A Rubik’s Cube has been sitting on Joe Ridgeway’s shelf since he was a child, but it wasn’t until he was studying at Rowan University that he fully embraced its challenge…

In a project that started in a Rowan course, Ridgeway and Zachary Grady, both senior electrical and computer engineering (ECE) majors, have built a robot that solves the cube in 15 seconds.

The Rubik’s Cube-Solving Robot, a year in the making, has earned the duo more than 17,000 hits on YouTube and a congratulatory note from Erno Rubik himself. And though it’s not yet official, they are confident, based on their research, that the robot is the fastest of its kind…

The robot wastes little time – after 17 moves, it twirls the descrambled cube in a modest celebration.

Ridgeway, 21, and Grady, 22, made the machine from scratch, they said, working under the guidance of Mease and ECE chair Shreekanth Mandayam and with mechanical-engineering help from graduate student Karl Dyer.

RTFA. Interesting in more ways than you might expect.

  1. bobbo, real analysis not personality blogging is the key says:

    Animby–thank you very much. Your criticism that I made a Democratic move into a Republican one hit home. But it comes down to the fluidity of words and ideas, their meaning and context.

    Yes, I rail against PUKES but never without giving my reasons why and often with alternatives. something that rarely happens by any other poster on this blog==or any other blog. Pick your epithet thrower and ask them to explain/justify/suggest an alternative and wait for the white space to remain forever. You don’t have to ask me that, usually its all there to start with.

    So, initially I thought your criticism was wrong, for in reality, how often am “I”? But you have me. Then I saw my use of PUKE was consistent with why it rankles me so and it was right there with what I posted: perfidy. Anyone who says they are doing one thing while actually doing something else is a PUKE. Just so happens that right now, such activities have been demonstrated most egregiously by the Republican Party hence they gain my ire. I am not a Dem, nor a Pub, I loath them both BUT I recognize the Pubs are consistently worse. That doesn’t make the Dems a “good” political party, it just makes them better/not quite as bad, as the Pubs. The Pubs out PUKE the Dems. Its why so many long time/hard core fiscal conservatives and old school Republicans are disgusted by their own party.

    Its all definitional. Its like Rubrik’s Cube–a puzzle. Sadly the answer to the political puzzle is to “not play the game.” Smash the cube on the floor, sweep the pieces away, build another cube.

    I see Nuke Energy is even now being talked up for its safety and its cheapness and its necessity as part of our energy mix. Makes me want to PUKE!

  2. JimD says:

    #1 – the robot had only one hand, while the kid used two – not fair !!!


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