Again, another TV presenter that makes no comment about the tremendous cost of fighting two several wars is having on the country as well. What other things do you think he fails to mention? Do you agree with the commentator that the president has enough power to solve the problem?

  1. Johnny LaRue says:

    #25. No, fuck you and MTV. This is about survival. Tough choices are ahead. Is MTV a priority for you?

    Being cute doesn’t work for me. Anything else asshole?

    Perhaps an MTV tax.?

  2. raster says:

    Hmmm LaRue,

    Perhaps MTV was a metaphor for all the everythings that we now must understand in This Modern World?

    And who’s being cute when you front a bogus list of “cut-and-paste” tax complaints?

    Do you really oppose all of them?

  3. Mikiev says:

    So Johnny says “being cute doesn’t work for me” shortly after claiming that all taxes instituted after 1910 are the reason Mom doesn’t stay home to raise the kids?

  4. Alex says:

    “… Not one of these taxes below existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most prosperous in the world.”

    USA continues to be the most important political and economical power in the world. All due to a BIG FAT government which provided 100 years for infrastructure, science, education, and a mighty army to defeat Hitler and stop the Soviet Union …

    “… We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids… (and racial seggregation)” … sweet Feudalism nostalgy.

  5. Animby says:

    # 26 deowll said, “for a tax increase to work you will need to increase taxes by 41%”

    I don’t know your numbers but it’s not important. Raise our taxes high enough to balance the budget and service our debt and a Democratic congress will just find more things to throw money at.

  6. Harry says:

    The real truth why we were so prosperous and strong after WWII was we were the only game in town, much of the rest of the world was bombed into oblivion. We had a huge manufacturing capacity after the war and we made most of our goods here. Japan was only making cheap paper products and cheap radios. Germany was Two struggling countries. The Soviet Union was an economic mess, China and India had not emerged. We could buy our oil from Arab Sheiks just by letting them sit on a scale and giving them their weight in gold and a fleet of new Cadillacs.

    As time went on all of this changed, Today you can’t find a TV or appliance made in the USA.; I also blame many of our problems on technology, don’t get me wrong I owned an Apple II GS in 1986, but many jobs are no longer needed because machines or PC’s can handle the load. There is a price to pay for all of this and we are seeing it in real time.

  7. Derek says:

    Ditto Harry

  8. Dallas says:

    “A private Matter” ? NO, it’s not you tool. You pay $360 a year for Gov health insurance?

  9. GregAllen says:

    The government isn’t broke.

    It’s intentionally underfunded.

    This has been the strategy of the GOP for decades.

    But now we have to PANIC!!! about it, and end Social Security to solve the CRISIS!!!!

  10. Derek says:

    Yep. One wants to get a 200th mortgage to pay for bullshit items, while the other doesn’t want to pay the bills. Sure, let’s take sides.

  11. bobbo, well, I don kno bout dat says:

    #36–Animby==amusing. What has it been about a year or more for you to take off the white coat and post your political dogma? Heh, heh. Stress?

    The fallacy of your thinking is in not realizing that it is indeed a GIVEN that government will always want to spend more than it takes in. That is true under Puke or Dumbo party platforms so the question of policy remains after your insights on corruption drop out of the equation.

    Its a question of END goals. Do you want a society where the top 1% own 20% of the country while the poor and middle class suffer by as best they can===or something closer to what is under attack today?

    Get some sleep Animby, you slip is showing.

  12. soundwash says:


    if they could get this guy’s rant to run for at least two solid days at the top of every hour on radio news and the 5am, 6am, 12pm 5pm, 6pm, 10pm and 11pm news on every channel..

    -maybe, just maybe half the morons in this country that vote might stop and *THINK* for a millisecond.

    I mean we still have a few blind mice above, that despite the blatantly friggen obvious, they can’t help but follow their programming, and *still* blame the right or the left for whatever pointless pet peeve they think is the cause of all our ills.

    and for those that think more taxes of any kind, *even for* the rich bastards that are destroying this country are warranted, i’m sorry to say, but you’re a bunch of holy righteous friggen idiots.

    -unadulterated even.


  13. Breetai says:

    Not an Obama fan. But Obama came in signed orders closing firming ending torture and making his administration transparent, then the joint chiefs said no and Goldman Sachs insiders replaced Obama’s appointments with themselves.

