1. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    I was glad Obama went overseas, I thought he spend less and shut up for a while…was I wrong…he cant’ help himself…what’s the finale to all this, except default?

  2. deowll says:

    #25 I’m planning on retiring next year in part because my memory is not what is used to be. It appears yours is worse. You might want to check that out and good luck.

  3. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #33 After Obama turns the dollar into toilet paper, and you can’t afford your meds…I hope someone says to you:

    “Poor puke, if you wanted money to spend, why didn’t you make your own”

  4. bobbo, the love guru and political activist says:

    32–do-ill==specific links? and what is your metrix of comparison when it comes to Presidents making political blunders. I can think of one:

    Promising to push for single payer and caving in too early to PUKES who push for poor people to die as soon as possible to keep the waiting lines short for the Rich.

    Is that what you mean? No argument then.

  5. BigBoyBC says:

    I actually feel sorry for him, he seems to have a history screw-ups with the British.

  6. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    I vote against any pardon for Obama and his wife, they must be prosecuted for their crimes, to the fullest extent of the law and then subject to international courts for the harm they did our allies.

  7. bobbo, the love guru and political activist says:

    #35–do-ill==your memory is getting bad==you forgot to ignore me==HAW, HAW!!!! My memory is only very good to excellent-but not perfect. You apparently think I read the same toilet paper (sic-ref Alfie) rags that you do==but I’m a progressive socialist and I read other scholarly journals. Never heard of the Brit betrayal before this–if memory serves. It may have been on a list of complaints that I rapidly scanned but my BS filter was on just as it is now.

    All Obama Hating PUKES answer me this: if the USA shares its nuke codes with Russia and vice versa under Nuke Reduction Treaties with Mutual Inspection, how is it a betrayal to tell the Brits we are including the same info to the Ruskies for the weapons we give to them?

    The only thing “betrayed” in this scenario is any asshat who thinks Arms Reduction Treaties should be violated because someone other than the USA wants to continue keeping secrets.


  8. RS says:

    You would have thought that those years in the University of Chicago adjunct faculty lounge would have prepared Obama for this.

  9. bobbo, the love guru and political activist says:

    #42–PedoBreath==I CHALLENGE you to find a single post in which I have EVER used the term Repuke or Repukes.

    Stupid Pukes can’t even get it right when they are right.

    Ha, ha.

  10. Derek says:

    I don’t know, maybe the fact that he restricts our drilling for oil while paying Brazil to drill. Maybe even outspending FDR with shit to show for it.


  11. MikeN says:

    This is a major step up for a guy who doesn’t care for the British, colonialism and all that.

  12. Animby says:

    # 28 ReadyKilowatt “It could have been worse, he could have vomited on her majesty…”

    So, in your world, a temporary physical illness is somehow worse than a seeming permanent mental deficit?

  13. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    #47 pedro, that sums it up PERFECTLY 😉

    The downfall of every politician is the irresistible urge to talk.

  14. ± says:

    The usual D and R voters spewing vituperation about the deck chairs. And ya all think you are real smart too when you pull the lever for R or D.

    You are fouling my nest and yours.

  15. bobbo, the love guru and political activist says:

    #49–P/M==More nonsense about the parties being the same or that some imagined third party is definitionally better?

    Sloppy brain farts so strong they power fingers on the keyboards. Now lets see, is being that stupid better or worse than being D or R?

    Still affected by the givens one might assume. Given that R’s are the very worst candidates by their track record and stated goals, voting for a third party would statistically not often be worse than that. But the D’s as corrupt, shallow, and self dealing as they are, are still for saving MediCare and Raising Taxes on the Rich while allowing women to control their bodies.

    Where does the mythical third party candidate stand on these bedrock issues?

    No one knows, and therein lies the proof of your unthinking silliness.


  16. foobar says:

    I love how the right in the US would prefer a British monarchy again.

  17. Angry says:

    Bobbo needs to renew his prescription for Prozac. Dems a Puke in Libertardian clothing. HAR!

  18. Angry says:

    PS: Geez this Barack #2 is almost as bad as Barack #1. Next time, send the original overseas to avoid gaffes like this.

    Vote them and O’Biden out in 2012! I DEMAND a Bobbo-Alfie ticket.

  19. bobbo, the love guru and political activist says:

    Angry==libertardian? I blush.

    “Dems a Puke in Libertardian clothing.” /// Now thats an interesting formulation. Lets define, apply, compare and contrast, and conclude?

    Dem: more liberal, open to change, tax and spend.

    PUKE: lying son’s of bitches out to get rich on the coat tails of the Super Rich putting it to the working folks every chance they get.

    Libertarian: wanting as little government as possible with lip service to being responsible.

    Ok–I see the libertards as more PUKE than Dem as defined above. With other definitions, they could go the other way, but currently for example, the Paul’s vote Puke except when the Pukes aren’t violent enough when shredding the social safety net.

    Libertarians too often think of taxes as a form of slavery and operate under the darwinian fantasy that everyone makes their own way in the world. anti regulation thinking the market will regulate it better “after the fact.”

    So–anti tax, anti social safety net, anti regulation.

    No, I don’t think Dems are Pukes in Libertarian clothing. Your opinion may differ.

  20. Holdfast says:

    #39 @Taxed Enough Already Dude
    The crimes Obama may have committed pale into insignificance beside the war crimes he talked our leader into sharing with him.

    Has he illegally invaded a sovereign state?
    Has he killed an unknown number (six figures anyway) of civilians?
    Did he use his secret services illegally to set up prison camps around the world with the help of some very unsavoury client governments?
    Has he turned the sympathy and good wishes of the civilised world he had at the end of the 1st year of his presidency into international contempt?

    From what I hear from your countrymen…
    Has he started unprecedented spying programmes upon his fellow citizens?
    Has he deregulated the banksters so well that they had a good run at bankrupting the entire international capitalist system?
    I suspect he has merely continued the policies of GWB. That just plays to a common preconception outside the USA that there is little real difference between your 2 parties.

  21. Holdfast says:

    In case you haven’t figured it out. The answer is no. That was George W Bush that did those things…

  22. Somebody says:

    Kids, if you are ever tempted to sniff glue, read Bobbo’s posts first. That should scare you straight.

  23. Mr. Fusion says:

    I find it so funny the right wing nuts can’t find anything Obama has actually done wrong. So they have to invent things and twist actual, legally binding, events into something wrong.

    So many losers that hate America.

  24. Derek says:

    I don’t know, maybe the fact that he restricts our drilling for oil while paying Brazil to drill. Maybe even outspending FDR with shit to show for it.


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