1. chris says:


    “A survey of comments would indicate that only the cyclists were at fault.

    Must be a case of selective memory.”

    MANY city cyclists have casual sense of invulnerability that is infuriating. Either you’re on a real vehicle or you’re not.

    One morning I saw a backup develop behind a guy who would ride between lines of cars at a light, and then get back in the middle of the lane at the front of the queue on green. The same cars would attempt to pass him multiple times as did this at 4 or 5 lights until I could get past him.

    At one of the lights, he was next to me, I told him it would make me happy to see somebody hit him and spread him across the street.

    He told me I was horrible, and I’m sure you’d agree.


  2. rabidmonkey says:

    Y’know, if I wanted to see stories from “www.boingboing.net” I would actually go and visit that website. Is this site merely a mirror-site for “boingboing” in case they for some unholy reason drop off the face of the inner-netz?


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