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  1. WOW WEE says:

    The political fog is getting thick. What happened to eqaulity and basics? Walker is just one of Kochs puppets. Thats the basic to explain the big companies and their republican political puppets to accomplish things like ” tax cuts for their companies and their incomes.” If the average Joe pays say a 10% tax on 30,000 a year income then the Kochs, Gm, Bank of America, etc. and the Ceo,s, company owners should be paying an eqaul 10% tax on all their property and income. Including bonuses. If this was happening like it should these budget problems wouldn’t be so severe, for starters. The greedy price gouging and hoarding of profits sucks the money out of the economy leaving it dry. The rich getting richer and the poor and middle class getting poorer. As for Obama who’s getting blamed for this economy is Bull ****. this was dropped in his lap from the bush Adm. and years of this corruptness being ignored and allowed. He’s just trying to clean up the mess. I dont think Donald Trump should run for president being a non people person that he is, but he’d be one hell of a financial advisor for the country. We should hire him. he has some great ideas about foriegn trade, building infrastructure here providing jobs, charging other countries for our services, I think Obama with trump advising and a democracy attitude we could get this country back on track and progress up to where we should be at this point in time. We’re getting caught up in all this “DRAMA” and rediculas debates. Like the Gay Marrige thing. Give them a “Union” license. Rename it instead of marrige. And have it that the same rules apply. Simple, Done! Just a thought to ponder. Seems like a fair compromise to me, no? The parties need to compromise as such for the benefit of the people, not the benefit of their puppet masters and political gain, brownie points, power, etc.

  2. Oh Yeah! says:

    Senator Bernie Sanders I from Vermont is the man! Watch some of his videos either at his web site or on you tube. He has it in a nutshell! GO Bernie!!!


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