1. Floyd T Thompson 111rd says:

    Great jumping catfish..or Parana. LOL

  2. sargasso_c says:

    In America, fish catch you!

  3. The Carp river in Canada is jealous. Happy 4th Mr. D!

  4. Floyd says:

    Okaaaaay. Can somebody explain the fish suicides?

  5. Zippo says:

    @Floyd: They’re Asian Carp, they do that “jumping out of the water” when they are startled (capable of as much as 8 ft out of the water, depending on depth). An invasive fish, injuries like broken noses and arms, etc. have been reported, particularly where these fish have grown to a good size.
    Many people are aghast at the inroads this fish is making in the Great Lakes and other areas, to the detriment of “native” fish.

  6. Skeptic says:

    Apparently they taste pretty good, and obviously easy to catch in large quantities. We should just do what we always do, over-fish them to near extinction. Yum.

  7. msbpodcast says:

    Those fuckin’ frankenfish are actually destroying entire ecologies both in Canada and in the ‘States.

    They’re actually a foreign fish which has invaded the river systems and are starving the native species out.

    These aliens’ll eat everything in sight and nothing kills them. They have no known predators.

    They’re driving and starving cat fish, carp, bass, pike, red fish etcetera out of every river system they’re in.

    These are scrap fish. They’re a fuckin’ plague!

    They don’t taste good, they don’t fish good.

    If you’ve got some in your water system, you’ve actually got major trouble.

  8. UncDon says:

    #7: This guy begs to differ regarding taste:

  9. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    Do they make good pets? They seem to wag their tails when humans come ’round, and they can come when called (or not called), but can they play fetch?

  10. KMFIX says:

    no such thing as an invasive species…unless you want to throw humans in that category as well…as humans have caused more damage to native environments than any other creature on this planet.

  11. So what says:

    They were brought in to the south for catfish breeding ponds to help keep them clean. After 93 when the ponds flooded out they were escapees. They really have no significant predators as larger fish, as fry they still have the problem all small fish have. Breeding wise they breed at a younger age and weight then native fish. They are filter feeders and are better at it than native species due to their gill structure. Huge issue for native species of carp as they leave little food. This results in smaller native species with less breeding success. Having been on the Illinois river and seen this first hand. It looks fun until one smacks you upside the head. Its really rather scary the amount of fish present. Reports of broken jaws and concussion are not rare. A thirty pound carp is carrying a lot of momentum. It has led to the rather dubious “sport” of asian carp skeet fishing.

    As far as taste they are not that bad pretty similar to native carp when prepared and cooked the same way. They do tend to put up a good fight on a hook and line. Not enough to offset the damage they can do. So far biologists have been unable to inhibit the spread.

  12. Knuckhead says:

    Why are the kids not wearing life jackets?

  13. Mustardtits says:

    It’s going to be ok, these bad hombres figured out a solution to your problems.


  14. Mr. Fusion says:


    And some people enjoy eating ‘possum too. And monkey brains. And bird nest soup. And coffee some civet cat shit out.

    To each their own, thank you.

  15. AC_in_mich says:

    And yet, all efforts to increase spending on preventative measures or isolating the Great Lakes have failed. Places where these carps have migrated to have seen them increase until they are 98% of the fish population in just a few short years. Lake Michigan is next.


  16. Skeptic says:

    Mr. Fusion, If it were called Stars and Stripes carp, then it would taste like Rainbow Trout.

  17. spsffan says:

    The Road to Mandalay?

  18. deowll says:

    Europeans love carp. The monasteries used to raise them for Friday dining. The issue is you want them live and fresh and there is a trick to cleaning them.

    One of my relatives used to pressure cook/can them and said they were good.

  19. bobbo, libertarianism fails when its touchstone values become tenets in a Dogma that corrupts the language of common discourse says:

    Seems like at the least people should be allowed to fish for these carp without the need for a license?

    If the resource is “free” sure seems like some small shop operators ought to be able to earn a living making cat/dog food out of them. Seem easy enough to catch with a net.

    Where is Cletus and Miguel just scrapping to make a living when we need them?

    Alternative: genetic modification to make them taste like Ahi Tuna. Then we’d only need border enforcement to keep the Japanese from over fishing them.


  20. GregAllen says:

    >> Floyd said, on July 4th, 2011 at 9:28 am
    >> Okaaaaay. Can somebody explain the fish suicides?

    Power boats are super-loud under the water, is my guess.

  21. GregAllen says:

    Do they need a fishing license to keep those fish?

    I wonder what the law says? I _think_ in Oregon, you are not allowed to keep a deer you hit with your car. Are fish the same?

  22. GregAllen says:

    Sorry, Bobbo. I didn’t you you ask the same question.

  23. idea says:

    These guys have an idea on how to get rid of the Carp and make a profit:


  24. Hooner says:

    I suspect those fish are loaded with chemicals from the fertilizers and pesticides used in those fields. Eat all you want, but I’ll take a pass.

  25. akallio9000 says:

    >> Knuckhead said, (sic)
    >> Why are the kids not wearing life jackets?

    I’d guess the water is three feet deep at most. They might as well wear life jackets in the bathtub. I suppose you’d want them to carry meteorite umbrellas too?


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