Devices and clocks with amazingly intricate mechanisms were the rage a few centuries ago. Today it’s all done with computers and computer graphics. It just ain’t the same.

  1. JD says:

    I’ll stick with my 1911 cocked and locked. These “bird guns” would be great conversation pieces between you and the perp after they ROFL.

    Seriously, that’s some righteous bling bling.

    Thanks Uncle Dave.

  2. bobbo, how irrelevant can the rich be says:

    Ok–but it “ought” to be able to shoot a bullet. Maybe I’m being too harsh. What would you rather have? A pistol that shoots, a music box in the shape of a pistol, or a cigarette lighter so realistic you might shoot yourself in the face?

    Ha, ha.

  3. jasontheodd says:

    The phrase “useless bourgeois bullshit” springs to mind. I always admired intricacy in old world clocks and watches because its form combined with function…these are just music boxes that long dead posh bastards used to show off to their friends after they got done raping the house boy.

  4. steve says:

    #3: You must be a blast at parties…

  5. Uncle Patso says:

    It makes my back hurt just to think of working on such a tiny mechanism, whether to actually build it or just to clean or repair it.

  6. msbpodcast says:

    In # 3 jasontheodd said: …done raping the house boy.

    What makes you think they were done raping the house person?

    Look at Dominique Strauss-Khan.

    He wasn’t done raping the maid…

    DSK’s problem was that somebody wanted his job and made sure that he got held up in N.Y.C. P.D.Q.

  7. deowll says:

    Beautiful but utterly useless. Priced so that only those who are so rich they no longer can count their money but rather have to estimate it can afford it.

    Actually that describes a lot of Congress critters and WH scum some of whom started out with rather moderate amounts of money. Wonder how that happened.

  8. UncDon says:


    It advances the art / science of intricate things, plus it’s art.

    Would you characterize the art of Picasso as useless?

  9. Poetessmom says:

    Come on folks. Can’t you just appreciate the creativity, the precision, intricacy,imagination, beauty, and fun? Admire the person capable of creating this. Keep it simple. As Olivia Newton John sang once, “Have you never let someone else be strong?”

  10. Mr, Ed - the Imitation (accept no original) says:


    Big deal! I can also flip a bird upwards with my finger.

    Yes, we know the height of your intellect and conversational skills.

    How’s that donkey thing doing?

  11. Sea Lawyer says:

    Very cool.

  12. smartalix says:


    You are correct, but you only see a part of the picture. That state-of-the-art DLP MEMS device is kith and kin with those pistol-shaped music boxes. Precision machining and metalcraft skills (designing a device on a computer that you couldn’t build with your hands is a recipe for disaster, a computer is a time-saving tool, nothing more) are still needed to conceptualize and design the next generation of tools to create the next generation of product.

    Your distain at pure art is dissapointing, you sound too smart to deny that side of creativity. Art drives design as much if not more than technology. As for use and functionality, that iPad and those pistols have the exact same primary function, entertaining the hip well-to-do. As does that LED-driven sub-window color-addressable 3D LCD hanging on the wall with the 2-terabyte DVR and encrypted wireless broadband multimedia pipe.

    Enjoy art for what it is, a message to the audience and a demonstration of skill. It inspires as well as demonstrates what man is capable of. The creator of these toys was not only a remarkably skilled artist and craftsman, he was also a great engineer, conceptualist, and designer. For all you know the artist made real guns as well, and I would certainly buy a weapon from a guy capable of crafting this.

  13. Ah_Yea says:

    The original “Angry Birds”


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