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Thanks Gasparrini.

  1. McCullough says:

    ….will end up on Facebook, or You Tube.

    great pic.

  2. Bill R. says:

    Not the boots!

  3. CJ says:

    Robin? Are you in there?

  4. pblonsky says:

    Bow to your sensei

  5. Andrew says:

    OK Batman, I am in position, ready for Superman. He is coming too ….right?

  6. AlanB says:

    I guess we now know who’s the alpha superhero.

  7. Drive By Poster says:

    Oh my God! You squished Ant Man! You bastard!

  8. ECA says:

    that’S WHY THE GIRLS call you bat man..

  9. jb52 says:

    What Happens in Vegas Stays sticky!

  10. msbpodcast says:

    Mpfhhhh…Mphfhggg. Ahhhhh… Now that‘s a bat, man. Glug, Glug…

  11. LibertyLover says:


  12. Tippis says:

    You’d expect a place called the “ABC stores” to have a better grasp at basic spelling.

  13. Personality says:

    I was just on that sidewalk last week. All I saw was Elmo, Mini Elvis, regular Elvis, snake lady, Storm trooper and a gold man.

  14. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:

    Alphie taking in the sights and a delicious Tasty Pop while stooping to pick up a dime after slipping away from his guards.

  15. wirelessg says:

    Spiderman is no stranger to the dark side of the Web.

    (I know its not Vader)

  16. peterpecker says:

    …and then I’ll shoot web on you!

  17. TangledWeb says:

    Now that’s taking the “Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman” bit way too far!

  18. JimD says:

    Well, that’s certainly a LOW BLOW !!!

  19. krasty says:

    Thanks Gasparrini. I mean Thanks Robin :}

  20. Ah_Ha! says:

    Bobo and Dallas do Las Vegas!

  21. spsffan says:

    #12 Great catch. Of course, a soda could have juices, but what belongs to the juice?

    I don’t think this is Las Vegas. The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is off away from sidewalks and convenience stores, surrounded by a huge parking lot.

  22. vdiv says:

    Those poor kids staring with shock and fear from the stroller will be traumatized for life.

  23. Skeptic says:

    Oh look, a penny!

  24. Stoned Ape Theory says:

    Parker, my Peter….is your father.

  25. DoItOnceProperly says:

    OK step back Spidey. Go get a soda… that’s the children’s bubbler.

  26. JH says:

    #21… At least three locations in Vegas now for the Hard Rock Cafe….

  27. BatsInDaBelfry says:

    Hey Spidey, ya wanna see my newest bat tool?

  28. Batarang says:

    “…action is his reward…look out, here c*ms the Spiderman!”

  29. You Know says:

    No Agenda Knighting Process


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