If this was their best year, what the hell would a bad year look like?

The offshore drilling firm responsible for running the Deepwater Horizon rig has given its top executives bonuses for its “best year” for safety.

Transocean was blamed along with BP and Halliburton after last year’s massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven workers, nine of whom worked for Transocean, died when the Deepwater Horizon exploded almost a year ago. But Transocean said there had been a drop in the rate of recorded incidents and also in their potential severity.

  1. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Alfie the Mindless Fundie Talking Points Spam Bot: I assume that is your overused link to the tennis players? No matter, won’t go there. A failed diversion as meaningful as a loud silence?

  2. gildersleeve says:

    Safety bonuses belong to the workers on the ground; they’re the ones who shoulder the burdens when accidents occur.

  3. nobody says:

    #28 the blowout preventer didn’t meet North sea standards because it didn’t automatically close on it’s own. Although it appears to have had so many faults in construction and installation that it didn’t make any difference.
    Relief wells aren’t normally drilled as a safety feature in most oil wells except at extreme depths or where you expect a larger gas pressure. So the deep gulf is an inherently more dangerous place to drill than the shallow north sea (from a blowout PoV) which is why you would be extra careful. You only have to look at the accident rate to see that somebody needs to tighten up

  4. 1873 Colt says:

    Can you please try to break your record for the most annoying replies to one posting?

  5. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:


    Progressive Genius at Work?

  6. Likes2LOL says:

    Transocean executives getting bonuses for safety reminds me of George “slam dunk” Tenet getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom award for Iraqi WMD intelligence reporting…

    Doubleplusgood work, gents!

  7. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    #34–Half Cocked==no can do. THAT record was set months ago when I was actually motivated to respond. Not the muscle memory of a brain dead progressive that I exhibit now.

    Oh, the tragic waste of youth. Or even the last two hours?


  8. deowll says:

    You ought to be used to this stuff by now after: the Obama peace prize, The actions of the government relating to Libya, Acorn, Planned parent hood, “Green Jobs”. The man made global warming scam. High speed rail you can’t get people to ride. GE paying no taxes because it paid Congress. The Millennium Copyright Act and of course how could I possibly over look the plans for paying for Obama care?


    All you planned parent hood suck ups can’t over ride the fact that the Democrat Gov. of my state went on the the air and said, These people break the law and give poor care while charging to much. The money we have can be much better utilized by giving it to our state run system of free clinics. Bredison was a fine governor and a man with integrity. If he said it you can make book on it.

  9. Floyd says:

    Taxed Enough Already Dude (otherwise known as Alfie) now thinks he’s a genius or a deity or something.

    “Why do you suck dick Alfie? Transubstantiation for the tea baggers? Just one seamless image.”

    Alfie thinks he’s God, apparently.

  10. tcc3 says:

    #38 deowll

    Can you link to that Bredesen statement? I’ve never heard that. In fact my understanding is that he took a lot of heat for including PP funding in the state budget.

  11. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #39 Aren’t you depriving a village somewhere of an idiot?

  12. deowll says:

    #40 I’m afraid it was on the tube most likely in state only. I tried a search and came up with where he didn’t sign a law that would bar abortion as state funded benefit in this state but that still allowed it to become law.


  13. deowll says:

    Okay I didn’t find it on YouTube. I can’t prove anything got implemented either because it was after a scandal and sometimes people say things that don’t happen.

    I did find this: http://onenewsnow.com/Culture/Default.aspx?id=573906

    That combined with the earlier article makes it clear that Planned Parenthood was once highly favored and is no longer in favor with local lawmakers.

  14. Rick says:

    Welcome to the free market. If you have invested in oil stocks, you are as guilty as the executives.

  15. Incompetents says:

    Delusions of grandeur
    The best part is that most likely that they are convinced that they have “earned” and deserve the bonuses
    I am no fan of unions – yet you wonder why union people often hate the people “on the top floor”
    The recipients should be put in jail
    Instead they will promote themselves with new titles – sans responsibility to any victims of the old spill and you guessed it – more bonus

  16. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    #43–do-ill==regardless of whatever the specifics in one particular case may be, do YOU in general think that poor women should have access to reproductive medical advice or not?

  17. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #46 euphemism for baby killing service. Fact is, no where on earth is more dangerous for a black baby than its mother’s womb, thanks to terminated parenthood.

    Never understood why black people support progressive eugenics.

