

  24. George says:

    Its Steorn’s new perpetual motion device!

  25. Steve says:

    # 1
    Let’see you do it.

  26. Mr, Ed - the Imitation (accept no original) says:

    Why the toilet bowl water??? I would have just stood there and pissed into the thing.

  27. JimD says:

    I am Optically Dis-illusioned !!!

  28. JimD says:

    P.S. And wait till you see the Repukes “Smoke and Mirrors” Budget, it should be HILARIOUS !!!

  29. Jim Gregori says:

    Admit guys… he did a really good job at constructing a 3D from a visual image that’s truly hard to fathom… and to make it work… definitely a great illusion.. nothing faked here. We see it, we hear it, we’re still baffled.


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