1. Lou Minatti says:

    I prefer the old Office. I hated the “ribbon” the first time I saw it 3-4 years ago and was forced to use it. Users shouldn’t need gimmicks like this in order to understand how to use a product. They shouldn’t even need a manual. It should be truly intuitive. something you can figure out on your own in less than a minute.

  2. Lou Minatti says:

    I forgot to say that Clippy never bothered me except when he popped up when I wasn’t asking to see him. Otherwise I couldn’t give two shits.

  3. deowll says:

    Clippy was useful for learners other wise just turn him off.

    I found the change to the ribbon format to be a time waster because I had to relearn how to do things I already knew how to do a few controls seem to have vanished or at least I never relocated them.

    I do understand that the people that keep changing software user interfaces around have to justify their pay checks some how. Once in a great while they may even make them better but by and large they just reorganize things.

  4. What? says:

    Microsoft really lost its way after Gates left.

    The ribbon sucks. Clippy was the wrong direction. Bob was probably dumb (didn’t use him).

    However, the 360 is pretty much a winner. MS should sell a full verion of Office 2003 for the 360 for $180. They’d make a ton of money. I’d buy it, and I already own Office Home 2007.

    MS needs somebody who can see the world from the consumer’s view. That’s what Jobs does.

  5. Rob Leather says:

    Learn Office GAME. I’ve died and clearly this IS hell.

  6. McCullough says:

    Clippy must die, lets start a bounty.

  7. Likes2LOL says:

    Office software isn’t a game.
    American productivity is lost.
    The terrorists have won.

  8. Lou Minatti says:

    Nothing about OBL yet? C’mon.

  9. chuck says:

    OBL is dead and they have a certificate of not-alive-anymore to prove it.

  10. GregA says:

    Trump is now on TV demanding the long form of the death certificate.

  11. Breetai says:

    The ribbon sold me on Notepad. What a great example of executives and salesmen not listening to anyone so they can make themselves relvant.

  12. msbpodcast says:

    That’s just an example of how fuckin’ clueless the dweebs and MicroSerfs really are.

    Nobody likes Microsoft products. Nobody!

    I’ve known rattle snakes, with poison, who were more personable, attractive, usable and likable than Microsoft products. At least they had the whole rattle snake “sakin’-my-ass, so you beter watch yours” vibe goin’.

  13. two to the head says:

    HEY, Bin Laden is DEAD…AGAIN.

  14. con says:

    I suppose we will see more of this stuff in the future, not necessarily labeled as “game” though. And if you think about it it’s a logical step.
    The so called “Millennium Kids” grew up on Xbox- Steam- PSN- Achievements as a huge part of building their personality and social status.
    It fits perfectly into the already existing methods that are defining your social status today – think about credit rating for example.

    “Bing! Achievement unlocked:”My Home is my castle” (Qualify for a home mortage)

    Or the educational system:
    “Bing! Achievement unlocked: “Joe Average”
    (score at least 50/100 Points in every math test in one semester.)

    As for Clippy – I hated him! Mainly because, as I remember it when I last used a MSOffice in 2000, the function to turn him off was buried in like 20 sub-menus…

  15. duh365 says:

    Microsoft needs to stop listening to customers and avoid marketing ideas from engineers.

  16. Rabble Rouser says:


  17. Uncle Patso says:


    Or if you want something you can actually run,


  18. Kevin Roa says:

    Is this available for Office™ 2011 for Mac? I could actually find this useful. Since I use Word™ for nothing more then a fancy Notepad™.

  19. Clippy says:

    Hi! It looks like you’re trying to write a suicide note! Would you like some help? (blink-blink)


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