If this was their best year, what the hell would a bad year look like?

The offshore drilling firm responsible for running the Deepwater Horizon rig has given its top executives bonuses for its “best year” for safety.

Transocean was blamed along with BP and Halliburton after last year’s massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven workers, nine of whom worked for Transocean, died when the Deepwater Horizon exploded almost a year ago. But Transocean said there had been a drop in the rate of recorded incidents and also in their potential severity.

  1. Breetai says:

    Yet more Onion Moments

  2. Harry says:

    I saw this on the Maddow show, the jury is still out on the damage done to the Gulf. There is oil that has had it’s specific gravity changed and is in huge globs below the surface. I don’t think we will know for years to come thew damage done to the delicate Eco system of the GOM.

  3. KMFIX says:

    Yet again, I’ve chosen the wrong career path. I need a job where I can fall upwards…

  4. Animby says:

    Maybe their fiscal year ended on 19 April 2010.

    In other news, after a short and pleasant contract negotiation, it has been agreed I will be getting a bonus for each patient I do not horribly maim. There will be an additional bonus if I kill no more patients than I did last year. Life is sweet.

  5. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    I see that brain scrambling technology is working on high power: Alfie the Brain Scrambled Spam Bot is making sense again: “Its their money, they can spend it as they want to… ” /// and who can possibly disagree with that?

    Then the scramble ray was turned off. Rather than a segue into justifying bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, the appropriate response is to ask why TransOcean has any such money to give away. Why have they not been penalized the billions they are subject to?

    Corporations are often unfairly blamed for what is wrong in the World. You have to ask the “second” question to find their perfidy.

  6. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Alfie the Brain Scrambled Spam-Bot: Do you “think” the Gulf Spill is the only crime Trans Ocean has ever been involved in? Nice try Spam-Bot, but not even close.

    How do you evaluate the fact that TransOcean directed the crew to pump sea water into the well to counterbalance the oil pressure rather than the standard (and necessary) procedure of pumping mud?

    Should we wait for the scramble ray to be turned on again, or be subjected to your standard drivel some more?

    As stated: its the second question that needs to be answered–you know, the one the fawning stenography pool never gets around to asking.

  7. Holdfast says:

    Bobbo don’t feed the troll. Just tell his carers where he is so that they can catch & sedate him.

  8. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Holdfast–fair question. Where else except Faux News can you read crap like this: “If they are so guilty, why aren’t they in jail.” /// I mean, real people just don’t talk/think/gain political office with a thought process this scrambled.

    When and how you can, reading the posts of Alfie the Brain Scrambled Talking Points Spam-Bot is actually quite instructive and MORE PEOPLE SHOULD DO IT. WE ALL SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO DO IT. What else is Alfie but a standard Puke who doesn’t have the skills to keep the gibberish closer to a debateable line of hokum? It is such a believer in the talking points, it doesn’t try to hide the fact it is totally a scam foisted on those dumb enough to buy it. “Let me hate those who are in the economic/social circumstances as myself so I can feel superior.”

    There it is, of full display and yet when fully fired up they vote in numbers equal to the dumbocraps.

    Reality/truth is still discernible even the the highly FUD charged atmosphere we call Western “Fair and Balanced” Media. We are doing it to ourselves in this race to the bottom. Sad so many will have to suffer as reality comes crashing down.

  9. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:


    I made and thought I posted and read my most excellent response to Alfie’s Post #12. But it is not there 5 seconds later. I might not have posted it, but I think I did–even thought I read it nested in line where it should have been at response #13. I’ve watched others complain about missing posts and spam filters and never had the problem myself until the last 4-5 days. Most people will post once and get the issue out of their system and not repost again.

    I will not repost the longer criticism of Alfie but will just note it:

    “If they are so guilty, why aren’t they in jail.” /// The product of Faux Spews. We should all thank Alfie for making it so plain to see. And yet when the Puke base is fully motivated by God, Gays, and Guns they form an idiotic voting block the same size as the dumbocraps. To bad we all suffer ((all as in including the Spam-Bots)) from this disconnect with reality.

    Now to copy and paste to make sure this gets posted–and kept?

  10. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Editors==my bad. Haven’t had my first cappuccino yet. My #15 is obviously what I had posted. Almost the same length? Ha, ha.

    I apologize.

  11. nobody says:

    People do seem to focus on this one accident – what about all the other unsafe rigs that didn’t blow up?

    It’s why I gave up my job as an air traffic controller. You land 1000s of plane’s safely and nobody cares – yet you have lock your self out of the office ONCE and you never hear the end of it.

  12. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Nobody–good point. The best news program on tv these days, after PBS?, is the Rachael Madow Show. She presents new important issues in more depth than most other commentators.

    One such is the “defective blow out preventers” that are rendered inoperative by the same disaster that calls for their use. Now, if that were true, wouldn’t there be oil blow outs all over the world? Or is it only in the very deepest of blow outs that these safety devices don’t work? Or in the Gulf Spill was it really simply because the battery wasn’t working, or a part of it was out for maintenance?

    An effective government worth paying taxes for would figure this out and have a report out on it already. I guess we can continue to trust the Oil companies–filing safety reports with the Feds complying with the new 2011 requirements by photocopying reports filed in 2009?

