1. Jungo says:

    It would be much more effective to wound Obama in the mouth than killing him. Avoid the martyr syndrome, yet shut up the lies and charisma.

  2. Glenn E. says:

    Maybe FOX hacked their own account, so they could plausibly deny posting the phony Tweet themselves. Can’t say I’m sorry they’re embarrassed, whoever did it.

    Nothing here yet about Murdock’s World New paper being canned for their staff hacking into the emails of murder victims in England. Doesn’t sound like anyone there is going to jail for anything. Just the paper being shut down. Murdock will probably reemploy the staff in something else he owns. So who suffers from this, besides the hacker victims? The World News investors?

  3. Glenn E. says:

    These Twitter hacks were probably done by some of Murdock’s former employees at The World News. Who hacked (or contracted hacks) into the emails of certain recent murder victims, in the UK. In order to steal the deals of their life, for their publication and profit. All your emails are belong to Murdock.