Phillip Seaton says his penis was removed during what was supposed to have been a circumcision to treat inflammation four years ago. Dr John Patterson says he amputated because he found life-threatening cancer during the operation.

The Seatons have already sued Jewish Hospital, where the surgery took place. The facility settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.
‘Loss of service’ Mr Seaton and his wife, Deborah, are suing Dr Patterson for damages.

On Monday, Mr Seaton’s lawyer told jurors during opening arguments in the civil case in Shelbyville, Kentucky, that his client no longer felt like a man. The lawyer, Kevin George, said Dr Patterson had never given any indication before the 2007 procedure that Mr Seaton was suffering from cancer. “He’s angry because Dr Patterson took off his penis without asking; without giving him a choice; without giving him the opportunity to check around and talk to other people,”

Clay Robinson, a lawyer for Dr Patterson, said his client had only removed the tip of the penis after he had found cancer. He said another doctor had later removed the rest of the organ.

So does this make him a Setter or a Pointer?

  1. MikeN says:

    Where is John Dvorak’s PCMag column? That link just points to a virtual directory not browsable. It used to be you could reload it, and the link would work, but not anymore.

    [Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. PC Mag’s fault. Delete the /dvorak from the link to go to the main page. –UD]

  2. Four Years ? says:

    Four years ago ?
    Did he not realize ?
    Guess the item was of little use to him ( or her now)
    I guess the fellow will have to be a big phallic symbol to replace it – gold jewellery or a big , fast sports car

  3. UncDon says:

    The state of men’s bodybuilding is the pits, too. Whatever happened to the lean, sculpted look?

  4. spsffan says:

    If you saw a picture of the guy, you know why he didn’t miss it for four years. I can’t imagine he’d have many takers.

  5. ReadyKilowatt says:

    Time to get a hobby.

  6. legendinmyownmind. says:

    Would he know where it is if it’s up his own ass?

  7. bobbo, how do you know what you know and how do you change your mind says:

    I recall a rock/pop song about “The Man with the Detachable Penis.” I never understood what that was about.

    It should be a simple case if the right doctor is actually being sued: the lab report either says the tissue was cancerous or it wasn’t.

    Maybe in a fair outcome, the guy should pay the doc more?

  8. Mr. Pussy says:

    In Portugal we say ‘com língua e dedo não há mulher que meta medo’ 😀

  9. Miguel says:

    A Denial Of Service Attack??????

  10. bobbo, how do you know what you know and how do you change your mind says:

    He lost:

    Side video update on Loreena Bobbit if you are interested in all things “no more penis.”


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