    You are right about ATC errors though. Its just like sucking only one dick.

  13. 1873 Colt says:

    Like the Oscars…..some dredge of a movie has to win……

  14. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Speaking of sucking more than one dick, one after another:

    Alfie: if you think, as I do, the government does not prosecute the Super Rich, then to argue the Super Rich are innocent of crime because they have not been prosecuted is to coin a phrase: just sucking dick. Why do you suck dick Alfie? Transubstantiation for the tea baggers? Just one seamless image.

    Ha, ha. Its the Lords Day. Think I’ll add a shot to the cap.

  15. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Alfie–I see by your silence that you enjoy sucking dick. Yes, quite a strong argument you raise there.

  16. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    OK, no more dick references. I’ve been told its not tasteful.

  17. nobody says:

    #19 – or the US could simply copy the safety standards this rig would have needed if BP was operating it in the North Sea.

    If you call the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway they will probably send the US DoE a copy of the standards for free (you might have to pay postage)

    Of course these safety standards are appropriate for the terrible weather conditions in the North Sea, with expensive to replace professional crews and in a small shallow sea with an important fishing industry surrounded by a lot of coastline with important nature and wildlife resources – so they might not apply to the USA

  18. Animby says:

    # 24 bobbo, “no more dick references. I’ve been told its not tasteful.”

    Eat more asparagus.

  19. Dallas says:

    Shut up and be at silent consumer of goods and services. When you’re asked to speak or come up with a way to cover our fuck ups, we’ll call you.

  20. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Animby–you card! I’ve been told dick smells like asparagus. No wonder Bush One hates it? Or is eating asparagus to get you used to the smell if not the taste?

    Skipping another tasteless reference “here.”

    Nobody–I don’t know, but I assume the Norwegians use the same blow out preventers? Yes, even the best news sources need a watchful public. No koolaid here, just good strong cappuccino. The one “safety” measure they take I read about was the requirement for a second well to be dug at the same time to “kill at the bottom” a well that can’t be shut down any other way. Say, that doesn’t sound like these shut off devices work too well if a second well has to be dug?

    All these risks, unknowns, dangers to the public, makes you think in a more perfect world we would move with all deliberate speed towards renewable energy no matter the “up front” price?

  21. The_Tick says:

    “All these risks, unknowns, dangers to the public, makes you think in a more perfect world we would move with all deliberate speed towards renewable energy no matter the “up front” price?” Now you stow that pinko commie crap right there mister. You know that the last thing this or any other country needs is progress. It was progress that fueled the nazis and by god there will be no progress here.

  22. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    Alfie the Mindless Fundie Talking Points Spam Bot: I assume that is your overused link to the tennis players? No matter, won’t go there. A failed diversion as meaningful as a loud silence?

  23. gildersleeve says:

    Safety bonuses belong to the workers on the ground; they’re the ones who shoulder the burdens when accidents occur.

  24. nobody says:

    #28 the blowout preventer didn’t meet North sea standards because it didn’t automatically close on it’s own. Although it appears to have had so many faults in construction and installation that it didn’t make any difference.
    Relief wells aren’t normally drilled as a safety feature in most oil wells except at extreme depths or where you expect a larger gas pressure. So the deep gulf is an inherently more dangerous place to drill than the shallow north sea (from a blowout PoV) which is why you would be extra careful. You only have to look at the accident rate to see that somebody needs to tighten up

  25. 1873 Colt says:

    Can you please try to break your record for the most annoying replies to one posting?

  26. Likes2LOL says:

    Transocean executives getting bonuses for safety reminds me of George “slam dunk” Tenet getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom award for Iraqi WMD intelligence reporting…

    Doubleplusgood work, gents!

  27. bobbo, had enough dogma today? says:

    #34–Half Cocked==no can do. THAT record was set months ago when I was actually motivated to respond. Not the muscle memory of a brain dead progressive that I exhibit now.

    Oh, the tragic waste of youth. Or even the last two hours?


  28. deowll says:

    You ought to be used to this stuff by now after: the Obama peace prize, The actions of the government relating to Libya, Acorn, Planned parent hood, “Green Jobs”. The man made global warming scam. High speed rail you can’t get people to ride. GE paying no taxes because it paid Congress. The Millennium Copyright Act and of course how could I possibly over look the plans for paying for Obama care?


    All you planned parent hood suck ups can’t over ride the fact that the Democrat Gov. of my state went on the the air and said, These people break the law and give poor care while charging to much. The money we have can be much better utilized by giving it to our state run system of free clinics. Bredison was a fine governor and a man with integrity. If he said it you can make book on it.

  29. Floyd says:

    Taxed Enough Already Dude (otherwise known as Alfie) now thinks he’s a genius or a deity or something.

    “Why do you suck dick Alfie? Transubstantiation for the tea baggers? Just one seamless image.”

    Alfie thinks he’s God, apparently.

  30. tcc3 says:

    #38 deowll

    Can you link to that Bredesen statement? I’ve never heard that. In fact my understanding is that he took a lot of heat for including PP funding in the state budget.


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