You can hear his thoughts in regards to online piracy of his work. Back in October 2006 John interviewed Gaiman on his Cranky Geeks show.

  1. Mr Fog says:

    retroman – u don’t read much do u

  2. Floyd says:

    “Kindle books, EBooks”
    “Just curious, Floyd. What’s the difference? Do you have one car and one Ford? Do you use a photocopier and a Xerox?”

    Kindle books are read with a Kindle reader. EBooks and other audiobooks are read with their reader software.

    At the moment I’m re-reading from The Fellowship of the Ring, which just happens to be a paperback copy of Volume I of the Lord of the Rings.

    I’ll buy E books and the like when I have reason to do so.

  3. GregAllen says:

    It depends on the products.

    For example, in Pakistan, you can get the full Adobe suite on a pirated disk for a couple of bucks. This is the same for all commercial products. This has totally killed off legitimate sales.

  4. GregAllen says:

    >> sargasso_c said, on June 18th, 2011 at 1:59 pm
    >> Libraries?

    Libraries are GREAT in “socialist” enclaves like here in Portland where we haven’t abandoned the library for Barnes and Noble.

    The books are just a slice of it. Some of the biggest value is social.

    And, they are not neglecting the digital offering. Our library gives us tremendous access to research databases, eBooks, audiobooks, and even downloadable MP3s.

    It’s the best value for our tax dollars, ever.