  18. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Alfie the Talking Points Spam Bot with more than a dash of racism making him:

    Alfie the TeaBag Douche Talking Point Spam Bot: because many thoughtful poor people don’t want to bring their kiddies into a world where the political culture of those who think they are taxed too much defund education, primary healthcare, home heating, and on and on. Having a kiddie is irresponsible if you aren’t rich enough to provide the basics you think are necessary. Too many black people are not educated enough to argue this on a theoretical basis but their spidey sense informs them well enough leading to this result.

    Course, the earth has too many people already. Too bad well informed people don’t think the same way about cars?

    I once had 5 cars, one boat, one airplane. No kids. The chink in the armor, was one wife. Ha, ha.

  19. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #48 Incontrovertibly mom’s womb is the most dangerous place for a black baby to be, more die there than anywhere else on the planet.

    Babies are not a burden, they are our future…Rather than bomb Libya and throw billions to banks foreign and domestic, it would be nice if progressives decided to choose life, we can find good homes for babies….

    At present, people are scouring the earth, China and South America in particular, for adoptable babies…

    They pay big $$$ for ’em, and when the kids grow up, they pay your Social Security…go figure.

    Rather than open borders to Al Qaeda and Mexican Mafia, why not have our own babies…

    Stop the genocide, stop the pogrom against babies of all races…let there be life.

    Then I could feel good about some of my tax money…instead of now, to support banks and freeloaders, goonunions misseducating our kids…the list of progressive waste, fraud and corruption is endless.

  20. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Alfie, what about freeloading babies? Should we save them, too? Or only the well-off ones?

  21. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #50 Its impossible babies freeload.

    But just listen to yourself, casting about for ANY reason to kill them.

  22. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    FYI there is no market for brown babies from urban areas.

  23. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #52 Progressive bastards will incentivize their loony diet, energy, and perverted lifestyle preferences against the will of normal people, via confiscatory taxation and user fees…and will gladly earmark billions to abort black babies…

    But can’t imagine a way to incentivize adopting poor children in need…

    No way to create a market for them, is there?

    Progressive philosophy is from the pit of hell, full of death and perversion..

  24. To Slur With Love says:

    What’s it all about, Alfie?

  25. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #54 I thought that was very clear. These weren’t being rewarded for UNsafe practices…so what’s the REAL problem.

    ENVY, they are the haves, and the freeloaders posting here, the have nots.

    Too bad these folks, spending their own money for the good of their buisness, have wealth. There ought to be a law against them.

    The commie progressive bastards don’t like Americans doing what they will, with their own property. No. These should be punished.

    After the Progressive Ruling Elite steals their money via taxation and fines, and bankrupts the company, or drives it over seas, then idiot progressives posting here will feel good, as though they themselves received some of the money.

    But they won’t, not a penny will get past progressive waste, fraud and corruption as it winds it way through the Government chain, every penny will be stolen.

    So Progressive fat cats stuffing their pockets with stole cash shouldn’t make the left loon happy…but for some sick reason, it doess.

    I think the brian scrambling tech is working…on the goonunions who seek to destroy the very people who pay the taxes, and provide the jobs…so we can all be equally miserable.

    What a plan.

  26. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #54 In other words, they should be lauded for the safe conscious work environment they are incentiveizing, especially in a bad year.

    They are trying to stop work related death and injury.

    But the progressive left seethes with rage at those who produce wealth, pay the taxes and hire the poor…these stand in the way of progressive tyranny…

    They act like free Americans dispensing their private wealth for the common good, how dare they?

    The ruling class progressive elite knows only one thing, they want their wealth for themselves…they want to steal it. So they spin the situation where these seem to be evil for doing good, they are rich and so must be hated…

    Then their loons on the street become enraged and a mob forms against these free Americans.

    Not one penny stolen from them will reach the loons on the street, but being the morons they are, they will feel ecstatic nonetheless…because those rich bastards were made to feel how it is to be poor…

    Of course, once the rich have been vanquished, the Ruling class Elite will begin stealing from the poor…just like they did in Russia and China, and the Black Caucus paradise, Cuba.

  27. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    I had the misfortune of visiting the People’s Republic of Mozambique back in 1975, after the great and glorious revolution.

    We had fire in one of our holds at sea…leaving behind tons of affected clothing, mostly smoke smell. Our captain dumped a few bales of it on the dock, for the poor longshoremen who didn’t even have shoes.

    So soldiers came, and made them strip off the clothes, and threatened the Captain…don’t you dare dispense anything without going through us first.

    Of course, they stole everything they wanted, and whatever scraps were left, they burned.

    While we watched Progressive tyranny in action, taken aback by their cruelty…

  28. tcc3 says:

    #57 Teadud

    Cool story bro…


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