I have to tell you all, that this is exactly what it is like out here!

  1. msbpodcast says:

    in #19 bobbo … said: No wonder you aren’t “there” anymore, or anywhere else for that matter as it looks.

    No I’m not.

    In fact my podcast ended in 2009. I got tired of carping and whining about MS about that time. (With only 0.0833% or 1 in 1,200 of the population afflicted, its an orphan disease. Lets face it.)

    But look for me (as “Charles Rovira” or “Charles-A. Rovira”) in:
    • the journal of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM,) or in
    Byte or in
    Computer Language magazine (ACM), or in
    AI Expert, or in
    • the Journal of Object-Oriented Processing (JOOP,) or in
    PC Expert or a smattering of other publications and
    I am remembered. (The beauty of the internet is that some things are immortal, immaterial but immortal.)

    My only regret is that I didn’t get to present an interactive 3D picture of the ~750 object and ~1,200 relationship Global Finacial Object Model database I was working on in 1999 to the [name withheld] management.

    VRML is a wonderful thing. 3D object visualisation of the entire database would have really helped them.

    I ran into the same situation (~400 objects ~1,200 relationship database,) right after that too.

    1,200 relationships seems so be a limit I keep encountering. [@12 points per dimension,
    1 dimension -> 12 points,
    2 dimensions -> 144 points,
    3 dimensions -> 1,728 points {more than enough}])

    One of the few advantages of having gotten old (and I have gotten old, despite life’s many attempts to bury me prematurely,) is that I can take, if you’ll pardon the pun, an objective look at things.

    I have no skin in the game as it were and can afford to take a long, leisurely look at what you all are (even if you aren’t,) doing,

    I will probably last longer that JCD (I avoid corn and corn-based/tainted products as if my life depended on it, which it does,) I may even outlast AC (see last parentheses,) and I have had a full and happy life.

    I’m a happy somewhat wealthy man who has come to terms with himself, his own ego, his mortality and with life in general.

    Who has it better that me?

  2. #18 LOL..one guy even looks a bit like him

  3. the haunted sheep says:

    I think i understand why john keeps saying on NG “why would anybody want to come to san francisco?” That is just awful, and I’m in advertising…

  4. bobbo, Republicans.......................why? says:

    #21–Peepod==well, I see you are expert, as am I regarding compartmentalizing your life and usually and mostly that is a good thing. Its good to hear that even somewhat wealthy men can come to terms with mortality and life in general. Who knew?

    Then we have the other box with a pompous ass looking for help to have his dick cleaned off.

    Surely, a more fully examined life would not contain both boxes? Or with at least one of those boxes having a tighter lid?

    I think so. One thing about life: always more work to do.

    Yea, verily.

  5. janon says:

    #18 Eerie. First person that came to my mind as well.

  6. Rider says:


    here is a perfect example these guys will give you part ownership if you clean up the web site for them, and by cleanup they mean make it functional. Look at that wall of babble.