Alexandria, Minn. (KSAX) – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials have been unable to identify a mystery carcass found in Douglas County with certainty, prompting further investigation.. The dead white mammal was spotted this week on a Douglas County road with five claws, dark tufts of hair on its back and head and long toenails.

Roadkill is nothing new for Minnesotans, but this curious creature got people talking. Lacey Ilse said she was driving near her home on County Road 86, south of Alexandria, when she spotted the mysterious mammal. “We saw something in the middle of the road, and we knew it wasn’t a dog or a cat, because it didn’t have hair. It had a clump of hair and all the rest was just white skin,” Ilse said.”it’s ear was all mis-shaped. To me, it looked like half-human.”

Local yokel news reportage here, if you have the stomach for it, (the reporting, that is).

  1. Special Ed says:

    I read Man Bear Pig and thought this was an article about Pedro.

  2. LibertyLover says:

    It’s a wereman.

  3. Dallas says:

    It’s been confirmed that it is, in fact Pedro.

  4. Howard Beal says:

    “Excelsior!” some one finally killed it.

    now we can go spelunking again

  5. EnemyOfTheState says:

    North American Lone Wolf, (White).

  6. deowll says:

    My best guess the carcase of a wolverine or badger in rather bad shape.

  7. gemini says:

    Wait, you mean Al Gore is still alive? damn lying title, way to ruin my night.

  8. Lou Minatti says:

    Looks like a mangy wolverine or something.

  9. moss says:

    Chupacabra. Obviously.

  10. Lou Minatti says:

    Chupacabra = dead mangy coyotes.

  11. HUGSaLOT says:

    why the hell does this STILL IMAGE need to be a fucking video? Sit here feeling like an idiot waiting for something to happen.

  12. Lyndon1 says:

    Did Al Gore and Eric Cartman take the photo?

  13. dexton7 says:

    There have been government and corporate projects to produce human-animal Chimeras for the last 3 to 4 decades if not more.. (not counting people throughout history trying to ‘get it on’ with live stock.. yuk)

    Chimera Link

    However… this video looks a bit cheesy with no other camera angles. It could be a carcass of a common animal that has been bleached out by the sun or something else… I also think that this image could be re-created by an abused dirty wet paper towel.. So who knows.

  14. jescott418 says:

    #11 I was watching it too for a different angle or something? Kind of a waste to video a still image?

  15. Hammond Ecks says:

    Hmmm… wonder if it tastes like chicken?

  16. Binkey says:

    The disappointing and said truth is it’s a dog with mange that has lost most of it’s hair…

    This happens rather a lot making for an unusual looking carcas. The animal gets cold and sick and often wanders to busy roads and gets hit.


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