1. god says:


  2. chuck says:

    So was Twitter actually broken into?

    Or was it a case of the Fox news twitter account using a password like “foxnews” or “obamasucks” ?

  3. sargasso_c says:

    A PR stunt?

  4. msbpodcast says:

    Just goes to show, Twitter is a quite neutral equal-opportunity rumor source.

    Qadaffi, Obama, George W. Bush, Mullah Omar, Mao Tze Dong, Stalin, Jean-Marie LePen? What’s the diference?

    Fox doesn’t care who’s at the top of what pile.

    Good Ol’ Rupert knows that out of every crowd, half of it is stupid and uncritical wile the other half is fractious and argumentative, (that half reads a lot and argues over the topography of the information, [while only a few of them are intelligent to get to its topology.])

    People on the bottom half are also distrustful of whoever’s on top. They’re dumb but feral. Its a survival trait in the wild.

    These feral people will hand over their shekels over to anyone who reaffirms their opinion.

    Fox (Rupe’s minions,) just want to present the news in a, ahem, “fair and balanced” manner (and make lots o’ money doing it…)

    Clearly that means going after the most massive market. That means going feral in the valley.

    The topographers make up the world’s social media elites. They want media that reflects their side of the mountain out of the information Andes, Ural or Alp.

    The topologicians make up the world’s power elites. They know how the land is uplifted into mountains and how valleys are created. They have an Atlas and they’re not</i into sharing.

  5. tomyerex says:

    … or did someone at Fox know something and the account was not hacked? Perhaps, someone was not notified when the assasination attempt was called off?

  6. Dallas says:

    Nobody noticed anything unusual. It’s not like it was CNN, the BBC or anything.

  7. Animby says:

    Dallas – do you have to work at being so stupid?

    I’m not a Fox fan but even I know it has far more viewers than CNN. Probably more than BBC. Possibly more than both combined.

    CNN? Sheesh. They’re barely better than MSNBC these days.

  8. bobbo, words have meaning says:

    I think this is just one of the early examples of AI expressing itself. some search bot is pouring over all the private communications of the Fox Viewer Base and was simply reporting on the rumor mill/wish list as if it were true.

    whats the phrase for that?……..accelerating the truth? News before it happens?

    Glenn Becks final assimilation?

    Where did I read that Obama has gotten twice the number of death threats compared to Bush/prior Pres? Interesting its not reported on as if when you put idiot ideas out into the airwaves, idiot idea lovers will take action? A Fox News specialty.

    I’d like a double helping of that proof that Fox didn’t do this itself.

  9. foobar says:

    How long before Charlie Sheen is working at FOX?

  10. foobar says:

    “We are looking to find information about corporations to assist with antisec. Fox News was selected because we figured their security would be just as much of a joke as their reporting,” said the Script Kiddies representative.

  11. Rob Leather says:

    I’m VERY skeptical about this. Exactly how long did it take Twitter to drop the posts? It was at least 5 hours when I looked.

    This sounds more like some of Clinton’s “technical experts” creating more reasons for there to be an internet licence.

    At the same time the Guardian in the UK ran the story that a rival newspaper phone hacked the phone of the missing (presumed dead) girl Millie Dowler. It made sure to word it “PHONE HACKING” all caps.

    People, there’s a meme here. Expect big hack number 3 any day now. I think they tried to attack Apple, but it didn’t work out so well.

  12. KMFIX says:

    $10 says their password was “password”

  13. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Fox regrets any distress caused by the President continuing to be alive.

  14. Publius says:

    Congressman Weiner said his Twitter was hacked too. Turns out, it was just the account owner.

  15. Zybch says:

    Wishful thinking on Fox’s part me thinks.

  16. Animby says:

    # 8 bobbo, “Where did I read that Obama has gotten twice the number of death threats compared to Bush/prior Pres?”

    I read the same thing though I never did find numbers. I suppose that’s something the SS (sorry, no Nazism intended – Secret Service) doesn’t release. I was curious to find out how many were racially and/or religiously (anti-Muslim) rather than politically inspired. Couldn’t find data. Just curious.

  17. HUGSaLOT says:

    Wonder how many foxnews followers fell for it? Oh wait, old farts conservatives know how to use the tweeter at number-sign hashtag pound.

  18. Mr. Fusion says:

    There are a lot of right wing nuts and Tea Baggers (aren’t they the same thing) disappointed this morning.

  19. deowll says:

    Obama and his supports have been huge money makers for Fox. They understand that having a more or less adversarial relationship with the White House and at least part of Congress brings in viewers and big bucks.

    It’s the dullards in the lame media that have ruined themselves fawning over Obama and slobbering over his feet.

  20. Jungo says:

    It would be much more effective to wound Obama in the mouth than killing him. Avoid the martyr syndrome, yet shut up the lies and charisma.

  21. Glenn E. says:

    Maybe FOX hacked their own account, so they could plausibly deny posting the phony Tweet themselves. Can’t say I’m sorry they’re embarrassed, whoever did it.

    Nothing here yet about Murdock’s World New paper being canned for their staff hacking into the emails of murder victims in England. Doesn’t sound like anyone there is going to jail for anything. Just the paper being shut down. Murdock will probably reemploy the staff in something else he owns. So who suffers from this, besides the hacker victims? The World News investors?

  22. Glenn E. says:

    These Twitter hacks were probably done by some of Murdock’s former employees at The World News. Who hacked (or contracted hacks) into the emails of certain recent murder victims, in the UK. In order to steal the deals of their life, for their publication and profit. All your emails are belong to Murdock.


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