1. Last Chance says:

    While almost everyone agrees that US self-promotion is Over-The-Top, you do have to hand to the majority of middle-class yanks – that they do commit ‘boots n all’ to getting involved in the local community.

    I often wish there was the same community spirit in other countries – perhaps with a little reality tossed in.

    But nonetheless – kudos to America of the last 200 years for something they are doing right – telling their kids to ‘aim high’ – perhaps not so good at accepting less… but that can be learned with a little humility.

  2. hhopper says:

    I liked it when the jets flew over.

  3. Cursor_ says:

    His comments come from a man that was told his entire life, like others of his nation, to scale it back a bit.

    He is the epitome of what happens when you mix germans and french.


  4. The0ne says:

    Oh, football season is about to start with preseason already playing. The joy of seeing you nerds here bash sports you don’t like and often times don’t know about. Let the sports thread begin and I’ll have my sarcasm and wit ready!

  5. chris says:

    I was talking to three British people yesterday, and picked up an interesting tidbit: they get broadcasts of NFL games WITHOUT COMMERCIALS.

    Each game takes about an hour. They said they find the pauses between plays acceptable, and that it creates a different dynamic than the more fluid game of Rugby.

    I am so jealous. Unless I’m at a party I can’t stay awake through a football game. Too many damn commercials.

    And I really do like football. It’s an interesting game. Considering that about 49min of “clock time” is actually dead time*, aren’t extra breaks just extra-extra-excessive?

    Anyone got an idea how I can access the stripped down game w/o commercials through a legit internet service?

    As an aside, anyone who likes American Football should also check out Hurling( an ultra-violent Irish version of Mens Field Hockey) and Rugby. An hour of either of those sports ought to convince you that waiting 3+ hours for less action is unacceptable.

    * http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704281204575002852055561406.html

  6. wirelessg says:

    “Are you not entertained?”

  7. Uncle Patso says:

    # 21 dans:

    “Wow, thats pretty intense. How do they pay for all that?”

    1) Ticket sales
    2) Television rights
    3) Soliciting funds from alumni and boosters
    4) Endorsements

    I’m sure there are many more sources of funds.

    College athletes are supposed to be amateurs, but they get paid in a hundred different ways. Their dorms are better, their campus cafeterias and dining rooms are better-appointed and have better food and more of it. They receive lots (and lots) of “help” with their studies. It’s not unusual for a head coach to make fifty times what a professor makes, not counting what he can make from other sources.

    But hey, at least it’s good for the economy. Look of all the jobs created, from construction of the stadiums and arenas to athletic department staff. The coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, etc. outnumber the actual players by at least 3 to 1, perhaps more.

    In the U.S., amateur sports is a Big Business!

  8. nijo says:

    “Help save the youth of America, help save them from themselves…

    When the lights go out in the rest of the World
    What do our cousins say
    They’re playing in the sun and having fun, fun, fun
    Till Daddy takes the gun away

    A nation with their freezers full
    Are dancing in their seats
    While outside another nation
    Is sleeping in the streets

    And the cities of Europe have burned before
    And they may yet burn again
    And if they do I hope you understand
    That Washington will burn with them
    Omaha will burn with them
    Los Alamos will burn with them”

    -Billy Bragg, “Help Save the Youth of America”

  9. Frank says:

    Really loved the classic NFL-style theme playing at the beginning.


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