Watch the speech here. Here’s a transcript.

Does he want to pull out too fast? Too slow? Just right? Discuss.

President Obama charted a middle course Wednesday for ending the U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, outlining a departure plan that will remove troops faster than his commanders had requested but more slowly than many of his political allies would like.

In a prime-time address from the White House, Obama said he will bring home 10,000 U.S. troops by the end of the year and 23,000 more by next summer, a withdrawal window that will conclude two months before voters decide whether to give him a second term. The first troops will leave Afghanistan next month.

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Obama’s Afghan Pullout Speech

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  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Like I said, Dallas is an idiot. See #39 for proof.

    I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the vast majority of Liberals are Morons, Idiots, and Imbeciles.

    The rest of the Liberals are those who take advantage of said Morons, Idiots, and Imbeciles for their political and economic advantage.

  2. pedro says:

    #41 There’s no arguing with a sheeple. You tell them to shut-up, send them ti the other sheeple & if they’re good, give them double food ration.

  3. pedro says:

    That was “send it with”

  4. Ah_Yea says:

    Yes, Pedro. The sad truth is Liberals such as Fusion, Dallas, GregAllen, and even Bobbo have all shown the same trait.

    They’re too stupid to know they’re stupid, and a bit borderline insane.

    Each and every one, and by extension each and every “front line” Liberal, needs to have someone else make decisions for them, and then they absolutely NEED to adhere to those decisions because they are mentally ill.

    The pure definition of Sheeple.