1. Rob says:

    THe older I get…(And I am OLD!). The Lamer the same old jokes seem to be.

    No wounder this country is going down the tubes…. The humor is for shit.

  2. bobbo, I just unplugged my shades says:

    I could post “my” picture: its Dr Salk with his microscope.

  3. McCullough says:

    Ans. Sarkozy has a HOT wife.

  4. Micromike says:

    I agree with number one except the country isn’t going to hell it has been in hell for decades. Our country is aimlessly seeking the lowest level of hell where politicians are most comfortable.

  5. Kiwini says:

    So it’s taken this long, over two years, to figure out that he’s just another big prick?….

    If he were not so diligently porking his country while we pay for the priviledge, it’s almost be funny.

    And hat’s off to Mr. Rob, the first commenter here: he hit the nail on the head.

  6. Rick says:

    I kind of wonder what the conversation is about when women make that gesture.

  7. NoMoreETard says:

    #6 HAR!!!!

  8. soundwash says:

    the difference is…

    ..that there is no difference.


  9. soundwash says:

    as for the pic..

    well.. looks like its just another tall tailed fish story.

    -or should i say “long” tailed..?


  10. Comic Store Guy says:

    Worst. Post. Ever.

    (well, aside from Perkel’s squirrels)

  11. Derek says:

    How big their god complex is?

  12. Alfred's Pet Donkey, says:

    Alphie shouldn’t complain about other’s. He has to lift his bottom stomach roll to even get his anywhere near it. To make his life easier, he hauls one leg up onto the seat and hopes the dribble makes it into the toilet.

    Now I’m not saying Alpie is small, but have you ever seen a Vienna Sausage?

  13. Henry G says:

    I’ve heard it said men do not know how to measure accurately. I believe all the ladies.

  14. Wrong said Fred says:

    At first I though to myself “how would Hillary know?”, but I guess it’s part of the job 🙂


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