There’s just something funny about someone spending time figuring this out.

The first problem with calculating the effect of a Rapture on real estate lies in determining how many people would actually disappear. Predictions range from 144,000 — about 0.0024% of the world’s population, to about half of us, the amount of people who were left behind in Tim LaHaye’s series. However, even if an average of 50% of Americans manage to stay around after Rapture, it seems likely that the post-Rapture numbers would vary wildly from region to region.
In New York City, for example, a 49% drop would reduce the city’s population to 1910 levels. In the short run, this would cause property values to plummet in the city, but the effects would quickly spread beyond mortgages and rents. […] Effectively, he argues, this would turn the clock back 40 years or more, to an era in which low rents made it much easier for middle-class residents to choose neighborhoods based on preference, not price.

Outside of urban centers, Schiller suggests, Rapture would likely be a final nail in the foreclosure coffin, as “People holding on by their fingernails would be more willing to let go of their houses.” […] Municipalities, facing large stretches of empty houses, might be inclined to adopt the solution that Detroit and Youngstown, Ohio, are currently pursuing: “tearing down old homes and seeking adaptive uses for the land.”

This is assuming a post-Rapture world in which the political and economic systems would remain relatively stable — admittedly, a somewhat unrealistic expectation. For that matter, it seems likely that the remainder of humanity, having seen half of its number called into heaven, would be inclined to draw more closely together, further accelerating urbanization. However, even if everything else stays the same, one thing is clear: The Rapture would have an apocalyptic effect on real estate.

  1. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Looks like this went as far as it will go…

    Why don’t you blogger beg Jesse Lee if you can blog on something newsworthy…

    or are we doomed to have only irrelevant blogs to comment on.

  2. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:


    Have you ever considered offing yourself? For our sake? I promise not to piss on your grave.

  3. lightrose says:

    Well, it’s not happening, so why worry about it. It’s kind of pointless wondering about what could have been when thers nothing to worry about. Alright, if you quit your job to prepare for it, then 1, you have problems and 2, your fault. But i can’t blame you. I was terrifyed. (I know, i’m strange =D )

  4. Ur strange Aunt Cathy?!?! says:

    CURSE THE WORLD jk seems like God has it in for us. Better look busy, cause He’s comin

  5. Thomas says:

    Granted, I’m baiting the dodo bird, but Alfred, how does the rapture deal with good people that do not believe in Jebus? Do they stay or go? If they stay, then clearly there will more than murderers and thugs left on Earth after the rapture. If they go, then why bother believing?

  6. Floyd says:

    “#13 Argument fail being predicated upon what you know about religion.”

    What i know about religion is: don’t let a preacher or priest anywhere near your wallet.

    My Brother’s a missionary worker,
    He saves fallen women from sin
    For five bucks he’ll save you a redhead,
    My God how the money rolls in.


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