    Dylan is dead on about most of the problem but the executive and judiciary are just as bad as congress.

  14. gear says:

    During WWII fighting two wars meant rationing and higher taxes.

    Now we are in two wars again and we cut taxes, surprise, surprise we are in debt.

  15. Mr. Fusion says:

    #14, Johnnie on the spot,

    There are lies, damn lies and bullshit lists idiots that can’t think for themselves cut and paste from other that made them up.

    Your list is bogus.
    CDL license? Yup, had ’em.
    Cigarette Tax? Yup, Civil War.
    Federal Income Tax? Yup, first done during the Civil War.
    Dog license tax? Try Cinninati, 1890s.
    Excise tax? Have you ever heard of the Whiskey Rebellion? Look it up.
    Federal unemployment tax? Uummm, ya, as if we have one of them there those today.
    Food License Tax??? What the eff is that? Something you made up?
    Gross Receipts tax? You are funny.That one needs an explanation.

    Liquor tax? See the Whiskey Rebellion above. (What a doofus)
    Luxury Taxes? Please, name them. (FYI, there were several “luxury taxes” 100 years ago)

    Road Usage tax? HAR !!! There were a lot more toll roads before the Federal Government got involved in road building.

    School Tax? Right, all the schools were private and depended upon their tuition. The Land Grant schools didn’t exist until less than 100 years ago.
    Gasoline Tax? You’re kidding, right? Right?

    Real Estate taxes? Jesus H. Christ !!! You make Alphie look intelligent !!! Land taxes were the primary source of income before income taxes. They still are in many parts of the country

    And then you have the unmitigated audacity to go off on Bobbo because he called you on your list. You are nothing more than a stupid Alphie in drag.

  16. bobbo, well, I DO kno bout dis says:

    Mr Fusion–Wow. Nice job. My mind glazes over whenever an argument starts with “100 years ago” — in fact it just happened 5 minutes ago on coverage of the London Riots “…exactly the same thing happened in Brighton 30 years ago…” NOTHING is exactly the same thing as anything else, much less anything as complicated as mob/social violence from different places at different times with different people. Same with lists about how cheap things were One Hundred years ago. Imagine a steak dinner for 25cents? Ok….whats your point again?

    But I’ve never actually gone thru that tax list as you have just done. Anybody with any sense would never use that list again for anything except a lesson in how to look stupid?

    Well done. I look forward to our own next argument. I don’t often do lists. Maybe I could make one up just to give you a target?


  17. Milo says:

    Who watches these financial shows anymore, after the number of times they have been caught giving not only bad but bought advice?

  18. Glenn E. says:

    It doesn’t matter who this Dylan Ratigan is, or what he professes to believe. He wouldn’t be allowed on Tv or radio, if he didn’t conform to what the monopolists of media what him say. Pit bulls obey their masters, or get put down. So don’t believe for a second, that you are hearing anything that hasn’t been pre-approved and possibly even scripted by a higher, richer, authority. I shouldn’t have to point this out all the time. Tv ISN’T reality people. It’s heavily controlled and censored. There are NO independent rouge reporters or pundits. There no “I’m mad as hell…” news anchors, allowed to spout off when the spirit moves them. It’s a total movie myth. Get with it.

  19. brokenshovel says:

    The problem is simple, If I make $22k dollars per year and spend 32k per year and I have 50k in credit. I only have five years until I’m bankrupt. Increasing my income 30% isn’t a realistic option sense the economy is slow. So the only real option is to decrease spending by reducing services like cable tv, internet, eating out, booze, smokes, drugs (for most the people here), gym membership, driving, big purchases. After budget is balanced then look at extra income options. That won’t come easy I can only work so any hours. This is the only sane approach.

    Taxes? The problem is how it’s spent. Example: 13k per year to teach one kid in school. That’s 13k x 35 kids = 455k for 1 teacher 1 year. If it where 2 teachers its still crazy. There is not a business in the world that would hate those numbers specially when I work for a manufacturing company that employs 30 to 40 people @ 4 million per year and we do ok with far more overhead then a school should ever have.

    Dylan Ratigan made perfect sense.


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